Nintendo NX Receives Yet Another Early Title Announcement

Even NX game announcements have outpaced the NX itself at this point.

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nintendo nx

Nintendo’s stubborn refusal to actually reveal the NX, even with just months left to its purported worldwide launch in March 2017, which is something that they have committed to multiple times, continues to rankle. Even as more and more leaks and rumors reveal pretty much everything about the device, Nintendo’s response is to stay shut about their upcoming system, and simply pretend as though it does not exist.

At this point, even NX game announcements have begun to outpace Nintendo’s handling of the NX reveal- games like Dragon Quest 10, Dragon Quest 11, Sonic 2017, and Just Dance 2017 are among some of the games that have been officially confirmed for the platform- and now there’s another name to add to the list. Independent Austrian game developer, Bplus, have announced Tank it!, a new war simulation game designed to show the brutality and futility of war- and this game has been announced for Steam (with a release for later this year), and for Nintendo NX (with a release planned for next year).

So, when NX games are being announced before the system itself has had any official reveal, I think it is a sign that Nintendo need to just get on with the system’s full reveal already. The secrecy and mystery around it was helping generate hype before- but at this point, it is more damaging to Nintendo than anything else, especially since with rumors, leaks, and speculation, Nintendo no longer get to control the messaging, and have potentially damaging information out there in the wild well before they’ve had a chance to present it.

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  • NOSQEY .

    I don’t think nintendo are stubborn,arrogant maybe.I also don’t believe any of the rumours.

  • Michael Coralluzzo

    They might actually know what they are doing. Sony loves to steal from Nintendo. Keep it a secret ( especially if it’s a good one) until after Sony press conference. Blow them out with the hybrid after. With Zelda breath of the wild on the go and at home. ( Drooling all ready)

  • RoseRageTurbos

    Hahahaha I love all these journos that have no idea. Very few no what the NX is, apart from devs and Nintendo. I think all the latest specs flying around is a smoke screen. I’m thinking the NX is going to be mighty.

    • Judithwbelisle1

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  • I_Like_Freddos

    How does it feel to be so irrelevant gaming media?

  • Russ Palk

    The NX is 1.5 Tf compared to Neo 4.4 tf and Scorpio 6 tf.. So yea Nintendo has always been the weaker console lol

    • Light23K

      You haven’t been keeping up with your gaming history have you? I don’t know about the NES but the SNES was better than genesis spec-wise, as the N64 was and the gamecube was also stronger than the xbox and PS2. The 1.5 tf is just a rumor that the NX is going to use the Nvidia X-2 which clocks it at 1.5 tf. Also weaker console does not mean last place, that the Wii for example. At one point it sold what the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined.

  • I guess we will have to wait for it. even 3rd parties are announcing their games, we still don’t know how nx going to run it yet.


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