Microsoft Were Not Given An Advance Copy of Star Wars Battlefront Video, Gameplay At E3, & More Info

Possible new info on Star Wars Battlefront.

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Star Wars Battlefront

Before I begin, take this piece of information with grain of salt. This is the kind of thing that gets players all bothered for some reason. It would appear as though Microsoft weren’t given an advance copy of the Star Wars Battlefront trailer for their use because they had to use one that has Sony branding instead.

As you can see from the image below (pointed out by bravoIntel), the trailer that was posted at Major Nelson a.k.a. Larry Hryb has the Sony branding. But if you look at post now, it has been replaced. It could have been a mistake, but who knows. This is kind of expected since Sony and EA have a marketing partnership for Star Wars Battlefront but you would at least expect that Microsoft would get a trailer that has their branding and that too in advance.

On a far more interesting note, industry insider Shinobi602 has given some insight into just what to expect from the Walkers in the game. Apparently these vehicles are effectively on rails, and players simply man the weapons, most likely hinting towards a walker assault mode. The insider also spoke to a number of journalists who saw the gameplay footage and he was able to confirm that the level of graphical quality seen in the trailer are one and the same.

Shinobi 602 later added that we should, “Expect gameplay at E3”, which to be fair, is kind of expected. Shinobi602 is a reliable industry insider who gets his information directly from the developers and has been correct for the past many times. But one should always take insider information with a grain of salt as usual.

Star Wars Battlefront

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  • kreator

    This was not realtime gameplay. It was CGI! Once it hit the consoles, you’ll see the visual downgrade!

    • Jason Mounce

      I’d say its In-Engine – – – but is it what will be possible on Consoles of this generation in-game? No.

      In-Engine has worlds of things possible to be presented, but In-Game is where all the real scripts and code and animations are at that we’ll see in use all the time.

      It’s not hard to believe that game engines are capable of pushing that, but it’s the whole “Can it push those visuals, and not be buggy broken mess or glitch-central?” Battlefield games and DICE have many hilarious bugs and where it’s a huge pretty world, there’s bound to be a need and a demand for massive polish that won’t be finalized even as it launches no doubt. Games are a Beta even upon release or else it’d just remain in development for a long time with no profit to be had.

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      Um you do know how to read correct? Or is it that in your need to cry about something you just decided not to pay attention to the part where it said the trailer was made using IN GAME ASSETS

    • Ronny B

      “In-game assets” are NOT the same thing as “actual gameplay” – it is foolish for you to confuse the two things. CGI scripted gameplay is an “in-game” asset too – but it’s NOT actual gameplay.

    • kreator

      How about you just eat a bowl of DICKS!

    • OC Guy

      Once it hits most PC’s you will see a visual downgrade as well. I doubt most high-end PC’s can target those graphics at full settings.

    • Guest



      Already done here….. Just waiting for games to actually utilize killer hardware properly over here.

  • Fay_Z

    this game is expected to be disappointed if m$ didn’t even pay for a promo deal.. lets face it sony are broke so anyone could outbid them.

    expect a massive downgrade for consoles its running on the awful dice engine.

    • harriskatz

      lol… you are insane. So sad about how MS fanboys react to any news this gen. While Sony has had a tough few years, it is far from broke and is one of the largest corporations in the world. It may not have the liquid capital that MS has (but then again Apple makes MS look broke, so everything is relative), but Sony does alright for itself, especially since PS4 has been so profitable and has outsold the XB1 worldwide by about 2.5 to 1. Sony is the console of choice this generation and is being used as the lead console for development of almost every game that is coming out. Sony has exclusive marketing deals on a lot of games and will continue as they have taken a page from the MS strategy from last gen. I supposed Metal Gear will suck and Batman:AK will suck and FFXV will suck all because Sony has exclusive marketing rights on those games. Keep dreaming and keep smoking whatever you are smoking — that way, perhaps you will actually start to believe your own nonsense.

    • bardock5151

      Actually market value between Microsoft and Apple has a difference of $140 billion, Apple at $480 billion and Microsoft at $340 billion.
      Apple has profits around $37 billion and Microsoft has profits around $23 billion.
      Sony has a market value of $20 billion and profits at $1.1 billion.
      So no Apple doesn’t make Microsoft look broke, nor do Microsoft or Apple make Sony look broke.
      Sony just isn’t nearly as successful as the other companies.

    • OC Guy

      Honestly Sony is surviving right now… Treading water basically. Can they say afloat or will they sink? Could go either way for them.

    • GotNews4Ya

      This is just funny.. How about this for the flip side.. “Who wants to get an exclusivity deal with someone who is behind the competitor 2:1 in sales, and being outsold STILL 3:1 World Wide”. No One does.. and it don’t matter how much money Sony has… they don’t need it.. all they need to do is show that they got 10+ Million more consoles than Microsoft and GROWING.. and the potential revenue if even half of those people that Sony has more than Xbox buy the game, they will make hundreds of millions off it. Crazy huh? Microsoft is who you should worry about.. Not Sony.. Microsoft doesn’t like to lose.. so if they are getting beat this bad, maybe you guys can be the “Amazon Box” or something soon.

    • OC Guy

      PS4 no longer outsells the X1 2 to 1 anymore. Not since before last thanksgiving anyway. If that was the case worldwide sales of PS4 would be over 45 million right now. It isn’t.

    • Mark


  • Dirkster_Dude

    The insider said he talked to journalists and the graphical quality is the same as what was shown. Therefore, if you believe the insider then the graphical quality will not change. Of course the first 2 people or bots to comment apparently don’t care about logic or they are PC trolls.

    • GotNews4Ya

      Yeah.. Well.. They also didn’t have 40 users playing all at once.. it was bots and one human user.. I really think that the assets will change a bit over time.. I can see them looking pretty sweet though, since they cut out Last Generation Hardware.. Dice always makes Battlefield look Epic, regardless of cross generational set backs.. and I think this being their first true next gen game.. they could pull of the visuals, but I don’t forsee them hitting 60fps with these visuals by no means.

    • OC Guy

      I just can’t see that level of graphic quality on any of the consoles of even mid range gaming PCs. I’m sure the game will look great, but what was shown would take a lot of power and the X1 and PS4 just don’t have that much…even at lower res settings. I own and enjoy my X1 greatly, but if that system can play this game as shown with a high, constant frame rate at at least 900p I will be shocked. Remember this is EA we are talking about… They never optimize anything.

  • A-Z

    Nothing like watching 12 year-olds battle it out in the comments section with snippets of info they’ve gleaned from Wikipedia. It reminds me of a Marx Brothers’ sketch.


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