Nintendo NX Is Possibly Close To Xbox One In Terms of Power, Easy To Develop – Rumor

A new report claims that Nintendo’s next console will be fairly powerful.

Posted By | On 28th, Feb. 2016 Under News, Rumors

nintendo nx

A new report has surfaced that says the Nintendo NX is going to have a similar kind of processing power as the Xbox One, making it a much better competition when it comes to the current generation of consoles. Dual Pixels says one of its sources, who has been incredibly reliable before has come to the site again with a ton of information. The source, named Geno has actually brought a ton of different rumors to the site but there are a couple that seem to have stuck out.

The process power and speed of the console is the most interesting of course because the Wii U came in with such disappointing numbers. When games were being developed, the Wii U was usually left off altogether. The Wii U is essentially first party only device but ff these new rumors can be believed, that won’t be the case with Nintendo’s newest endeavor.

The source went on to say that the tech layout for the NX is “almost identical” to the layout for the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo did this in order to make it easier for developers to port their titles to this console from the Xbox One and PS4. This is reportedly one of the reasons Nintendo has been so slow to send out developer kits, because it knew it wouldn’t be hard to develop on this platform. Of course, these are just rumors right along the lines of talk about the device including the Vulcan API. We’ll just have to see if the rumors come true.

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  • Chris Bradshaw

    If they can somehow manage 4K they can position themselves as the system to get with a new TV. I hope that’s the case. Not the end of the world but it would be nice.

    • Riggybro

      4K would be nice. But to be honest with you it takes so much grunt to achieve gaming at 4K you’d probably be looking at a $1500+ console! (Unless you meant just movies and stuff?)

  • Truth™

    Top rated Nintendo games and pair it with a truly next gen PC with AMD Polaris or Nvidia Pascal and you are set for the next generation.

    Sony scum gonna take yet another L when Nintendo wipes the floor with them again.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    Only as powerful as the Xbox One?!? Why so weak???

    • Alistein

      Probably not ready to take a hit on hardware considering Nintendo usually profits from their hardware. In anycase the X1 is good enough. Playing zelda, starfox or Mario with the graphical capability of the X1 will be satisfying assuming they are not pushing the kiddie graphics thing.

    • Mark


    • J_Joestar

      It is purely speculation on my part, but Geno, the source for this rumor, is also the one that mentions the wireless HDMI dongle, combined with an earlier rumor of an HDMI cables and the ones regarding the NX being having a handheld unit coming this year and a console unit next, then there was the patent regarding cloud-like processing with physically close by local units…

      I imagine that the XBO comparison might be limited to the handheld unit on it’s own and that when combined with the second console unit it would become far stronger.

  • Riggybro

    They should make it at least 15% more powerful than PS4 just for people who are undecided on which console to get for 3rd parties (if Nintendo are going down that track). Try and win some spec hungry customers over.

    But I guess like Sony and MS it’s all about $$$$/price point in the end.

    • Katy Hill

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    • Mark

      I hear u

  • leanton31

    If the new Nintento console is -almost- as powerful as the Xbox One, why someone shouldn’t buy the established Xbox One in the first place, or better yet the PS4?

    • Mark

      Well it does say “identical. Could be more Tflop performance


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