Microsoft Testing A Variety of New Xbox Prototypes- Report

Nintendo NX versus PlayStation 4K versus…?

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We’re only two years into this generation, and things are heating up in here. It’s essentially the launch of a new console generation up in here, with at least two new consoles slated to launch later this year- the Nintendo NX and the PS4K. But in all the (at this point daily) rumors that both of those machines have been getting, Microsoft can often be forgotten.

Which is a bit of a mystery, since Phil Spencer openly admitted that the company was looking at launching mid cycle hardware upgrades just over a month ago- and while he later stated that he was not interested in doing incremental upgrades like the PS4K is rumored to be, it’s hardly unreasonable to point out that Microsoft are definitely interested in upgraded Xbox hardware regardless.

The Verge today has confirmed that- according to their sources, Microsoft have been testing a variety of new prototype Xbox devices. Some of the prototypes have been tested with upgraded components of the kind that are used to improve the performance of a gaming PC- indicating that new Xbox hardware is definitely incoming some time too. What this Xbox hardware will be, and when it will launch, remains to be seen. But with both Sony and Nintendo gearing up to battle it out at the high end of the console market, it’s clear that Microsoft don’t want to be left out of the conversation.

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  • lagann

    Makes sense that ms wont want to be left behind specially if the nx and ps4k rumors end up being true.

    Ps4k will have twice the gpu power, faster memory, and somewhat faster cpu. Multiplatform games will be truly superior to xbox ones versions…and this would be superior in the real sense of the word and not the slightly better versions the ps4 gets over the xbox one right now.

    As for the NX, if its as powerful as the ps4…Nintendo has first class first party games so having it be more powerful than xbox one (plus having third party support) would be straight out devastating for xbox one.

    • Clint Hoffman

      MS doesn’t seem to focused on making good decisions these days. Just decisions in general…most of them seem to be made by monkeys.
      I’m still hoping for a comparable Xbox One that is close to the same overall size as the original PS4.

      Of course now that Sony is upping their game, I’ll be hard pressed to buy any MS product that is less than at least similar to the PS4K when it arrives. No use buying the old MS original One pos that drove me to buy the PS4 in the first place.

    • Michael

      Lol….don’t make excusex. You bought psu because you love sony. It had nothing to do with microsoft.

    • Holly Brown

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  • Riggybro

    I think MS should just leave XB1 as is. Take the loss this gen.
    Release an XB2 gaming beast in early 2018 with backwards compatibility to XB1.


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