Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Official Story Details Are Rather Confusing

The official storyline contradicts the events in Ground Zeroes.

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So you think you know Metal Gear, eh? Well if you haven’t been habitually checking the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s official website, then you’re already out of date when it comes to “official” news. There’s now a story blurb (a short summary) of the stories introduction, which I found to be rather contradictory.

You can read the the entire blurb  here but the one thing that caught our eye was this statement. “That first step will lead to a path of vengeance against the very Cipher that slaughtered so many of Snake’s men, and to a battle that will embroil the whole world.” This is rather confusing since Cipher [or Major Zero] was not the one who slaughtered Big Boss’s men in Ground Zeroes. It was actually Skullface who orchestrated the entire downfall of Mother base.

It seems that Konami is purposely playing with players who have played through Ground Zeroes, creating a sense of confusion among players who follow the game’s storyline very closely. One thing is for sure, all is not what it seems with Metal Gear Solid 5. Either way, we will keep you updated.

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  • Nick Pedrana

    Actually, Cipher is Major Zero but you can think of him now as an entity. (the beggening of the Patriot ai you take down in MGS4) Cipher is an entity which gathers information and siphons it to the population through the mass media. It is my belief that Cipher orchastrated the “inspection” of mother base and also the one who put Skull Face on the job. Yes Skull face was the one who actually killed all of snakes brothers at arms but the one behind it all is Cipher, hes got a way of making people work for him even if they don’t realize it. Either way these are my speculations as a long time fan and you are as entitled to your opinion as I am, so we can all speculate 🙂 im just happy this game is finally coming out.


    Cipher is in fact the man behind the curtain. Skull face and the team he operates work for Cipher. This is a core part of the story that we see unfolding in Zeroes.

    • Jason Mounce

      It was Skullface who tortured Paz and Chico to get information out of them on where Motherbase is and how many soldiers are there. Wherein he flew off by chopper to plant the C4’s and destroy it all, you’d be implying that Cipher ‘got there first’ before Skullface and his men. Skullface is essentially rogue when it comes to his relationship with Cipher, he wants Cipher dead.

      The only thing they share is that Major Zero doesn’t want Big Boss literally Dead, but kept in line so he doesn’t get too powerful and become an obstacle in his plans, Skullface though does Not care if Big Boss dies if it means getting at Major Zero. So even if say, Skullfaces’ own men were to also be allied to Zero and report Skullfaces’ intel to Zero, that’d mean nothing. Skullface was heading out to bomb MSF.

      This ‘information’ seems to be playing based on the perception of Big Boss and pals. – Similar inconsistencies were pointed out by PythonSelkanHD on Youtube with his Conspiracy videos. That Miller in Codec in MGS5 Ground Zeroes references that “He never trusted Paz to begin with, why did we even believe her story?” (Something like that) but in PEACEWALKER at the end of the game, Kaz Miller confirms and admits to Big Boss that HE KNEW WHO PAZ WAS the whole bloody time! In Ground Zeroes. These inconsistencies reinforce that something is wrong, it’d not be something Kojima would overlook.

      If Kaz and Big Boss and their perception is skewered – now hear me out with tinfoil caps. If Ground Zeroes was a Virtual Reality mission of someone playing as Big Boss for training purposes, the misinformation would make sense that the Virtual Miller doesn’t know that Miller privately told the REAL Big Boss that he Knew Paz the whole time, going on knowledge that if the VR was made say, by Major Zero – it’d make sense to believe that the VR would have inconsistencies….. because Zero wasn’t told by Miller that Miller told Big Boss the Truth. There’s gaps in knowledge that are infact known to Real Big Boss and Real Miller…. Website wise, it tells us what Big Boss and Miller believe, Virtual or Real is inconsequential, because Big Boss has no idea who Skull face is, they believe Cipher did it, not that a rogue agent working for Zero did it. Which is why Big Boss is going to go full-on revenge against Zero even though Zero never told Skullface to do what he had done. Zero will be definitely angered at Skullface and it’ll be a royal rumble until at least it’d become a possible story/plot element that Big Boss then work together to try to get at Zero.


      That would be a big surprise if it turns out to be true. A VR mission the entire time. It is true though, that CIPHER is responsible for the placement of XOF and Skull Face at Camp Omega in Cuba. Skull Face’s attack on Big Boss’ rig is definitely a part of his own personal mission against both Big Boss and Cipher. Whether Big Boss is knowledgeable about this I’m not sure, but it appears he still blames Cipher for it all. And without Cipher, none of this would have happened, so he is inadvertently blaming the true villain.

    • Jason Mounce

      Yer. Which makes me curious on how Big Boss will be when he finally meets Skullface or finds out he’s responsible…. too many moments that’ll be totally god damn awesome, the release date isn’t happening fast enough…

    • dra6o0n

      There were rumors that venom snake isn’t big boss. As Venom snake has a few inconsistencies to his looks and personalities, and the voice actor being different.

    • Jason Mounce

      Rumours/theories, yeah. I’ve seen them all. I’m inclined to believe the whole Gray Fox is Venom Snake theory, personally. That and GZ is perhaps a simulation for training soldiers on how to think/act like Big Boss. (Though the events that happened in the simulation had already came to pass). We have to remember, Zero respects the crap out of him but disagrees with him on his fundamental belief and Skullface doesn’t care if BB dies or not even though he ‘works with Cipher’.

      It’s still gonna be a long way til the game is released to find out for sure 🙁

  • nothing confusing about it

  • Davy Shine

    Dude, you seem not to comprehend the MGS story in full. Cipher is the Patriots.

  • Sly

    It’s because Snake believe’s it was Cipher and doesn’t know that it was Skullface. No Cipher wasn’t behind the attack on MSF because he doesn’t want Snake dead. Everything was Skullface and there are hints that he was manipulating Paz in Peace Walker.

    • Nick Pedrana

      Cipher and Snake have become enemies, not because they don’t like each other but just because of what they represent. Snake stands for freedom and trying to establish peace between nations by doing the only thing he knows how, hes a weapon and the only thing he knows how to do is fight. Cipher on the other hand seeks control. He seeks to dominate the masses and excert his power anyway he can, so much so that he created an ai to keep his beliefs alive even once hes gone.

      I dont recall any hints on peacewalker to Skullface, tbh he wasnt even thought of when peace walker came out, he is a new addition and has only appeared on mgsv. The real enemy is cipher, anyone who has played through all the Metal Gear games (that follow the story) can see that.

      The biggest evidence of this is on mgs4 when we finally understand the truth behind the Patriots… Plus this follows the theme that all other metal gears have had; to use violence to reduce control of the masses and try to establish peace.

      I understand this might be a little confusing but just look back or do some reading, the real enemy is Cipher

    • Sly

      Don’t confuse what you know will happen with the events that are happening now. Cipher doesn’t want Boss dead. Sorry, The hint isn’t directly about Skull Face but whether or not Paz was really taking orders from Cipher during Peace Walker.

    • Nick Pedrana

      Your telling me not to confuse what will happen with what is happening. Then your saying to forego everything from mgs1, 2 and 4 and only think about 3, peace walker and ground zeroes.

      Ok fair enough, so after mgs3 Big Boss is supposed to join the Patriots, along with Zero, Sigint, Paramedic, Eva and Ocelot. Snake goes along with their plan until he sees that their views start to differ…

      Straight from the wiki:

      “Zero used his influence to turn Big Boss into a idol-like figure for the world to follow, though Big Boss grew to resent this puppet-like role. The views of the two men also began to differ, in regards to the interpretation of The Boss’s will: Zero took the concept to mean control of the entire world by a group under a single will to ensure unification; Big Boss believed that The Boss wanted a world where soldiers would not be used as tools of the government.”


      Snake understands Zero’s plans and is devoted to not let him control the world. With all the information Snake has after he defected, do you think Zero/Cipher/the Patriots would just stand by and let him carry on his missions as MSF?

      Do you really think Zero would let one of the Biggest assets he had betray him and start to undermine his work without doing anything about it? If so, then I am interested… What do you think Zero’s plans are with Snake? What do you think he intends to do about him? And Why do you think Cipher sent Paz as a spy to MSF?

      Also the hint you speak of doesn’t have to do with skullface, It is Paz fighting within herself to either keep on being an agent of Cipher and relaying all the information she finds from MSF or to go with her heart and to appreciate all the good will and hospitality that MSF has given her and to stop relaying the proper information to cipher.

      We Know Paz works for cipher because of all the tapes we find in mgsv:ground zeroes. They are taped conversations of her giving the information to cipher and on one occasion actually speaking to cipher himself.

      BTW thanks for your input, I think it’s great we can talk about these things without having to get irrational or frustrated, I’m glad there are other big fans of the game like me and I am happy to share my opinion on the matter, and I thank you for sharing yours 🙂

    • Sly

      Cipher wants to use Snake and MSF which is why he partners up with Kaz. There is a tape in GZ that has Paz questioned if she was really speaking to Cipher or not.

    • Nick Pedrana

      Okay, now I see why you think that way… Those last two tapes are pretty ambiguous. Here’s what we know:

      Paz infiltrates Big Boss organization. Prior to infiltrating it, she speaks with Zero, in person. This is very important because this is when she receives her mission to spy on MSF and ultimately to kill Big Boss and steal/sabotage ZEKE. Then she keeps communicating with (what we believe is) cipher. She then continues to talk to “cipher” through calls that end up being the tapes we listen to.

      We also know that Kaz is working for Cipher as well… However he does not know that Paz is also an agent of Cipher. This is why he feels so betrayed by Paz when everything happens, he did not realize that he was just an insurance in case Paz’s plan did not work, he feels that all the dedication he had to cipher has been thrown out the window.

      Now Back to the tapes, you say that Paz starts to question if she really is speaking to cipher. It is possible that someone else found the channels they were using to communicate, intercepted them and pretended to be cipher. But there is nothing clear on who this might be.

      What is important to remember here is that Paz met with Cipher *in person* and that is when she was given her plan… This is how we know that Cipher wants Snake and MSF dead.

    • Sly

      Not entirely correct. Kaz knew she was Cipher but he didn’t know Paz’s true feelings which is why he made that song which is about a girl who can’t express her true feelings. It’s not until Paz uses Zeke to try and destroy MSF that Kaz feels betrayed by Cipher. We know Paz got orders to take Zeke and destroy MSF but she didn’t really want to do it so she try to sabotage Zeke in order to delay that plan. The question is who gave her that order if she herself wasn’t sure that it came from Cipher.

      To me it was most likely Skull Face giving her orders but I didn’t mean to make my theory sound official just habit I guess.

    • Nick Pedrana

      I get you, its purposely ambigious… And no worries, were both just speculating… Its not like we know what that devious Kojima is cooking up lol. Just gotta wait and see where he goes with it, but I like the set up so far.

  • Adachi

    Agree with Anthony Johnson, If you’ve played GZ you’ll know that Snake doesn’t know it wasn’t Cipher who attacked him. As far as he knows who else would it be? Paz worked for Cipher, he goes to rescue her and his base and men are attacked, what is he supposed to think. That probably explains why he’s seen with Skull Face in the 2014 E3 trailer, he’s probably being played.


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