Nintendo Switch’s Chances Aren’t Too Strong Against Pro And Scorpio Unless It Has Strong Third Party Support

It all comes back to third party support.

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The Nintendo Switch seems to be an unusually strong showing from Nintendo- certainly, interest in it is higher than it ever was in the Wii U or 3DS. So one has to hope that this new machine is the beginning of a Nintendo comeback, after the dismal depths they plunged to with the Wii U.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily a given- the PS4 and Xbox One are already entrenched, and they have successors in the form of PS4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio coming. Does the Switch really have a chance against those systems?

This was the question we posed to Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, when we had the chance to sit down and have a chat with him. His take? It all comes down to third party support.

“Unless the NX has strong third party support, its chances against PS4 and Xbox One aren’t too strong,” he said. “It’s too early to know that it won’t have third party support. Nintendo, the Wii had third party support, a lot of third party games which didn’t perform well, but they had third party support. The Wii U, lost third party support quickly, and flopped. So the NX, we have a sample size of one, Wii U- which didn’t get third party support. So let me answer your question differently- if the NX does what the Wii did, and gets a lot of third party support, it will be successful. If it does what the Wii U did, and doesn’t, it won’t be successful. I don’t think any console can thrive with first party content only. And I will say, of the three console manufacturers, Nintendo has by far the best content, I mean by ten times. But it’s still not enough. They don’t bring their games out often enough, and not in sufficient quantity to justify a purchase.”

Of course, the Switch, for now, seems to have very strong third party support- EA, Activision, Take 2, Warner Bros., Ubisoft, Bethesda, From Software, Capcom, Atlus, Square Enix, Sega, Keoi Tecmo, Konami, and more all seem to be on board with the system, among others. But whether or not Nintendo can hold on to that support is what will undoubtedly decide the fate of the Switch in the long run.

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  • Starman

    I think you’ll meant to say …just Scorpio….. The pro has no chance against either one of them…

    • kma99

      Competition is good for gaming. The ps4 user base will support it.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      loool… what the helll are you talking about lool… people like you are so sad man

  • lagann

    The Pro is now stuck in a weird position. It’s releasing only couple of months before the Switch. Meaning that if you are a OG PS4 owner (there already are 40 million of you)…why buy the Pro when you can get the Switch in a couple of months?

    Xbox are in a similar but better position. For those that haven’t yet but were planning on it (like me) why get the Slim when you can get the Switch?

    In that sense, I think ms made the right decision to release the Scorpio Q4 next year and to include the UHD player on the Slim…. after all, the Slim will move in any significant numbers, once the Pro and the Switch are out, mostly for its included UHD player.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      tbh not really…. te whole point of the Pro is that you wanted a powerful games console that played the games you wanted at 4k or improved performance it wasnt a COMPLETELY NEW console you were trying to buy… So if you wanted to buy a Pro the switch isnt going to fulfil what you needed fomr your new PRO… its as simple as that i duno how you are clutching at straws like this lool and to top it off you have somehow spurned this into a win for MS lool… quite wild tbh.

    • BelAirBoss

      I own a ps4. I own an oled. I will be buying the pro because it will give me the best looking and hopefully best performing games available from Sony, with HDR and 4k. Sony’s first party games will look best on pro, and that matters.

      I game on pc also. The Scorpio might be a purchase for me next year, but unlike the pro, that is not a definite because Microsoft’s games are playable on my pc, which will be getting updated when Cannon lake cpu and Volta gpu’s become available….so the Scorpio would become a no go at that point for me.

      The Switch is it’s own thing, and for me is completely independent of whatever Sony or Microsoft are doing. A Nintendo console was never about 3rd party support for me, but about Nintendo exclusives. If the exclusives are good and plentiful, it will be a buy. If not, it’s dead in the water. Nintendo cannot compete with the Pro or the Scorpio when it comes to 3rd party performance. They aren’t even trying.

    • lagann

      Not everyone is interested in doing an update to their console when they already have an og ps4 or og Xbox one, specially when there is a, at least so far from the news, good and different third option.

      As I said above. I was interested in getting an Xbox One S to replace my og Xbox One…but now that the Switch is coming in March, why would I want to spend money on replacing something with something else that plays the exact same games?

      Same with ps4 owners. Not everyone wants the Pro….many are happy with what they have, and many will forego the Pro (those that might have been on the fence) to get the Switch because it’s a different system to what they have AND most importantly of all, it’s coming out within a reasonable waiting time period of the Pro’s release.

      Lastly, you are kind of agreeing with me here. You mention that Nintendo does it’s own thing. I agree. You mention that if they have plenty of good exclusives you will buy it. I agree. But that’s exactly the point. Most people who wanted an Xbox One and ps4 already bought one. Now these exact same people will be getting a Switch, if it’s interesting to them, instead of the small upgrade of the Xbox Slim and the mild to medium upgrade of the Pro.

    • BelAirBoss

      I don’t disagree with you at all, I was merely offering a different perspective on the consoles and why someone like myself would make a different choice. Specifically offering a difference of opinion when you mentioned “why buy the pro when you can get the switch in a couple of months”. Well, for gamers who want the better visual fidelity and have the necessary equipment to make it work, the Pro, Scorpio, or pc would all have distinct advantages over the Switch in technical capabilities.

      I am likely to buy a Switch, but I likely would rarely play it at home, and use it as a device for gaming on the go, with my pc and other consoles serving as my home devices that I would personally prefer because presumably they offer much better visual and audio quality than what the Switch will offer. I still have a NES and SNES because I loved the Nintendo exclusives of that era.

    • lagann

      Completely in agreement with you there. This is why the Pro exists and Scorpio will exist….and I will be getting the Scorpio for exactly the same reasons as you are getting the Pro for.

  • Gabriel Porto

    Switch is a joke.

    Do you wanna know how the Switch AAA games will look like? Check Shield TV Doom 3 on YouTube.

    They desperately need 3Rd support and they move to Arm processors,which means the devs will need to port their games do Arm. So, at the end Switch buyers will get mobile games or poor ports.

    Good job, Nintendo.

  • red2k

    I feel very happy for Nvidia and Nintendo they deliver a lot of innovation and that’s a great argument for sales. I really miss the possibility of use Nvidiahub as part of Nintendo Switch services

  • Bamf

    The problem with Nintendo’s new console is that they have yet to show software. The Wii had crappy shareware titles and the Wii U had only a few good games.

    The new system looks neat, but that’s not enough.

  • Dougdec92

    Happy for what Nintendo brought to the table of gaming, its quite early to say but even if they don’t provide eye watering 4k, they’ll do good by gamers with that awesome true portability/console gaming, Sony scratching their heads right now as to why they aborted PS vita so soon.

  • Riggybro

    Sheesh. What’s with all the compare to Pro/Scorpio commentary?

    Nintendo is in a league of its own. It basically competes against itself.

    If it gets a few third party ports then nice bonus (especially with the portable thing). But most will buy it for the classic (and future) Nintendo franchises, JRPG and the novelty stuff you can’t get anywhere else.

    Not even in the same ballpark.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      because that served the Gamecube, Wii and Wii U soo well right..? People need to stop looking at Nintendo with their rose tinted glasses and ACTUALLY LOOK AT THEIR PRODUCT!!!

      If the Wii wasnt such a blindsiding commercial success you REALLY think they would still have much of a voice in the games industry form a hardware standpoint..?

  • disqus_1S1GyNUnq5

    about that third party support. bethesda said they had fun doing a trailer with nintendo but it is not automatically said that skyrim will ever be released on the switch thing. so, it’s nintendo’s usual scam to get people interested and then all of a sudden the third parties are gone with the wind. like everytime. they didn’t learn a thing. my money will definitely go elsewhere. not too hot for a console with 3 nintendo titles per year. and by the way: nintendo titles have been VERY stale in the past 5-8 years.

  • Nintengods

    Switch already is the most popular in years. 11 million youtube videos and the crooked anti-Nintendo media can’t make a dent. People will be trading in P$4 and Xboner en masse including the Xboner S and the P$4 Prolapse.

    Sonycucks and xcucks in complete delusional mode because they got completely BTFO. Beautiful


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