Ni-Oh is Targeting 1080p Resolution, 60 FPS on PS4

Koei Tecmo’s hack and slash RPG went through several iterations beforehand.

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Koei Tecmo’s long in development Ni-Oh, a hack and slash action RPG in the tone of Dark Souls, will be utilizing the full extent of the PS4’s power, targeting 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution.

This was revealed by CEO Kou Shibusawa who told 4Gamer (translation by Zhugeex), who also talked about the many iterations the game went through including a Dynasty Warriors-esque title and a Ninja Gaiden clone. The Dark Souls approach, referred to as “Sengoku dark fantasy”, is what the team ultimately settled on.

Ni-Oh has been re-emerged at last year’s Tokyo Game Show to a good amount of fanfare and Koei Tecmo has assured fans that it will be out in 2016 for the PS4. We’re not sure if it’ll be out in the West as well this year so stay tuned for more information and let us know what you think of Ni-Oh in the comments below.

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  • Pazz

    Hahahahaha 60fps maybe in dreams

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    • legacy

      Wow its amazing you know more than the actual people who is making it.

    • Truth™

      Wow it’s amazing Sony shills still think their console can do 60FPS

    • legacy

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    • Tha-Truth

      Wow it’s amazing that pathetic, PC beggar vermin losers still think their trash platform is going to get real games like Bloodborne even though POSPC’s weak, last – gen garbage hardware wouldn’t be able to run the game properly anyway.
      Keep those petitions coming, PC beggar scruff, it only proves how desperate you are for real games because your weak, pathetic, POSPC doesn’t have any.

    • Truth™

      If PS4 is so next gen. When’s GTA V going to run 60FPS on it? 🙂

  • legacy

    Looks like that extra core is paying off, everybody is delaying their games by at least a few weeks

    • Truth™


      Hi there MisterPMedia. Still going on about “MUH 7TH CORE” when it won’t improve the POS4’s garbage APU 🙂

    • legacy

      Go back to playing with yourself you weirdo

    • Diegoctba

      PC beggar, what are you doing here?

    • Tha-Truth

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    • Truth™

      PS4 has no exclusives. PC gets XCOM 2 next month

      Losers 🙂

  • jakdripr

    Pity they didn’t go the Ninja Gaiden clone route, I love me some dark souls, but I love some NG even more. Plus with Bloodborne, DS 3, and eitr, we have quite a few DS clones on the market already.

    Oh well, either way I’m still excited for this, hopefully it launches in 2016 in NA, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Spencer

    PS4 targeting 60fps be like:

  • John

    Is it an exclusive?


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