No Challenges Faced While Developing on Xbox One, PS4 And Xbox One Have Much In Common: RedLynx

“It’s probably a fair comment to say that both of these new generation consoles have much more in common with each other than consoles of generations past.”

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Trials Fusion

Now that Trials Fusion has been released to critical acclaim, GamingBolt got an opportunity to talk to RedLynx, the developers behind the game. In our interview we asked RedLynx about what was the biggest challenge they faced when developing the Xbox One version and whether they used some of the new architecture benefits.

“There wasn’t any particular challenge with Xbox One other than that every new system has its quirks and unfinished processes behind-the-scenes,” Karri Kiviluoma, Lead Designer of Trials Fusion told to GamingBolt. “Probably it’s more fair to talk about the Xbox 360 version being the most challenging, simply because we had to take a game that is state of the art for the new generation of consoles and state-of-the-art PCs and scale back its visual ambitions to a level where it runs happily and with great joy on the Xbox 360 too,” he explains.

And what is it that differentiates the PS4 and Xbox One, yet making them unique in their own way? “It’s probably a fair comment to say that both of these new generation consoles have much more in common with each other than consoles of generations past. The primary differentiators apart from the first party games and other exclusives have to be the peripherals: the Kinect for Microsoft being pretty well known by this point and Sony doing something interesting with VR headsets. However a lot of multi-platform games like ours won’t make much use of the peripherals due to time.”

We recently reviewed Trials Fusion and found it to be a worthy entry into the Trials franchise.

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  • Placebo

    So that means they never attempted to develop the game at 1080p then? That’s a surprise.

    • born_naughty

      Who cares about 1080p?

  • GHz

    “There wasn’t any particular challenge with Xbox One other than that every new system has its quirks and unfinished processes behind-the-scenes,”

    “unfinished processes behind-the-scenes”….

    What does that even mean…another nod to XB1’s wacky SDKs??? 0_O

    • Guest

      It means all of misterxmedia’s conspiracy theories are true and Xbox One is secretly 2-3 times more powerful than PS4.

      Just kidding.

  • Graeme Willy

    It’s true. I like to laugh at all the fanboys that are saying, “my console is better than your console.” No it’s not. They are all capable of putting out the same graphical effects and the same sized worlds. It’s not like this is Nvidia VS. AMD. This is saying, “My Jaguar is better than your Jaguar…” or “My HD7000 series is better than your HD7000 series…” These consoles are based on the same architecture, through and through…the only differing factor, being memory choices. This is a software battle, not a hardware battle. I’ll explain;

    Why can Microsoft get away with having a smaller GPU, but still accomplish what the PS4 can do, using more bandwidth? Well, right now, they’re sacrificing resolution, but the X1 OS is also still beta. They designed this box, based around DX12, too…which hasn’t come around, yet. However, it’s all in the software tools. Sony doesn’t have access to as much of the software innovation and resources that Microsoft has, particularly, in their vulnerable/ re-structuring phase that they undergo, which is resulting in more going out than what they have coming in. They have been completely relying on their PS4 division to help pull in funds to aid this restructuring, but even so…as a healthy Sony, they still do not possess the software resources that Microsoft has. That is Microsoft’s first domain of reign…therefore, as usual, put all their eggs in one basket and went heavy on the hardware, as they always do…but that didn’t change anything last generation. The PS3’s primary advantage was uncompressed textures via Bluray.

    Microsoft Advantages?
    DirectX – Read about DirectX12, if it doesn’t melt your GPU, it will now be 50% faster.

    Direct3D Tiled Resources – ( Paired with the rest of DirectX12’s advantages, this will be a major reward reaper here.

    GPu Acceleration – Until now, this has been speculation, but their 2013 HotChips presentation basically spelled it out to us. As you know, GPu acceleration and Tiling were both formerly rumors (then called “Xbox Secret Sauce” rumors.) The only Secret Sauce rumor that has ever been debunked, by Microsoft, is that ridiculous notion that they were hiding an entire second GPu in their console (DGpu). GPu accelerators do exist in the Xbox, in Hotchips, they stated that the Xbox One GPu was accompanied by 4 command processors (2 compute + 2 graphics). Obviously, this is intended to be used as offload resources for compute and graphics tasks…”Accelerators.”

    Other – . …and just about every other software/ development tricks they file way and patent, year after year.

    My point? Have you ever heard “Brain over Brawn?” or “Brawn over Brain? (depending on the context in which it is used) e.g. How can you achieve more by doing less? Or with less? Microsoft is the only company you ever hear from that says, “We got this new graphical technique that’s going to turn great results and maximize efficiency…and there’s a reason for that…it’s what they do. So, while all the kiddies are arguing about physical might…they might want to look again into the software world…the software is what truly powers the game; what good is a V8 engine if the ECU on the car sucks at managing, adapting and balancing out air/ fuel intake? I have seen a 1.4L Civic blow the doors off of 2-3 times it’s displacement, I have seen mini-bike/ junior class motocross racers run circles around 250cc bikes…the same holds true in the computer realm. Everyone jumps on the hardware boat, but doesn’t at all factor in who has the best, most clever programming and software methodology patents.

    Wait until the enhanced Xbox One drivers, OS and API are in better shape…wait for DX12. They will be on even playing fields. Perhaps, even more shockingly, the X1 may come out on top, again…in most games, just like last generation (despite the significant PS3 CPU advantage).

    • demfax

      There will be no parity if PS4’s stronger hardware is being pushed. In essentially every way, the PS4’s hardware is more powerful than the XBO’s.

      Factual PS4 Hardware Advantages: +6 CUs, +540 GFlops (40% greater) or more, +16 ROPs, +6 ACEs/CQs, better GPGPU support (volatile bit and onion+ gpu cache bypass bus), better performing CPU, faster unified memory, and less OS overhead.

      If they’re both running at the same resolution the Xbox version will have lower framerate, more screen tear, and/or less visual effects, or the PS4 hardware isn’t being pushed. Any game running on Xbox One can be run with better framerate/resolution/visual effects on PS4.

      Anyone with technical knowledge knew PS4’s game graphics performance would be better for the entire generation as soon as the specs were official. That was well over a year ago. Apparently it’s taking some people a LONG time to come to terms with reality.

      Every console or gaming device has a power budget that can be put towards resolution, framerate, or visual effects. PS4 has a higher total budget than Xbox, and good PCs have an even higher budget.

      Forza 5 or Horizon 2 would run better on PS4, and Driveclub would run worse on Xbox. Quantum Break would run better on PS4, and The Order would run worse on Xbox.

      Both Sony and MS have world class coders that will extract every bit of performance out of their consoles with their drivers/APIs/SDKs. The difference is PS4 simply has more powerful hardware to work with, so it will always stay ahead in graphics performance.

      “PS4 is off the shelf” is a myth, PS4’s SoC has several important customizations especially to GPGPU compute.

      PS3 was more powerful than 360, but a nightmare to code for. PS4 is both more powerful AND easier to code for. It’s a win/win for PS4.

      GDDR5 is superior to DDR3+on-die ESRAM in pretty much every way in terms of actual games performance.

      Even if Xbox had a far more powerful CPU and 10000GB of 10000 GB/s memory, it’s ability to render graphics is STILL limited by the weaker GPU. There’s no getting around the weaker GPU, there’s no free lunch.

      DDR3+ESRAM is still a size and bandwidth bottleneck and difficult to code for. The DMA registers help transfer data between DDR3 and ESRAM, they aren’t super special sauce.

      XB1 has memory size and bandwidth bottlenecks, weaker GPU and GPGPU, only 16 ROPs, and OS virtualization overhead that degrades gaming performance. Take your pick.

      DDR3+ESRAM is more complex and expensive yet resulted in a less powerful system than the PS4. It’s a lose-lose from a design perspective. It was a poor design decision for gaming graphics performance.

      Exclusively console 1080p 60 FPS games on PS4: MGS V, CoD Ghosts, FFXIV, Tomb Raider, MLB The Show 14, Resogun, Trials Fusion, Diablo 3, Project Cars, Metro Redux, more.

      If a game runs 50+ FPS average it’s generally called “60 FPS”.

      Don’t forget PS4’s +16 ROPs and better GPGPU support with 6 more ACEs, volatile bit flag, onion+ bus, fully unified GDDR5 memory instead of split ESRAM/DDR3, etc.

      PS4’s large GPGPU advantage will widen as devs take advantage of it. It’s not just 2 to 8 ACEs (asynchronous compute engines), but the volatile bit flag, unified memory, and onion+ GPU to RAM cache bypass bus. Not only does PS4 have more CUs to do compute on, but it can do compute work more efficiently with less impact on rendering.

      Examples of GPGPU include Resogun’s voxels, Infamous’ particle system, The Order’s soft body, cloth, and object destruction physics, and MGS’s simulated weather. To port those to Xbox devs will need to reserve already limited CUs for compute or remove those features entirely.

      Digital Foundry proves that PS4 multiplat games consistently run at higher res, framerate, and/or visual quality over Xbox.

      PS4 version of Watch Dogs has higher shadow quality, higher resolution, higher framerate, better depth of field, and far better ambient occlusion over Xbox.

      PS4 version of Wolfenstein has higher average resolution and higher shadow quality over Xbox. The Xbox version lowers resolution down to 960×1080 to maintain 60 fps. The Xbox version of wolfenstein is 1080p if you’re staring at a wall or empty room. Otherwise it’s lower during actual gameplay.

      PS4 version of Thief has higher res, framerate, and mostly higher visual effects. It’s superior in almost every way aside from trilinear filtering being traded off for parallax occlusion mapping over Xbox.

      PS4 version of Trials Fusion has higher resolution and framerate over Xbox. Texture data is identical with texture streaming times dependent on hard drive speed.

      PS4 version of BF4 has higher resolution, higher average framerate, and better effects over Xbox.

      Some use cherry picked screenshots from where a streamed texture was 0.01 seconds from fully loading and try to use it as false proof PS4 has worse textures. This is wrong and deceptive. Hard drive speed is the main issue in texture streaming load times. Installing a SSD in PS4 decreases texture streaming times dramatically. The texture data on most multiplats is identical.

      Texture data is identical between console versions. Sometimes texture streaming issues crop up in one or the other version, or even on PC. That’s generally dependent on hard drive speed. If you run a game off an SSD texture streaming issues are much less.

      Texture streaming issues can also happen if you start a game before it’s fully installed to the hard drive, or if you load from a save file and some textures haven’t been loaded from the drive into RAM yet.

      Texture streaming is a complex issue with multiple possible causes including drive speed, whether the footage is from a recently loaded save file where the textures haven’t been streamed into RAM yet, or whether the game hasn’t been fully installed to the HD yet.

      “Sharper colors” is just the crushed blacks bug on the Xbox that can be replicated by adjusting the contrast or sharpness on your display. Oversharpening and crushed blacks are a bad thing for visual quality.

      Xbox One AAA multiplats (Watch Dogs, Witcher 3, CoD: Advanced Warfare) will run 720-900p for the lifetime of the system.

      PS4 could run Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising 3, or any Xbox exclusive at higher res/framerate/effects, as it has more powerful hardware.

      Infamous is technically superior to Ryse in every way. 1080p, 35 fps average (according to DF), open world, next gen visual effects, cutscenes are mostly realtime, etc. Almost all of Ryse’s cutscenes are pre-rendered movies.

      The Order, Uncharted 4, and pretty much any Naughty Dog game will easily trump Ryse’s visuals while running at a higher resolution and framerate. Driveclub at E3 2014 was widely called the best looking console racing game.

      Ryse is a 900p, 25 fps average, QTE corridor brawler with copypasted barbarian enemies and CG movie cutscenes in comparison.

      PS4 has plenty of room for optimization in terms of GPGPU, hUMA-like features, and unified memory.

  • Johnny

    Hahaha to funny so much for mine is better than yours.


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