New Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshot Shows Us… The Fade

Now with 100% more green.

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Dragon Age InquisitionHey, do you remember The Fade? You probably don’t, because your mind has probably tried to actively repress all memory associated with it, so let me give you a quick primer: it was that one are in Dragon Age Origins that you absolutely hated. It was that one part of the game that was so bad, many people flat out stopped playing the game once they got there. A part that is so bad that an actual mod exists to excise that part from the game entirely.

So… yeah. The Fade. Apparently, in an attempt to make Dragon Age Inquisition as much like Dragon Age Origins as possible (owing to the overwhelmingly negative response to Dragon Age II), Bioware is turning to what made Origins good, and what made it bad. Unfortunately, the latter also involves the return of The Fade, only greener this time.

Seriously. This is happening. Why.

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  • ME3X12

    The colors graphics and artwork in this game look stellar. This is Bioware in true form this game looks special.

  • findnewajob

    this is the first time ive seen a complaint about the fade, terrible article

  • Maximilian

    I actually enjoyed the Fade in Origins, it was interesting. Why shouldn’t the Fade ‘happen’ again? It was one of the more interesting parts of the games.
    The article, especially the end, looks like it was written by an awkward teenager and comes off as ridiculous; as if Bioware should just cut the Fade content out of the game because some people didn’t enjoy it.

    Write like an adult.

  • BoddaGetta

    I went to the Fade ASAP because of the numerous Stat boosts and leveling. Plus it gave me practice for solo fights. Without the fade, you don’t get all those amazing character boosts that enhance the ROM game play by giving you quicker access to talents/spells. I actually like to play entire games. Perhaps you prefer the option to bypass game play with a button press? Or maybe RPGs aren’t for you.


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