NieR Automata Director Wants To See A PlayStation Vita Successor

The Switch is apparently a bit too big.

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The Nintendo Switch is portable gaming’s last stand – it’s a hybrid system, so it’s also a home console – but as a portable, it really shines, with its modular nature, high end build, high resolution screen, and sleek form factor. It also stands as the natural successor to the Nintendo 3DS by definition, and also to the PlayStation Vita, since it seems unlikely that Sony will be making a new handheld system any time soon.

That hasn’t stopped a lot of people wishing that Sony would, in fact, make a new handheld. Speaking on Twitter, Yoko Taro, the director of the Drakengard and NieR series, and responsible most recently for NieR Automata, has said that the Switch’s release makes him wish that there would be a Vita successor, too. He says that while the Switch is great, it’s also just a bit too big- and he would like something smaller, like what the Vita was. He also says that smartphone gaming doesn’t scratch the same itch for him.

I, too, wish that Sony would make a third handheld, because for all their faults, I loved the PSP and PS Vita- sadly, however, it doesn’t seem likely. Thankfully, the Switch is a worthy successor to those machines, and over time, Nintendo can maybe release a smaller revision of it, too.

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  • Holeybartender

    I would like Sony to reconsider putting PS Now back onto the Vita,all PlayStation titles on-the-go is every gamers dream. Yeah the Remote play lets you play your PlayStation games from your system but having another outlet can’t hurt.

    • Direct-XbotMK1 Elite

      I think the reason why Sony took PS Now off the Vita and TVs is so they could add PS4 games and because they didn’t want it to stifle PS4 sales by letting people play the PS4 on a cheaper device.

      They don’t mind putting PS Now on PC because PCs are generally more expensive and PCs already have many of the multiplats. The only incentive PC gamers have to subscribe to PS Now is to play old PlayStation exclusives.

    • Holeybartender

      The initial plan was to include PS4 games all along through PS Now on all Sony device. The plan was to boost all Sony products not just PS4. The only change is within the service itself as far as any technical restriction for PS4 games as we know they already work through Remote Play. The only logical reason for excluding those other devices is they aren’t reproducing them any longer.As with the PS3 in Japan we are about to see the halt of production of their TVs and Vita so the only two options left for use of PS Now is PS4 and PC. So unless there is a new Vita coming-out soon (which to me would be awesome) there’s really no good reason to stop service on those devices.

      Another reason might be an assumption of mine but it might have to do with reallocating resources for PS5 development. It’s close to that time again and by narrowing its focus from older products they can turn their attention more towards the PS5. I highly doubt it was because of some conspiratorial agenda to boost PS4 sales,especially since PS4 is doing that in strides without that kind of help.

  • Troy Marcel

    That ain’t gonna happen, especially if Sony won’t support it.

  • Kevyn Bradley Grams

    Please, Please, Please. A new 4G PlayStation device in the vein of the PSP and Vita, running on the PS4 OS, with OS based calling and texting is exactly what I want.

    If they could make a PS4 Phone using the PS4 APU once 7nm fabrication is available that would be perfect. Full support of all PS4 games from day one, buy once and play anywhere. What more could you want?

    I have been using my 3G PS Vita as my phone for 5 years, and I still have not seen anything worth upgrading to. This would be worth it, and then some.

    Make it happen Sony.

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