Nintendo NX Mega Leak: Features, Specs, Marketing Materials And More

Runs games at 1080p and 60fps, has hybrid capabilities, outputs in 4K, and more.

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We still don’t know when we will have an official announcement or reveal for the Nintendo NX. But ahead of that, whenever it will be, it seems as though a major retail partner for Nintendo has spilled the beans somewhat on the NX, and on what to expect from it, on Reddit.

Apparently, the NX will indeed be a handheld-console hybrid, as has been rumored previously. The system is going to launch with at least four Nintendo games, with one of them apparently Mario, which will have a strong co-branding with the system. Stores will be receiving demo units in February, and they already have preliminary marketing material for the system right now.

Apparently, the marketing message for the NX will be simple- “Interact with your game on the go.” This should hopefully help Nintendo avoid the kind of confusion and brand identity crises that they ran into with the Wii U and 3DS. The system will apparently have at least one bundle, and this bundle will be $399- this implies that the non bundle option may be, at most, $349.

The packaging for the system is apparently a bit bigger than the packaging for the Wii U, and is reportedly pretty clean stylistically. The system will apparently output games at 1080p and 60fps, with the hybrid portion running games at 900p. 4K output has been mentioned, though whether that will extend to games, or is just for media capabilities, remains to be seen.

If this is all true, then it sounds like the NX will be a roughly PS4 level system, with a handheld portion to go with it- in such a case, Nintendo may just have a winner on their hands here. And now, we wait for the official reveal, again.

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  • The truth-ier

    With that little bit of info…. the system will perform at PS4 level? what does that even mean? X1 and PS4 have 60fps and 1080p games…. so just because it has the capability does not mean it will perform at the ps4 level…and lets get more detailed… the x1 has a better CPU, so will it perform at the X1 level cpu wise? will it perform at the ps4 level memory bus, and gpu wise?
    This guy who wrote the article comes off as a uneducated fanboy due to putting a opinion with no techinical substance behind it.

    • Light23K

      Relax, just wait for the reveal. If you don’t play Nintendo then don’t worry about it. I play Nintendo and never worry about the competitors. Just enjoy your games. FYI there are way more Wii U games that is 1080p and 60fps then PS4 and xbone combined so its not really a doubt that a newer Nintendo system will have even more 1080p 60fps then PS4 and xbone and most likely even more then the Pro and Scorpio if all they are chasing is 4K. To most of the gamers out there 4K don’t matter and if they are smart enough give players the option to have 1080p and 60fps instead of 4k and 30fps or less.

  • d0x360

    Any system that supports the HDMI spec can output in 4k. The xb1 and ps4 can, I think the latest models of the 360 and ps3 can as well. Being able to output 4k isn’t a big deal but it certainly has become marketing BS.

    So many pr marketing words these days. We got flops, hdr, 4k, UHD etc. They all have meaning even if most people don’t understand half of them.

    Flops is a great example…it’s the new bit wars.

    Someone tried to tell me the other day a 2ghz CPU is always faster than say a 750mhz CPU doing the same task…except it isnt.

    For example the PPC CPU architecture from IBM that powers the 360 and is the basis of Sony’s cell CPU outperforms x86 by nearly 50%

    So a 3ghz PPC CPU had the potential to perform at the same level at a 6ghz x86 CPU yet the 6ghz CPU has higher floating point operations per second…weird huh.

    Technology is far more complex than some numbers. Wish more people knew that.


      Well the Xbox Scorpio has 12G of GDDR5 Ram
      320G memory bandwidth
      6 Teraflops of processing power

      The PS4 PRO has 8G of GDDR5 Ram
      218GPS memory bandwidth
      4.2 Teraflops of processing power

      So any way you look at it the Xbox Scorpio is significantly more powerful than the PS4 PRO

    • Mr Xrat

      All that power and held back by the original hardware. You’re all set for a horrible surprise, Kirk.


    2017 console power ranking
    Xbox Scorpio>PS4 PRO>Nintendo NX>PS4>Xbox One

    • Mr Xrat

      2017 console being worth playing
      PS4 Pro = Nintendo NX > N-Gage > CDi > Shitpio

  • All I gotta say, is how hot is the freaking unit going to get???

  • Donovan Tull

    Is the base price point supposed to be 100 USD below that of the bundle? I doubt it, the bundle would need to come with a lot of extra stuff for that to sound at all likely. I’m far from sure about this rumor for that reason. The rest of it isn’t too hard to believe, but that strikes me as suspicious.

  • Bryan Jiménez

    Sounds promising. Hope they reveal it soon


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