Metal Gear Solid 5 To Recieve A New Trailer, Edited By Kojima, Sony Confirms No PS4-MGS5 Bundle

The new trailer will be all about the evolution and harmony of Metal Gear.

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It looks like the trailer we saw at E3 2015 wasn’t Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear Solid trailer. He confirmed on his Twitter feed that he is working on a new trailer. He tweeted that he is editing a new trailer for the first time in few months. Furthermore he also revealed that he is trying to put as little spoiler as possible in the new trailer and the footage will focus on the evolution and harmony of Metal Gear.

If you ask me this really looks like the final Metal Gear trailer from Hideo Kojima and quite possibly the end of an era. He revealed no further information on when the next trailer will be revealed but given that there are only two weeks remaining before the game launches, it is expected to launch soon.

In other news, Sony’s Adam Boyes confirmed on his Twitter feed that they have no plans to bring the PS4-MGS5 bundle to the United States. A PS4 bundle has already been confirmed for Japan so it’s a shame that it won’t be coming to the West anytime soon.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain launches this September on five different platforms.

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  • Brian

    What? No bundle?
    Well screw it then. A MGSV bundle, plus the impending launch of FO4 were going to be the backbone of my decision to buy one at all. Looks like it’s going to be for the PC then…

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth


    • bigshynepo

      Enjoy your PC. *eye roll*

    • Dynasty2021

      You mean the MGS version that is proven to be FAR superior to PS4 and Xbox One, screenshot comparison given by Konami themselves?

      And we can edit in our own MP3s for use in-game?

      Yeah, damn right I will enjoy it on PC, where it is officially the best version with the most features.

    • bigshynepo

      Wow, did my *eyeroll* hit a nerve with you or what?

      Just being able to experience MSG will be great, regardless of the platform.

      The fact that you have to go out of your way to reinforce your own choice of platform just speaks to an insecurity issue. Was the ‘One Small Step for Man’ speech any less poignant because it wasn’t in 5.1 HD sound? No. Just like MGS won’t be any worse of a game because of a little less resolution or a lack of custom audio track. What a shallow life you must lead if the things you listed truly matter to you in the grand scheme of things – even the OP didn’t come across that petty.

    • Brian

      Sooooo wanting more features and quality out of games that are not getting cheaper in a world where technology is, is shallow?
      BREAKING NEWS WORLD; Bigshynepo says your shallow if you want more for your money!
      Also; “THAT petty”?
      Whatever man, I’ve purchased all my metal gear games for consoles (whether available for PC or not) because I LOVED the console experience. I WANTED the console experience with this, but it and FO4 are literally the only games I would play on it…if they’re not going to offer the same incentive to Americans, then they’re going to lose American support. That’s how the market works. It doesn’t make anyone petty for dropping loyalties because incentives are offered to one group over another. That’s called the real world. Loyalty ain’t cheap.

  • Venom Snake

    What about that Gamescom trailer?

    • Mike Limpus

      That wasn’t edited by Kojima

    • Venom Snake

      Thanks, good to know.

  • zbug84

    One last trailer from the master…end of an era.

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