Microsoft Is Now Talking About Dedicated Servers For Xbox One Instead of the Cloud

I’m very confused. And so is, apparently, Microsoft.

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Microsoft has been talking up the power of the cloud ever since the Xbox One’s initial reveal. They may have made a 180 on all the policies that were going to define the Xbox One since the console’s initial unveil, but one consistent part of their messaging so far has been the ‘power of the cloud’ and how it will ultimately help games on the Xbox One. As recently as last week, Microsoft unveiled a game at E3- Crackdown- that would actively benefit from being connected to the cloud.

Well, Eurogamer reports that they seem to be shifting their focus now from the cloud to dedicated servers. Not only was ‘the cloud’ not mentioned at all over Microsoft’s E3, but in post E3 interviews that Eurogamer had with Microsoft, Phil Harrison had this to say:

“Xbox Live is the service. Dedicated servers is the benefit. That is the reason why these games are going to be better, why the experience for multiplayer is going to be better.

“And we’re being clear, hopefully around all of the games that will take advantage of it, whether it is a game like Forza Horizon 2, or whether it’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection, particularly the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean Microsoft is not using the power of the cloud for its games- as mentioned above, the upcoming Crackdown, as well as Forza Horizon 2 will both be cloud connected. But they do seem to be moving away from making it a central part of their messaging.

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  • Brian Evans

    just because they didn’t mention it in this one particular interview means that their moving away from it?…..gtfo of here.

  • dedicated servers are the cloud. Duh.

  • Reddz Foxx

    Actually the comment was directed towards multiplayer games that in the past used peer to peer hosting. This is MS finally saying what everyone already guessed. Peer to peer hosting is a thing of the past and dedicated servers weren’t just for titanfall.

    Companies will have to choose either use the xbox dedicated servers or your own/rentals for multiplayer games.

  • Mike E. Delta

    Right, I imagine this kind of thing is self explanatory in this day and age… or perhaps they imagine that gamers could care less or are averse to the same explanations that are more geared toward the grown-ups =

  • GHz

    This article…Are You Kidding Me? Pramath, maybe you’re confused because of the language barrier. But lets not pretend, you know exactly what MS means. NO need for the BS sub headline.

    “Cloud” as it is termed within the gaming community, is officially a vague concept, not because there isn’t any sufficient information on its definition, but because of articles like this one who confuse the confused as is. So why keeping saying “cloud” when average reader have a vague understanding of what it is. Here, I’ll help you out.

    The “cloud” is an virtual platform, made possible by an network infrastructure, that is scalable, and which help make possible, the implementation of a variety of services to end users. -Ghz

    Does that sound like something the average gamer wants to talk about? Or would they rather play games?

    saying dedicated servers however, speaks of something more tangible because they are physical devices just like the console you invested in. And why have them? the answer is simple. To enhance your gaming experiences.

    The “cloud” however, based on the average gamer belief(and they are so many) is officially an urban legend, manufactured in forums catering to the uninformed like how you WANT to PREtend to be just get hits!

    Stop trying so hard to attract stupid people. Have some self respect!

    • Guest

      “The Cloud” is just remote multiplayer hosting servers, the same things that have been used for online FPS and MMOs for years and years. It’s PR BS.

      Crackdown 3 is going to have a prettier version of BF4 building destruction running on a remote multiplayer server. Nothing like the inflated PR “infinite power of the cloud” claims MS has been making.

      Other companies are working on remote server tech, they’re just not lying and exaggerating about what it can do to sell an underpowered, overpriced console.

      Now that Phil Spencer is in charge they’re dialing back the “infinite power of the cloud” BS and going with the far more realistic “Dedicated Multiplayer Servers”, which is what they always were. And ms fanboys who were shilling “the cloud” are left holding the bag as MS slaps them with another 180.

      Phil has been on a roll destroying the most delusional ms fanboy claims about directx 12 and “clouds”. Good job Phil, gamers might actually start respecting Xbox again.

    • do you know why it’s called the cloud? Because it’s done on remote servers. It’s not done locally. Just as with Google drive, drop box, one drive, they are all called cloud storage.
      so whether you prefer remote servers, or calling it the cloud it’s the same thing. Oh yeah that is why Xbox can do cloud computing, or computing done on remote servers.
      gosh people are so dumb.

    • Guest

      Another dumb ms fanboy drinking the kool-aid.

    • neozehn

      I know you mean well, and I admire you’re attempt to explain. But you’re not quite there. GHz explained it well and very accurately. You should go by that, and you’ll never be wrong again.

    • I’m giving a simple explanation. I don’t need to go into technicalities. I don’t need to explain how it works, I’m just telling how it is in the simplest form.

      So in a way I’m still right.

    • neozehn

      i understand, but servers being remote is not a requirement to create a virtual construct like “the cloud”. You can do this locally as well.

      When you say “whether you prefer remote servers, or calling it the cloud it’s the same thing” is inaccurate because remote servers been around for years before the concept of “the cloud” came to be.

      Servers, whether remote or local, can be given the task to create a virtual construct. In this case “the cloud” would be that virtual construct. It is just one out many jobs servers can do. That’s why it was smart of Phil to not use the term “cloud” because peoples misconceptions of that term. @ this point, its too vague as far as the gaming community goes. Again no diss cause you’re just trying to make sense of things.

    • There that should be simple and kinda backs up my point.

    • neozehn

      OMG! Who is paying this idiot to purposely misinform the public? Stop with the lying already.

      1. “The Cloud” is not hosting servers or any kind of servers for that matter. Servers are servers and that’s that! Servers are devices that are assigned specific jobs, like host multiplayer games.

      Christ somebody must be paying you to be this stupid.

      2. What Phil and his team did was show off what can be done when you have in place, servers that can do the specific job of handling a massive amount of computation. Thats what that building destruction demo was about @ GDC. That’s what was also showed off in Crackdown.

      3. They are not the only ones who’ve figured out to do this using a small amount of bandwidth. Remember people are still saying its impossible and that internet speed is to blame. These companies and MS through their demonstration proved that this is possible.

      4. Stop twisting Phil’s words. DX12 wont bring huge change to a platform like XB1 because of the nature of the device(XB1). He was referring to how close to the metal it is already, and he is right! What DX12 will do however is open up new features! Pay attention you lying *%@F!

      Somebody got to be paying you to spread this much BS! I cant imagine you being this dumb for free! But then again, this is the internet. Christ. LOL

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