Microsoft’s Xbox One DVR Feature Won’t Work Without External Hard Drive

Time to start wondering just how much using this DVR for over-the-air programming is going to cost.

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Now that we know the Xbox One DVR is a reality, we’re learning more and more about how it works, thanks to Gamescom. While the device is coming with the very cool feature of being able to record live, over the air programming there is apparently a rather large catch. The DVR won’t be able to record television programming unless users also hook up an external hard drive.

During this year’s Gamescom, Microsoft talked about the upcoming dashboard redesign and project lead Richard Irving laid out how the DVR will work if you want to actually record your favorite shows using the console and why users won’t be able to record to the internal drive. “You need an external hard-drive specifically for DVR because we want to keep the [storage] paths optimized between playing games and watching TV,” he said. “We don’t want them to interact with each other.”

Another tool that users will need to purchase if they want to get the most out of their DVR will be a digital TV tuner. This particular device is already available across both North America and Europe. The DVR is coming as part of a massive redesign to the user experience when it comes to the Xbox One. Phil Spencer announced the redesign during his own time at Gamescom and the move appears to be yet another step in trying to help the Xbox One make up ground when it comes to sales as compared to the PS4. The redesign and the Xbox One DVR are expected to hit by the end of this year.

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  • Wildwest310

    That’s fine with me.

  • Triton

    USB 2.0 is enough for DVR. (games require USB 3.0)
    So it will work with older HDD’s and new ones will be sheap.

  • Bryan

    I’m not at all surprised.. Another half-assed after-though solution to bring the machine up to the marketing fluff that surrounded it at launch. “This will be the only STB you need in the living room”.. Well it turns out that’s not at all the truth.. unless you add all these dongles to it just to get it to do what it was originally marketed as.. What a piece of pathetic garbage..!

    For media content consumption the Xbox is the worst of them all.

    The interface is so polluted with social,gaming achievements, etc that it’s unusable.
    There are no apps for it.. HBO and Showtime are hitting all the other platforms but ignoring this one.
    The music service is abysmal. The player locks up. There is no way to play music by Genre. There are no song ratings or ways to flag likes or dislikes. There is no way to tweak the radio stations to add similar content and they often play the same artists over and over.
    The O/S doesn’t update until you get ready to use it,,., then it alerts you, makes you wait on the download and install before you can use it for what you sat down to use it for… Then it still doesn’t take you back to the menu you started at when it’s done.
    Now you must have a 2nd Hard disk to use for DVR leaving the 500GB internal drive barely used.

    Microsoft needs to abandon this one-box-fits-all strategy.. It’s failing with everyone other than hard-core gamer. They need to produce an “MBoxOne”.. One that puts some thought into the Media content consumption for consumers in the living room and doesn’t have games on it…at all

    • efnet

      Jesus shut up

    • Pete

      Wow, show me on the doll where MS touched you! Think you been hit by some unreliable products from MS.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We are fine with this

  • hiawa23

    Sounds good to me. I already have two external hdds, so a tuner, I am fine getting. My cable company wants to charge me an extra $12/month to use their DVR. No thanks. The Xbox 1 should be fine for my needs.

  • This is superb news about the DVR! However, couldn’t Microsoft simply update their systems to have internal capabilities for DVR? Why won’t the DVR work without the external hard drive?

    • Psionicinversion

      it could be so it doesnt affect a games performance because the internal connection is running on 1 channel and the USB ports are running on separate channels. if your recording TV on the main hard drive it could interfere with the loading and performance of the drive as its trying to read and write at the same time. if the disc is quite fragmented from installing games uninstalling games etc the distance between data could be big (for the drive).

      so its trying to say read the start of the drive whilst at the same time trying to write to the end of the drive, can cause problems so by throwing it down a different channel to a separate drive it negates it as its a different drive

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