Nintendo NX: Nintendo President Promises Totally New Gaming Experience With The Console

Nintendo keeps the hype train going without divulging much.

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nintendo nx

The Nintendo NX hasn’t actually been unveiled officially but console is certainly generating some real buzz these days. The device has been rumored to have some pretty top of the line technology packed inside it. There are also a number of companies rumored to be making games for the thing. Now, Nintendo has come as close as ever to divulging just what the NX will bring to the console wars since it was first announced.

Nintendo President Kimishima sat down for a recent interview with Nikkei and while he didn’t go into great detail about any one feature for the NX, he did say the console would be a “totally new gaming experience.” Of course, this is hardly the first time that Nintendo has said something like this. The company actually made similar comments when they were getting close to rolling out the Wii U. Of course, the company wasn’t actually wrong, the Wii U is an entirely different looking console when it’s compared to the PS4, and Xbox One. It just fell short when it came to processing power.

The Nintendo NX is said to be a hybrid of gaming devices that Nintendo hopes can actually be a game-changer when it comes to getting back into the console wars. The Wii U has been nothing but an afterthought in that regard. Perhaps the new approach in mobile gaming, in addition to a brand new design idea for this console can change the company’s fortunes. Something has to at some point … right?

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    If you are not a Nintendo fan you better start now!

  • LostOdyssey

    specs or shut up

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      ain’t that the truth

    • baxtus

      Specs don’t matter, as Wii proved, what matters is games

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I was being facetious. I still have my Wii so I know it well without you needing to tell me. I wish the graphics race would just stop increasing really eventually it will come to a halt.

      Second I don’t know what to think about rumors but all I know is I’m getting PS4 this holiday and I’ll be getting NX if it’s appealing and has the right games for me when I want it. Won’t get system early and have to wait months for games I desire. I’m not a graphics freak.

    • baxtus

      Okay, I couldn’t tell you were being sarcastic

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Ok perhaps I should have made if more obvious then. I just hope NX isn’t their last console.

    • Portmanteau

      i kinda wish they would get out of the console market and just focus on making great games for other systems and PC. they keep trying to come up with gimmicky controllers to compensate for weaker hardware, when that’s not what makes their stable of titles great

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      As long they’re still kicking and give me what I want I’ll support their hardware. Now that Iwata isn’t here anymore that won’t be an issue. It’s not gimmicky I actually like the controllers they make though they could have had a couple improvements.

      Guess I’m in minority. Also if rumors are true they are putting effort into hardware specs this time so I wouldn’t worry about that. We’ll find out next year.

    • Liroku

      This is true, but the Wii games would have been better with more power for AI, draw distance, etc. Power may not make the game, but it certainly increases the potential for developers.

    • baxtus

      Wii sports, Wii Fit, NSMB and Mario Kart would not have benefitted from that, and those were among the most popular Wii games (or games ever really)

      In fact most of the best selling games in history didn’t require powerful hardware

    • E8hffff

      Yeah I enjoyed waiting for years for Zelda only to get rehashes. Then near to zero RPG’s except kiddy versions.

    • baxtus

      Modern Zelda sucks anyways, so who cares, hasn’t been good since LTTP

      Modern RPG’s suck as well

    • baxtus

      Wii proved that Specs don’t matter

      Games matter

    • PS_Trooper

      Wii was gathering dust

      Every hardcore gamer

    • baxtus

      Hardcore gamers are a shrinking population

      Who cares what they think

      Of the top 25 Best selling games ever, only 3 can be remotely considered Hardcore, all 3 being GTA games

    • Link

      GTA has fallen to the casual crowd as well. The majority of people who buy GTA would not consider themselves hardcore gamers at the slightest. Casual gamers nowadays are the ones who buy the yearly CoD’s, FIFA’s, AssCreeds, etc. Basically casual gamers are the people who only buy the “big name mass market” titles and nothing else.

    • thank god im not one of them casual retards… i have never bought a fifa, asscreed or gta(only got gta4 goty, gta5 is garbage casual) game. but i dont deny i got cod but i stopped buying after bkolops2 (because the newer cods are garbage to casual), i also never got destiny, all i play now is kz3 or kzsf when it comes to shooters. because no casuals play killzone.

    • baxtus

      True, but only GTA is in the top 25

      The rest are games such as Mario, Wii Sports, Wii fit, etc.

    • My Name

      Mario is a hardcore title.

    • baxtus

      No, it’s really not

      At least 2D Mario is not

      Everyone played 2D Mario.

      Games that have very wide appeal are definitely not hardcore

    • My Name

      Mario is super hardcore

    • baxtus

      No, its super expanded audience

    • My Name

      You don’t know what hardcore is.

    • baxtus

      I do, its the tiny chunk of the gaming audience that likes cinematic games and bloody FPS games

    • My Name

      Those are mature rated games which is different than hardcore games. Even mature rated games can be casual fests like CoD.

    • baxtus

      No, CoD is not an expanded audience game

      How many moms and grandmas have you seen playing it?

      Not many.

      Games that don’t appeal to the expanded audience fall into the hardcore wheelhouse

    • My Name

      You again prove you don’t know what hardcore is.

    • baxtus

      No, I already showed you that I know what it is and what it is not.

      Can’t help it if you don’t want to accept the facts.

      Games like Wii Sports, Super Mario Bros. and the such appeal to a wide range of people, even those who don’t care for gaming, that is the expanded audience games, games with wide appeal.

      The games such as GTA, MGS, CoD, don’t appeal to a wide range of people, they have limited audiences, that is what Hardcore games are, games with limited appeal.

    • My Name

      Plenty of people who don’t care for gaming buy CoD every year. and LOL at GTA having a limited audience!! hahaha it is the most casual game ever and the epitome of “expanded audience”.

    • baxtus

      ROFL, show me these plenty of people who don’t care for gaming buying GTA and CoD (I’ll give you a hint, they don’t exist, HAHAHAHA)

      You really think grandmas and moms are buying those games? No, most are not. Real expanded games are games that grandmas and moms play, that is games such as Wii Sports and Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart, etc.

      Games like GTA and CoD do not appeal to the expanded audience, Sorry, they appeal to a small niche of regular gamers.

    • PS_Trooper

      good luck, tablet player

    • baxtus

      I’m a retro game player

      You may not know what it is, its about playing the older classics

      Back when games were actually good

    • E8hffff

      The problem is if specs don’t matter then they need to get not only good games out but enough to sustain the consumer. Wii failed with Nintendo titles. People got sick of the bland weak titles.

    • baxtus

      They got sick of sucky games such as Wii Music

      But games such as Wii Sports, Wii Fit and NSMB and Mario Kart sold like gangbusters

  • Johnny LoveFive

    This was Iwata’s final project with the company before he passed. Given his track record, and knowing fans wanted more horsepower, I’m sure this will be powerful AND fun, Iwata was behind it.

  • Brad Johnson

    I trust Nintendo.

    • you can trust nintendo until the 2016 nx reveal… then its either run off a cliff or eat the hat.

  • djnforce9

    Wii U does have some excellent first party titles (e.g. Super Mario 3D World, Yoshi’s Wooley World, Zelda: Hyrule Warriors, and Super Mario Maker). I hardly notice the lesser specs as the games tend to be cartoony anyway. The lack of third party support is the killer; sub-par hardware specs compared to the competing consoles has prevented many games from being released on Wii U. Perhaps Nintendo plans on fixing the problem with NX.

  • Turbojacket

    “entirely new concept” scares me to death when it comes from Nintendo. Make the console a power house. Sell this mobile hand-held thingy, or whatever it will be, as an accessory so it doesn’t drive the price way up, just as the Wii U should have done with the GamePad. Hardly any games actually use the gamepad. Mario Maker could have been done entirely through a smartphone or tablet application. No need for a weird controller again please!

    • Matt Black

      huh? are you retarded, a smartphone would have been a terrible idea! how far did MS “glass” get? innovation shoudlnt scare you it should tell you to suppport nintendo!!! they constantly innovate, some things work (analog stick, rumble memory cards, handhelds, motion control’s) and some things don’t (virtual boy,) but when that innovation works it’s amazing. nintendo is the only video game company out there, sony and microsoft are businesses that happen to sell games, NOT GAMING COMPANIES. nintendo purposly doesn’t make consoles powerfull to try and force programmers not to make games like fallout, but focus on making them fun. the very idea that they should drop innovation and make a powerehouse so we have a 3rd x-station is absurd

    • Turbojacket


    • getagrip

      iv not in my whole life seen a weird controler from nintendo

      sorry weird is a light bulb and a stamp sized touch pad that both do nothing being added to a 4 gen old dualshock THATS WEIRD….

      mouse pointing 3d remotes not weird gyroscopes that destroy everyone elses not weird gamepad not weird gamecube pad pro pad

      sorry stil not seing weird


      LOL TWIN ANALOG FPS pas me the blutooth 3d mm precise mouse pointer called a wii remote

      weird controller SORRY GO PLAY CANDY CRUSH DUDE or heavy rain

    • Turbojacket



    I would have used to have not cared, but all I play is my 3ds now, so I’ll be all over this. My XBONE is sat in a drawer, kids and no time

  • Samuel Scott


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