Notch: DRM efforts are just “evil companies trying to control information”

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Markus ‘Notch’ Persson has spoken out against ‘futile’ DRM efforts by big companies and said that focusing on honest customer is the right way to go about it. There’s no way to stop piracy or stop the flow of free information, so trying to do that is just pointless.

He said that DRM efforts are basically “evil” companies trying to control information. They’ve been doing that for 20 years and they don’t want to stop.

“There are so many evil companies that want to control the flow of information because they managed to do so for 20 years, and they want to do it forever,” he revealed to GameInformer.

“That’s not really how information behaves. Copying something on the internet is a free process, and it’s easy to do. You literally cannot install a game without copying. Everything is copying, all the time. Trying to control that is counterproductive.

“If you really want to control it, you have to have hardcore, technical solutions to it. So, you have futile attempts like DRM. It gets more and more intrusive… I thing [the internet is] fine as it is; I’m making lots of money off it,” he added.

Master of DRM

The best way to do business according to him is to focus on the honest people out there, and not to inconvenience them in any way.

“Piracy isn’t stopping us. Sure, we’d prefer if people bought the game, but there are enough honest people out there. so, just focus on the honest people.”

Recently, Notch called monopoly in digital distribution dangerous, and wanted Origin to provide better competition to Steam.

“Origin does a couple things badly compared to Steam – which is impressive since they had eight years to study Steam. They should definitely have a chance to do their thing, but they might want to move away from titles that make people use it and show people why they should use it,” he said.

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  • J0M3R

    I’ve never heard someone talks some sense about DRM like this guy before. Damn you Ubisoft : Motherf*cker of DRM.

  • Victory

    I Find that some people that ‘pirate’ Are actually just wanting to demo the real game before they fork out a good days worth of work for it [About 10 bucks an hour, sure you can make more but let’s keep it basic] This is Florida also.

    And hey? People who just download games to download em – Fuck em. I find it a scam from the company when I go to play but because of their stupid DRM I have to either be connected online while I play OR I can barely play while pirates get off scoot free – Alot of DRM’s slow the computer to a crawl but download a pirated version – bam works like a gem.

  • charles2029

    If someone engineers a game, it’s always possible to reverse-engineer it for their own purposes. Notch makes some good points, but who are the consultants telling these companies that their product is getting stolen?

  • TaylorKitty

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  • Mike

    Yeah, I think it’s insane that a company would try to protect their investment. I mean c’mon, piracy may eat 90% of their lunch, but they’ve still got 10% right? Besides, artists are supposed to starve — that’s what makes ’em creative. And, if the lard-ass gamers don’t have to buy their software, they can totally get more Cheetos and Pepsi! It’s not like the dollars disappear from the economy!

  • ivandoga

    Keep Yelling It Out, maybe one day they will get the message. thank you

  • Musser64

    DRM is stupid.


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