Microsoft’s Phil Spencer: We Want To Do A Better Job With PC Releases

“We are taking the feedback and working to get better.”

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Xbox One Streaming to Windows 10

Microsoft’s PC gaming efforts so far have been a bust. Not only are they tied to Microsoft’s proprietary storefront (the Windows Store), and to a format that seems to be met with a lot of resistance, due to the various problems and restrictions it introduces that didn’t exist on legacy Win32 applications (UWP), but the ports themselves just plain suck- they are broken across the board, lacking basic optimization, features, and drivers. They are bad enough that one questions how they were allowed to release in their launch state to begin with- let alone the company responsible for the OS that they are launching on.

Responding to fan complaints on Twitter, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer vowed that the company would try to do better with its PC releases going forward. “We want to do a better job with PC releases, no question. We are taking the feedback and working to get better,” he said. He also noted that a lot of the frustration will go away with time- games like Gears Ultimate got better with time, which he hopes will be the case for Quantum Break too. Killer Instinct, he notes, launched without issues on PCs.

Let’s hope that this isn’t just empty talk from Spencer, and that Microsoft does intend to do something about the quality of their PC ports. Right now it is shameful.

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  • theduckofdeath

    Can’t get much worse. My QB PC notification came today, so I have to check it out.

  • lagann

    ofcourse they will be tied to microsofts own store….if Steam was open source and free to every dev to put their games there, then there would be a case to argue that their games should be on Steam…but its not.

    Sorry, but if you are going to jump on the UWP hate bandwagon then you should at least list the restrictions it has compared to Win32. After the update MS promised at Build, the only restrictions left would be free unfettered access to the game files….something that has been purposely made for security choices.

    As far as the PC ports so far…i’ll have to agree with you. They have been dropping the ball here. I think the only port (that’s UWP) that worked good right out of the gate was KI. I’m glad Phil is admitting the pc ports have been sucking and they will do better next time.

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  • crizz1066

    Shouldn’t he concentrate on sorted out the droves leaving the X1!!!! Once Nintendo get back in the game, especially if the rumours are true, that nasty ol’ VCR will just get left behind.


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