Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4 Has Short Loading Times And Stable FPS, No Difficulty Setting & More Details

New details roll out of the Japanese boot camp for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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Update: It has been revealed that players can unlock higher difficulty once you complete the story mode.

Original Story:

Some members from the Japanese press were allowed to play through Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and some of them even completed the entire game. Japanese outlet Watch Impress also got the chance to go hands on the game and we have learned new details from their in-depth preview which can be read here.

First of all, the PS4 version is shaping up quite nicely with shorter loading times and stable frame rate performance. The article praised the solid performance of the PS4 version in every respect. The PS4 version is already confirmed to be running at 1080p and 60fps but there were some doubts about its performance given that The Phantom Pain features vast areas for infiltration.

Another aspect that was praised were the graphics, especially the lighting along with the sunlight which the article termed as realistic without a “blown-out” appearance and described the FOX engine as the best lighting engine ever. If you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid game then obviously you are no stranger to cutscenes. Once again, the cutscenes in The Phantom Pain will be of high quality with subtle touches here and there.

Moving on from technical aspects to gameplay mechanics , there will be no difficulty setting in The Phantom Pain. This comes as a bit of surprise since the series is known to include multiple levels of difficulties. Whether this will affect the lesser skilled players is something that remains to be seen but the lack of any difficulty options is a tad disappointing.

Metal Gear Solid 5 features dynamic gameplay scenarios, something which we pointed in our massive preview of the game. The article gave one such example wherein the player will be able to send the combat unit to blow up supply factories which will make it difficult for your enemy to acquire new gear such as helmets, body armor and scopes.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain launches on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on September 1st.

Thanks, JunkerHQ for the translation.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Glad there’s no difficulty setting, provides more of a challenge. Though some games out there benefit from multiple difficulties. Can’t wait to play this.

  • GamerJudge

    Already per-ordered my copy for PS4

  • Dynasty2021

    Oh for god sake.

    You play on normal, which unlocks “hard”, where the enemy’s numbers increase, their positions change, they see further and react quicker.

    This has been confirmed numerous times.

    • AstroCyborg


    • thetrooper1989

      Ground Zeroes. Now gtfo.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Where’s my European Extreme though?!

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      It’s not a big deal, but the gameplay shown does look a tad bit on the easy side in terms of player visibility, damage, and so on. I think at least some people were hoping that they could play on Hard right out of the gate, a fairly standard feature, to have a more consistent experience. With an apparent early-game focus on lethal weapons and approaches, a harder difficulty would urge more deliberate and stealthy strategies.

      I should note that it seems that the difficulty unlocking system worked for Ground Zeroes because it relied more heavily on players replaying missions, which were each distinct and unrelated; while replaying is still clearly strongly encouraged in The Phantom Pain, it is certainly something less practical to expect when it is more or less story-driven and lacking in co-op.

      However, I would ultimately respect the choices of the game designers. If the game does force playing on Normal difficulty for the first playthrough, the entire game was probably optimally designed around it. But a cheat code (a la BioShock Infinite’s 1999 mode) would still be appreciated just to give the players who look for it the choice to play the game on Hard on their first go.

  • Starman

    ps4 no issues with frame rates …lol okay , will believe it when i see it …

    • Guest

      Yeah, cuz Ground Zero had such frame rate issues,…oh wait, it didn’t. You is you’re pathetic stupid a$s always in PlayStation articles trolling, spewing your stupid sh’t? I guess you don’t have anything better to do. Oh and like the X1 doesn’t have worst framerate problems. There are more games on X1 with a worst framerate than on PS4. PCars, F1, Batman, MKX, FFIV and more all have better framerates and higher resolution on the PS4.

    • thetrooper1989


    • Matthew Bryant


    • *Also On PC

      Xbox DONE struggling to hit 900p @ 30fps. LMAO.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      No it’s not, we agreed we didn’t want them to use DX12 yet.
      And second we asked for 900p @ 60fps.
      At no point we wanted 1080p.

    • jayflow

      You sure about that? Xbox fanboys was screaming from the rooftops when that fake article came out saying it was 1080p 60 fps on the Xone. Then when Konami came out with the truth they all went into hiding.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      They did have it running at 1080p but were forced to 900p by Sony.
      But we wanted 900p from the start anyway and agreed it was OK.
      DX12 isn’t official and the hardware is still under a Lockout.
      So we were never after 1080p

    • razrye

      You can not seriously believe what you just typed. The ps4 is more powerful. Just get over it.

    • jayflow

      LMBO! Man I know you don’t believe what you just typed.

    • Bringo

      Wow, that’s just… pathetic.

      To be sure though, I play on PC, so all this console back and forth between these two companies and their fanatics likens to a couple ants from rival nests duke it out next to my toe.

      But now that I think about it I’m certain you’re just trolling Xbox people or perhaps console users in general with comments like that. It’s worth a laugh, if only for a brief moment.

    • DiamondDogs1

      honestly it doesnt look like it should, might have occasional pop ins but doesnt seem like it will have any frame issues. Especially considering how good the GZ Framerate was.

  • The Nano

    Game of the Year for sure

    • Matthew Bryant

      It will be a great game no doubt, but I’ll be absolutely amazed if it beats Fallout 4 for game of the year.

  • *Also On PC

    Those PC comparisons will be delicious.

    Console peasant meltdowns incoming

    • Guest

      Oh hey look who it is. Its pathetic, pretend to be a PC fanboy but is really just a MS fanboy man. How come you are never on the X1 articles doing this? You are literally obsessed. You’ve been doing this for years, everyday, all day long. Just obsessing over your hate for Sony. Its pathetic, you need to take your meds.

    • MS

      What a pathetic loser you are. What does this have to do with a comparison to the PC? What a moron. Then i guess the MS fanboys are going to be melting down even more at a even lower res.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Game looks great on both platforms really. Pretty sure the “pointy hat” difference has more to do with changes in the game made based on player choice than anything, but feel free to pretend that the PS4 isn’t capable of rendering round hats. Sometimes people can be outright ridiculous in their stupidity.

      The PC will obviously look a bit better, but so what? I have a gaming PC and a PS4. I’ll still probably get this game for the PS4. First of all,l I have small children and gaming on PC with toddlers can be a nightmare. You’ll probably scream wireless controller and hooking your PC up to a TV, but it’s really not as easy as you want to believe. Second, Metal Gear Solid is a Playstation game. Just feels weird trying to play it on another platform. Third, I like trophies. Fourth, get over it. It’s my preference and I could care less if you’re too insecure in you platform’s AAA marketshare (I feel bad for you that you can’t afford more than one platform) that you have to attack everyone else. Grow up kid.

    • *Also On PC

      The broken PC version will be delicious just like Arkham Knight. Can’t wait for those PC peasant meltdowns when PS4 owners can play the game from day 1 and PC peasant race are forced to wait 5 months for the game to be patched.

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      What a great way to counter that petty argument, considering Ground Zeroes exceeded expectations on PC in terms of stability and performance and, unlike Arkham Knight, each platform version is developed under the same studio.

    • Plerpy


      dat pointy hat!!

    • RNS

      PC users gonna have a meltdown when they gotta wait til January for MGO

    • razrye

      You pc nerds really need psychological help.

    • EspomBarrack

      I actually just went back and watched the PS4 version’s intro because of that picture…. and it turns out that’s pretty disingenuous of a thing to discuss. The game literally ‘flickers’ to that pointy hat thing for less than a second. Not sure why(it happens right as the spotlight in the picture scrolls across), but it’s literally less than 10 or so frames. All the other times they’re rounded and detailed, and even stranger, at long distances in other shots they look rounded, so it’s not a ‘distance detail’ issue’.

      Honestly, the PC version has nicer level of detail for extreme distance and number of lighting sources, and yes, the options of much higher resolution and better textures. But overall, this is one of the nicer looking ‘multi-plats’, especially on PS4 version.

      Maybe when I get a better job, and a nicer screen, I’ll get around to ‘4k gaming’, which is pretty much the only consistent thing with PC gaming over console that interests me right now.

    • Boffifis1

      Haha “Metal Gear KKK”

  • Kronos0999


  • Benjot Sumal

    I think I would rather play it on Hard the first time around.

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