Metal Gear Solid 5 New Details: ‘Cycle of Revenge’, Blood Mechanics And More

Blood will stay visible on a character until it’s washed off.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain

Just a couple of weeks before the launch of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain we’re learning not only some new intel about the game, but more about what Kojima’s final vision for the game. The director took to Twitter to talk about the cycle of revenge, as well as the realism when it comes to bloodshed in the game. The game has already been described as being bigger in scope than other games in the long running series, we didn’t know until now just how big that scope is when it comes the overarching theme.

Kojima said that he wants a cycle of revenge to be more than something you strive for as you play the game. The Cycle of Revenge is something that he wanted to put in the actual gameplay as well as just in the character. This oddly, seems to go along with the mechanics of the blood that will be on your character throughout the game. While games are getting more realistic, there are still very few that allow people who should be covered in blood, to be covered in blood.

Phantom Pain is crossing that particular barrier by making sure that if your character gets covered in blood, your character will remain covered in blood until it rains, or you take a shower. This means that conceivably, you could play a good deal of the game looking quite macabre. As Kojima said, “of course, the condition of how much blood you’ll get covered depends on the level of injury, also reflects to following cut scenes.” That alone sounds cool enough to get pretty excited about the launch of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain next month.

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  • Alexander Christiansen

    I recently read something that Kojima had posted saying that blood will in fact stay on the character despite rain/showers so I’m getting mixed info and I’m confused.

    • Gary Murphy

      You can see from the last gameplay trailer, when you are dirty you can take a shower and clean yourself up.


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