Microsoft Wanted To Give Purchasers The Option With The Early Xbox One Scorpio Announcement

A move that respected customers.

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xbox one scorpio

Microsoft announced the Xbox One Scorpio early- very early. When they announced it at E3 this year, it was still a year and a half from release, and as of right now, it is still over a year from its projected Holiday 2017 launch.

Speaking in a recent interview with TechRadar, Microsoft’s Albert Penello explained, yet again, why they chose to do that. “We wanted to let people know in advance so that we didn’t run into the opposite problem which is next year we announce Scorpio and we have people that bought Xbox One S and went ‘Why didn’t you tell me this was coming a year later? I would have waited,” Penello said.

“I’m glad we give people that option, to figure out what makes sense for them, what’s important to them. I think we have a great product [in the Xbox One S]…I’m very confident in that product and the value that it delivers, and I’m glad we told people that something else was coming next year, and to give people the opportunity to wait if they think it’s going to be better for them.

“I think we’ve given them enough information that they can understand what’s coming.”

Microsoft have previously discussed why they announced the Scorpio so early, potentially risking cannibalizing sales of the Xbox One S in the process- they wanted to be upfront with their customers, and ensure that they understood that they had a choice to wait for a potentially superior product, too. It was a move that respected customers, and it seems to have paid off well for them, given how successful the Xbox One S has been.

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  • XbotMK1

    It had nothing to do with consumer respect. Microsoft lied to everyone when they stated Xbox One S owners wouldn’t get left behind. Xbox One won’t have VR.

    They announced it early obviously because they were trying to damage control against the PS4 Pro. It is no coincidence they targeted 6 TF and sent out PR statements as soon as the PS4 Pro was announced.

    • jp

      still makes the PS4 pro and undead machine, nobody cares for upscaled 4K, the Xbox One S can do that and HDR too, everybody is waiting for the Scorpio, Pony Tears all over the internet all this year and the next one

    • Mr Xrat

      That’ll be why the Pro is doing mad numbers and overperforming expectations with its better library and increased technical performance while the S flops harder than its HD audio functionality and its weak upscaling. You’re finished, Xgimp. It’s no wonder you’re crying.

    • jp

      hahahaha, suit yourself buddy. we will see who cries in the long run.

  • Terminator

    How nice and generous of them.

    They also gave us the option to:

    Be able to use our physical xbox 360 games on our Xbox Ones

    Be able to decide for ourselves if we wanted to use EA Access or not

    Be able to use physical BlueRay movies

    Be able to decide if we wanted to play on consoles or on PC

    Be able to decide if we wanted the Kinect or not

    Be able to decide if we wanted an Xbox One S now or wait for the Xbox Scorpio

    Microsoft also had an option, listen to its consumers and removed their DRM policies or stay with them.

    • Riggybro

      They did all those things because of low sales.
      Not because they like you.

      If the 2:1 sales were in MS favour you wouldn’t have most of those things on the list.

      I mean, you could say MS listened to its customers and dropped the price of XB1 too! But that sounds ridiculous. They obviously went to extract as much profit as they could from you and when it failed they were forced to drop the price!

      In the end you benefit of course but I just find the marketing speak of both MS and Sony a bit condescending “we listen!” “we give you choice!” “for the gamers!” “community!” “brotherhood!” “Love!” “Peace!” LOL

    • Mr Xrat

      LOL another Xgimp trying to rationalize getting blown out hard like a b***h.

  • Mr Xrat

    Gave everyone the option to not care about it, and that option is being taken up readily.

    Xgimps getting more and more shrill, looks like they’ve figured out that it’s all over. They should all be sterilized.

  • crizz1066

    M$ has never respected any of its customers. Just see them as the cash cows they are. If they’d truly card about customers the X1 would have been more like the S.

    But they know they can get away with bare minimum.

    Still as usual with M$, its all next year in the future. Never now when it’s wanted.

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