Nintendo NX Will Be ‘Dead In The Water’ If It Costs $399 – Michael Pachter

“If the NX is really a handheld with a docking station, it could have trouble getting noticed,” says Pachter.

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nintendo nx

The trouble with the Nintendo NX at this point is that Nintendo have gone for too long without sharing much about it- while speculating about what the new system amy be may have been fun or exciting at first, at this point, I think most people are just tired of the endless cycle of leaks, rumors, speculation, and insider reports.

Which explains why most people are swearing off of commenting on the actual thing unless we know exactly what it is that we are commenting on. For instance, take Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. We recently had the chance to talk to him, and we asked him about the NX, and where it fits in with the upcoming PS4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio- he noted that the system’s price in the market would be instrumental in making or breaking its fortunes.

“If the NX is really a handheld with a docking station, it could have trouble getting noticed,” Pachter mused. “I think that NX will sell well if it gets third party support, and in order for that to happen, it has to be something that publishers think will sell well.  It’s still impossible to have a forecast when we don’t actually know what it is or what it will cost.  If it’s a console and costs $199, it will sell extremely well; if it’s a handheld and costs $399, it’s dead in the water.  The odds are that it’s something in between, but I don’t want to guess until I see what it is.”

Which is fair- Nintendo are refusing to even acknowledge the NX much, and others aren’t allowed to talk about it beyond tantalizing leaks and hints. At this point, educated guesses are the best we’ve got, and Pachter’s assessment seems to be reasonably realistic. In the end, if Nintendo want the NX to succeed, they will probably want to ensure that they price it just right, more than anything else- they can’t afford to repeat the Wii U and 3DS launch pricing debacles again this time around.

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  • crazy_black_man-


  • Fierce_Deity_link

    ok so this means the nx will be an expensive first party handheld? pachter is always wrong.

    • Paul

      Exactly , thats what it is , why the sarcasm?


    All we can do is wait and finally see what the thing is.

    TGS ends on Sunday so anytime after that is go time for Nintendo.

    • Juner

      Your mom ends on Sunday. 🙂

  • Troy Marcel

    I don’t know why people still take this guy seriously anymore.

    • Jason V

      I don’t know why people take Nintendo serious anymore.

    • Jenniferdkean3

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    • Albino T Rameel

      Your comparison is utterly flawed. Anything else you say now is completely invalidated.

  • heavenshitman1

    For Pachter to suggest 199 will make success and 399 will make fail is just blind guessing again, as he mentioned he has no clue what the device is.

    The NX, if it is a hybrid, it’ll be more than just a handheld that docks to a TV. That’s been done, and done again. Nintendo has asserted this is a game changer. I think there’s more to this system

    • redsquirrel

      What we know at this point is that Nintendo has stated that it is, in fact, a console. We also know that Nintendo can’t release anything competitive at $199. At that price, they wouldn’t even be able to match the current PS4. And their system needs to generate interest for PS4 owners. A cheap little toy isn’t going to attract interest for anyone except parents buying for their 10 year olds.

    • heavenshitman1

      Well as far as Nintendo’s ultimate financial success goes, the PS4 user base is basically irrelavsnt. I think what Nintendo has been aiming for for a while is not the potentially 200 million gamers that do console gaming, but to create a device that simply everyone could buy, and open up their market to a billion users (clearly tall order). Something along the lines of the mobile market, but that succeeds so well because parents even wont let their 10 year olds go without a communication device.
      And so as for price, 199 is doable if its a clever enough device, it doesn’t have to equally rival ps4. Sony n M’soft are proving they have to work harder than ever before to maintain their user bases in the form of these repeated semi update machines, basically just turning themselves into a PC market.
      NX is has been rumoured to have wireless Local Cloud Processing devices. Im interested in what may become of that. After all, the WiiU sported full screen visuals and sound totally over wifi for the gamepad

  • Hvd

    just like the ps4 pro is dead in the water another 1080p 30fps upscaled console.all the 4k sony has been saying is alie its are paying $400 for upscaleing and it will have the same fps as the ps4…lol

    • Riggybro

      Considering the 20 million who are happy currently playing 720/900p in 2016… probably doesn’t matter.

    • Hvd

      dont forget the 40m idiots that are going to get a ps4 pro. another1080p/30fps console..yes its 1080p upscaled…lmao

    • Eddie Battikha

      I’m one of them and can’t wait, PS4 Pro and a LG B6 this November sounds good to me, have fun suffering another year on Xbox one. When Scorpio launches PS5 will launch 6 months later.

    • Hvd

      i cant wait for my 40 titan x’x in crossfire on my console.

    • Jason V

      Some ppl are idiots…. it (PS4 Pro) isn’t a 1080p upscale console. It actually natively outputs at something like 2560×1600 (1600p) and Upscales from that. Some games probably mainly indie titles will be at Native 4K. It will also super sample down to 1080p. Which basically means all games played on a 1080p screen will have SSAA. Super Sampling is the downscaling of a 1600p native image to 1080p. Which produces a technically superior image than a natively 1080p image. ie: Sharper and a Brute Anti Aliasing image due to the downscale. Some ppl are technically stupid I swear. Edit: BTW the frame rate issue is only to do with multiplayer so people that own the pro don’t have a fps advantage online. Been stated numerous times

    • Hvd

      so im going to believe a bias site like euro gamer and a bias faboy like you of a pc tech guy who is running tests?…plz like you said some people are idiots and most of the m are ps4 fanboys like you.

      look up how much its takes to run 1440p on pc before you say a $400 crap console can run 1600p…lol you guys are idiots and plus sony will never let you know what res it is.

    • Jason V

      Lol fanboy, no. But your ignorance astounds me. Especially if you are a so called PC tech? If this claim is true? Then you would know a $250US RX 480 has no problem doing 1440p and even 1600p @30fps., (albeit depends on settings and game). Even clocked down to 912mhz. This has been proven on numerous tech sites and youtube techs In comparison to the pro. With mass market production Sony could probably get that down to $100? I hope I never accidently hire you because I would have just wasted my money. The only (closet) fanboy I see is you with your rhetoric answers

    • Eddie Battikha

      LMFAO that’s funny.

    • Aenea
  • chestwig

    Isn’t this the tool who said PS4 Neo would be delayed unil June 2017 so Sony could up the specs to compete with Scorpio? He is full f sh@t.

  • lastsigma

    Pratcher’s guesses are worth a bowel movement. He knows nothing and only throws out random guesses, but a broken clock is more accurate and more knowledgeable.

  • Console and PC Master Race

    NX will do well if the price is no more than $299 USD. If it is going to cost as much as a PS4 Neo, people will expect to see premium graphics and frame rates, which I seriously doubt it will have.

    • Eddie Battikha

      NX is gonna have Tegra X2 and won’t compete with PS4 Pro, we’re gonna find out real soon.

    • redsquirrel

      The problem with that is, what will they be able to offer at $299 that PS4 owners don’t already have? Even though graphic card prices have come a little, I don’t think they’ll be able to offer anything new over PS4 at that price. And then Sony and Microsoft will also be releasing something new soon. So I don’t think that’s the right approach. It will just turn into another Wii U that way.

    • Console and PC Master Race

      They can make it as expensive as they want, it’s just that if they are going to charge a premium price I believe that its capabilities should match that. I’d much rather them charge more and give us a more powerful console. Even if it would be a bit less powerful than base PS4 (or even Xbone), I’d be willing to pay a premium price. If it’s just slightly more powerful than Wii U, but they’re selling it at $400+ I believe it will be a no buy for many gamers. They aren’t competing with Microsoft or Sony in the power race, but that doesn’t mean that Nintendo’s console should be 2 generations behind them in power. Unacceptable.

  • redsquirrel

    I wish he would just be quiet. IT’S THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE SAYS. Why would anyone want to buy a cheap, underpowered toy console from them at $199? Why would people want to essentially “waste” money on something that probably wouldn’t even be as good as the PS4 they already have? People want what’s new and better. If it were priced at $399, given that prices have come down and technology has advanced for graphics and CPU, they could release a console that is a step up from PS4 and generate interest in the console itself instead of relying on Zelda. They need a competitive console so people will seem them as a competitor in the market.

  • RockD79

    Selling it for $199 won’t attract 3rd parties if they can’t port their multiplats. Pachter you idiot.

  • Riggybro

    Nintendo is a niche product. Nintendo doesn’t compete with Sony and MS it competes with itself and other outside influencers.
    It doesn’t require COD XIV or Assassins Creed 24 to be ported to it.
    It just needs to keep releasing Zelda, Mario, Pokemon + JRPGs, market well and lightly branch out into mobile.

  • patrickres9

    How does he figure? Sony and Microsoft are selling upgraded versions of the same console with all the same games as the standard consoles for $400. If anything is risky at $400, it’s that. If Nintendo manages to launch a quality product with unique features, solid horsepower, and fantastic games, they’ll be fine at $400 I’m sure.

  • Oroku Saki

    Michael Pachter is the guy that people just nod their head at and say “uh huh.” Nobody cares about his opinions. Almost every single thing he has ever said which contained Nintendo has been wrong. Can anyone think of anytime he has ever been correct?


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