Nintendo NX: Developer Hopes That Mario Will Continue To Be Nintendo’s Lead Videogame Character

Mario developer hopes that Mario will continue to headline Nintendo in the future.

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Super Mario Maker

After a long time of relying on just their established franchises, Nintendo has recently started experimenting with creating new IPs, to great success- but the mascot of Nintendo, the face of video games, still remains Mario, who celebrated his thirtieth anniversary last month, marked by the release of the excellent Super Mario Maker.

Going forward, Nintendo is releasing their mysterious Nintendo NX system some time next year- and Mario’s creators hope that Mario will continue being the face of Nintendo with the NX and beyond.

“That Mario has been loved so much up to this point is nothing short of miraculous, although obviously this is in part the result of the untold work of multitudes of people, not limited to just the developers at Nintendo,”Nintendo developer Takashi Tezuka, and the director of the Mario franchise, said to GamesMaster. “It’s impossible for me to imagine what Mario will go on to become in the future, so I am very excited to find out. However, I do hope that even after 30 more years, Mario continues to be Nintendo’s lead videogame character.”

Mario has shown unusual resilience- no other games franchise has lasted this long, and a lot of this has to do with the consistently high quality Mario games that Nintendo puts out. As long as the quality of Mario’s headlining adventures does not decline, Mario will continue to be the face of not just Nintendo, but of gaming as a whole.

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  • archfiendx

    I’m curious to see what their price point is for the NX. Anymore than $350 could be bad.

    • Sandy Wich

      You can’t justify more than 350 dollars for a 1 time purchase that lasts half a decade? Yep, it’s that kind of stupid thinking that limited the U to being a POS in the first place.

    • Well now the PS4 is $350 if NX have the same specs as PS4 how much they will charge? Like I say in the past NX has to be PS4.8 to charge more!

  • Sam

    Does this article even need to exist? “Recently started experimenting with new IPs”? Nintendo has been creating new IPs for the past 3 decades. Name another company with so many characters and game series. Mario usually only gets one core game on each new Nintendo system. Compared to other franchises (Halo, Batman, or Assassin’s Creed) Mario’s barely been used.

  • there shouldn’t a article about this, everyone knows Mario more than anything gaming, I remember reading that Mario is more popular recognized than Disney’s mickey mouse and I’m pretty Mario would still be Nintendo #1 mascot for generations to come.

  • Donovan Tull

    They only did that with Wii, and even then they had interesting new ideas for established franchises, eg. the Mario galaxy series. But the gamecube era did not just reuse established franchises.


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