Nintendo NX: Axiom Verge May Be One of The Launch Games

The next best thing, since we can’t have Super Metroid.

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Axiom Verge

The Nintendo NX is now officially due out in March next year, and one reason that Nintendo apparently delayed it to then was to ensure that it would have enough games at launch- not having enough titles was the problem that plagued the Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U, so it’s high time that Nintendo did something about it.

One of these launch games may not even be a Nintendo game- if a comment made by Axion Verge‘s developer on a piece on the NX that was posted on USGamer is to be believed, it sounds like he is working to get the acclaimed hit indie spiritual successor to Super Metroid out on the NX, right as the NX is launching- although he can’t comment on it yet, he sounded fairly positive that it would be happening.

If it does happen, it will be one strong game for the NX to launch with- that, plus Zelda, confirmed for the NX too at this point, are already beginning to make a compelling case to upgrade to Nintendo’s new machine.

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  • Myspace Tom

    This and Zelda look to be a compelling reason to upgrade? Not really. MY wii u will play the zelda and my ps3 already can play Axiom Verge.

    • Joyce Calvert

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  • David Rohrig

    Can we stop using the word “delayed” when referencing the NX? It’s so annoying how people, especially those in the media, keep claiming that NIntendo has delayed the release of the NX. There was never a release date until now. March 2017 is the first announcement ever made by nintendo concerning the NX’s release date. How can it be delayed if it’s the first date ever set? It’s so disappointing to see the media and nintendo’s so-called fans jump to attack them at every turn.


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