Microsoft Says Project Xbox Scorpio Getting Good Feedback From Devs

The company says gamers will be pleased.

Posted By | On 07th, Dec. 2016 Under News

xbox scorpio

While there are still more questions than answers about what Project Scorpio is going to bring to the table in the form of the next Xbox console, Microsoft says developers who have gotten their hands on the device have had positive things to say about it’s performance.

Ausgamers recently talked to Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg about what people have been saying to him when they’ve managed to see the console. Among other things, he said the reports back have been overwhelmingly positive.

“We’ve put that into the hands of the developers and it’ll be exciting to see what they create but being able to have that ‘runway’ and being able to work with them so far in advance… I think gamers are going to be really, really pleased with what comes out [of Project Scorpio].”

That seems to mesh with what at least one developer said about Scorpio. That dev said he thought Scorpio would make the current consoles definitely feel like they were last generation.

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  • jp

    same here.

  • Mr Xrat

    The useless gaggle of worthless hacks at their first-party studios, no doubt.

    Uncle Phil should focus more on that weak first-party lineup than constantly teasing a hardware upgrade a year away.

    • Triton

      You talk about useless first-party studios, yet Naughty Dog sold UnFarted 4 to less than 10% of its total market.
      So funny.

    • Dougdec92

      Seriously?, less than 10% of ps4 userbase is 5million people and counting , remind me what percentage of these people would be the equivalent percentage to the Xbox one user base?

    • quantum

      I think he is talking about attach rate, UC4 has sold 4.5m copies to date where as Halo 5 has shifted just over 4m wilth less than half as many consoles.

    • Code Geass Season3!!
    • quantum

      I wasn’t bashing the xbox I was highlighting the fact that it has a higher attach rate. So the site I used numbers were a bit off which wasn’t my fault. But the point I was making still stands.
      Don’t be so defensive, FTR I own both consoles and like them both. Although when I completed Halo 5 over the weekend I was a bit miffed at the 91 gig install before I could start playing it.

    • Triton

      He’s always yapping about how “everyone” chooses PS4 because of its exclusives, so he needs to hear the truth.

      But I dont think he has the brain power to understand.

    • Mr Xrat

      2.7 million copies of “UnFarted 4” sold in a week. Took three months to shift 5 million copies of Halo 5 Hours.

      Anything else, you useless Scandinavian cockroach?

    • Triton

      Yes, Im a Fennoscandian.

  • Brian

    Ready for a reveal MS!!

    • Mr Xrat

      You’re ready for anything to try and turn around a disastrous gen.

    • Brian

      lol, ….BITTER, party of one!…..hope you have a better gen, mine has been great!

    • crazy_black_man-

      Yeah right. Everyone of you clowns who “can’t wait for Scorpio” has a huge dripping gaping hole left over from the Xbox One. Your farts don’t even make any noise anymore. Hilariousness!

    • Brian

      smh….hope you guys find happiness in your lives, I have enjoyed my xbox one, now my “s” and iam sure i’ll enjoy SCORPIO…..peace!

    • crazy_black_man-

      Have you really enjoyed it? What do you like the most about it? I’m curious.

    • Brian

      YES!!…I really have, lol…just because you don’t, and whatever reason why it is that you hate xbox so much, does not mean you have to TRY and put others down because they don’t agree with you….I prefer the games that come to xbox, i like MS in general, i love the convenience of Kinect, i feel more secure (even thought NOTHING IS TRULY SECURE) with XBL, i prefer the controller with xbox over the ps controller, i have a 4k tv, so i bought an xb1 s to go with it and it comes with a 4k bluray player….iam sure that you will disagree with everything that i just said, and that’s your choice….but you enjoy what you like, and i guarantee you i will enjoy what i like……peace out!

    • crazy_black_man-

      Gee whiz dude. Ain’t nobody asked you all that. Goddamn testimonial.

    • Brian

      You asked me what I like most……there you go

    • crazy_black_man-

      My bad

  • Edward Turvey

    Microsoft says something positive about their product. Shocking…

    • Mark

      Well to be fair, developers are saying positive things about Scorpio, so I think that counts for sumthin

    • crazy_black_man-

      Oh? What are they saying? The controllers are staying synced up to the console? That’s a huge improvement so far. LOL.

    • Mark

      Ahaha. Nah kid I’m playin Gears right now..controller stay synced brotha

    • crazy_black_man-

      Dont jinx it.

    • Mistycchambers

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    It should, its not a forced TV media box with a Kinect nobody wanted.

    This time the GPU budget wont be wasted on a useless Kinect 3 and TV features like
    that VHS sized power brick mess of the One was on launch.
    How to lose a console war in one step, make a TV forced media box.

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