Nintendo NX More Powerful Than PS4, Getting Remasters Of Four Wii U Games- Rumor

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

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nintendo nx

Another day, another Nintendo NX rumor. This one, however, comes from at least a somewhat believable source- a poster on NeoGAF, 10k, was apparently verified by the moderators on there, and he has posted some information about Nintendo’s mysterious upcoming system.

According to this new rumor, the NX, which runs on an x86 architecture (similar to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC), is noticeably more powerful than the PS4 in every metric- at this point, this is something we are hearing a lot, and where there is smoke, there is fire. So let’s just jump ahead to the next part of the rumor, which is more exciting.

The next part of the rumor states that the NX has ports of at least four Wii U games in development- this includes The Legend of Zelda, which has been widely assumed and accepted by everyone for almost a year now, as well as Super Smash Bros., which was leaked some time ago as well. The other two games are Splatoon, last year’s hit shooter for the Wii U, as well as Super Mario Maker. The ports of Super Mario Maker and Splatoon, however, are currently facing some problems, and may not release in the end.

With that said, with the Wii U being Nintendo’s least successful console of all time, whilst simultaneously having some of their best games ever, it does make sense for Nintendo to port some of its best efforts to their new console.

Is this rumor true or not? As with each rumor, we can’t say we know yet. Nintendo is widely rumored to be holding an event later this month, when they might take the wraps off of the NX. Let’s wait till then, and we will know for sure.

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  • LDS

    NX will be a huge game changer in console wars. The third party devs will start to make the game on NX and Nintendo has strength in number of exclusives over ps4 and xb1. On top of that, it runs better than PS4.
    There is a high chance people will switch their primary gaming console to NX or potential buyers choose the latest console over sort of aged ones. Sony and ms will lose the profit that much which is why they are so eager to bring upgrade version of the console with no doubt.

    • lagann

      Totally agree IF the nx ends up being more powerful than the ps4 and releases with an actual good controller (no gimmicks) inside the package.

      I was on the Nintendo camp all the way till the N64. Then Nintendo lost their way with gimmicks and jumped ship to Xbox.

      An actual competitive system from Nintendo will be a no brainer buy from me as a secondary console. Can enjoy all or most third party games and the legendary first party games Nintendo has.

    • One With Shadows

      Down boy, this is all rumor.

    • Tammy Harris

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    • Michael Norris

      Yup and my i7 6700k/GTX980ti creams all of the consoles combined. Also if Nintendo puts out a console that is on par with Ps4 that would be such as waste.


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