Microsoft Looking To Improve Xbox Live’s Up Time, Strengthen Halo 5’s Cloud Services

Microsoft working on further strengthening its online infrastructure.

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In the last couple of years, both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network has seen their fair share of downtime. Obviously, there is no such thing as 100% up time but things can definitely be improved, and it seems that Microsoft are definitely striving to do so.

According to a job listing on Microsoft’s official career page, the company is looking for Service Engineer that believes in the motto, “the best outage is the one that you never had”? The candidate would need to take care of core infrastructure services, develop escalation points for troubleshooting and be well versed with common network terms such as DNS, RDG and WAP.

Another job listing indicates that The Halo Game Services team within Microsoft are working on strengthening the next generation of backend services that will be powering Halo 5: Guardians coming this fall. This will require the candidate to work on Windows Azure, Xbox Live, Multiplayer Matchmaking and other large scale deployment capable products that will be massively scalable, serviceable, reliable and extremely fast.

What are your thoughts on these developments within Microsoft? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • andy

    Just a day over the 2 year anniversary of the worse gaming console reveal in history (a lot of websites seem to have missed that somehow). It was at this that Microsoft announced the 300,000 server thing.

    And yet they slowly opened the Xbone Live floodgates since launch. They delayed game trials (because there was no limitation on the size of downloadable games on Xbone now but they still had to put in their own limits anyway), massive free2play games like Warframe that clocked in a sizes over 15gbs weren’t allowed on the console yet (and a lot of them still haven’t come to the console), they pushed back game streaming by 5 months, no free games for people to download on Games for Gold for 7 months either (meaning less downloading and bandwidth use on the network too).
    All these things slowly came to the console throughout 2014 and what happened when all these features were in place for the Xbone at a Xmas period for the first time? System went down. Thank god they didn’t have all these in place when the console launched. Xbox Live would have been down for the first 6 months straight lol.
    So much for a ALWAYS ONLINE console too. Imagine the mess that would have been if THAT was part of everything I mentioned above too. You were are all so lucky they dropped that. ^_^

    • Psionicinversion

      Sony and MS servers both went down at xmas because…. of a DDOS attack. and thats it

    • Demetrius Radford

      yea but the point is xbox’s went back up first

    • bardock5151

      First up. Shilling is illegal, so you really should stop.

      Second, that down time you refer to was a DDoS that was aimed squarely at PSN and Xbox Live, funny thing is Xbox live was up and at full strength days before PSN. Something close to 4-5 days.

      The only online network throttling speeds or sizes is PSN. Stop spreading misinformation you pathetic little shill.

  • Mike Greenway

    I’m curious, what has the Up-Time% for Microsoft and Sony been for the last year? I’ve had my Xbox One from Day One and last Christmas was the only time I had a problem, getting on line. (and I play a lot because it fun!)

    • Mark

      No service is perfect, but Live has been awesome since 2004, day one for me! Smooth connection, great chat, and reliable…….

    • Live has been way better than PSN on up time this gen.

    • Pops

      Same here

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