New Batman Game May Feature Damian Wayne, Will Have Batcycle, Day-Night Cycle And More

Also a new Suicide Squad game is being worked on.

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22. Batman

According to French website AddictedToSeries, a new Batman game is in development and it will star Batman’s son Damian Wayne. Furthermore, a Suicide Squad game is also rumored to be in development at Warner Bros. Montreal, the same studio that developed the underrated Batman Arkham Origins.

If this rumor is to be believed, then the next Batman game will be a big departure from the previous entries. The website reports that the new game will have a full day-night cycle and will feature Batcycle. Furthermore, players will be able to upgrade their Batcave and Gotham City will feel more alive compared to the previous iterations.

It will be interesting to see which studio is behind the development of the new Batman game. Is it Rocksteady? There is no way to tell that yet. As usual, this information should be taken with a grain of salt but given that a Suicide Squad movie is coming out this August, I won’t be surprised if this indeed turns out to be true.

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  • leanton31

    Welcome additions. The franchise looked a bit samey from a point on.

  • HR2

    I wonder if they decide to give the combat system a complete overhaul. I wish they made it more similar to that of Shadow of Mordor. it was brilliant

    • Morgan

      Why would they copy the combat system from a game that copied their combat system? It’s the same concept but tweaked to fit the a different character.

    • HR2

      ever heard of the “NEMESIS”? they “tweaked” the combat system to the point where it was no longer a modified version of Batman’s. just because Rocksteady devised it does not mean it was perfect. animations in SoM were far smoother, the combat was much smarter and you could really feel and SEE your hits landing on the enemies.

    • Barney Agudo

      Batman’s combat is way smoother and superior than Shadow of Mordor, you clearly haven’t played the Arkham games. Batman transitions across the screen in a constant motion taking out the thugs in quick successions, its beautiful. The Rocksteady combat system is the best there is out there, it’s perfect.

    • Morgan

      He was talking about the combat system not the nemesis system. Their two to sparate things. Plus the nemesis system play no real effect on the combat system. As cool as it was.

      And as I said, the systems was tweaked to fit the different characters and their respective universes; but deep down their the same thing. Batman was heavily amour character, so he movement is slowed compared to our half-elven wraith Tailon.

  • Mike Zupan

    Addicted To Series was not the source. I was.

    Please make the correction.


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