Octodad Dev on PS4’s 5.5 GB RAM Rumor: “Nothing for Anyone Besides a Dev to Worry About”

Phil Tibitoski comments on reports of the PS4’s alleged amount of RAM for game development

Posted By | On 26th, Jul. 2013 Under News

Moments ago, EuroGamer has reported that the PlayStation 4 will have 4.5 GB of RAM allocated to games with an additional 1 GB for flexibility. So that’s potentially 5.5 GB of RAM allocated to games, contrary to earlier reports of 7 GB. This has created some sort of storm across PlayStation community as many are questioning the need of 3.5 GB of RAM for system OS.

Phil Tibitoski, the president and community manager for Young Horses Inc., developer behind the upcoming Octodad Dadliest Catch (coming to the PlayStation 4) has shared his views on the matter after a user bugged him for the same on Twitter.

He also mentions that players are worrying over nothing.

Eurogamer spoke to a “development source”, so there is a chance for the report to turn out to be true. However, this might actually be a good move by Sony for the long run since they can add more social features down the line, and compete with Microsoft for a better online and social service.

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Anthony J. Mitchell

    Sony fanboys are going to worry regardless. There apparently is a chink in the oh so great PS4 armor.

    • shinitaru

      sounds like you’re worrying more about it that I am. the PS4 is still just as great as it ever was

  • WellWisher

    No one on my facebook or twitter accounts is going to care how well I did in BF4 any more than I care about their farmville escapades. It’s just free advertising for the developers and publishers. They just need to focus on a gaming social network. Preferably one that can be accessed by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft’s consoles. If they can’t do that, they should just allocate more resources to gaming.

  • Guest

    Ahhh yes, $0ny PauperStation, lies, overhype, underdeliver, we’ve all known about this in the past gen. Loving the N4Gtard meltdowns, sucks to be a pauper now.


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