PC Gaming Growing Faster Than Consoles

PC gamers putting their money where their mouth is.

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The new consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – are selling faster than any console before, and the PC market in general is in decline, but PC gaming is somehow, incredibly enough, still managing to outpace the growth of console gaming, according to this new report.

According to the report, the PC market has generated a total of $21.5 billion in hardware sales last year, which is double the revenue generated from sales of consoles. The same report also states that pre-made PCs are not very popular with PC gamers- they prefer to build their own custom rigs. The report also goes on to infer that PC gamers, investing so much time and effort into their machines, are probably the most ‘hardcore’ gamers of them all, which explains why they are also willing to put their money where their mouth is.

The report does point out that the PC market in general will continue to grow in the coming years – which will be a reversal of trends from the last few years – but I think it is safe to assume PC gaming will be a massive driver for that growth.

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  • legacy

    This is stupid, everybody got a pc but all of them is not gaming rigs, separate the two then get back to us

    • Tech junkie

      How’s is reporting on an industry stupid? They are referring to software sales and gaming hardware.

    • legacy

      They reporting total pc sold, everybody and their mother got a pc but not a gaming rig. And majority of the people with gaming rigs download it illegally anyway.

    • Tech junkie

      Well you clearly you didn’t read the article. Second Steam is proof the majority of PC gamers don’t download illegal. Everyday PC sales are on a huge decline. Tablets and smartphines are the common place.

      So please re-read the article.

    • legacy

      Ok bro calm down, it’s not that serious

    • Tech junkie

      I’m perfectly calm. You didn’t read the article or didn’t understand it, either way. You made an ignorant comment, Then followed it up with another ignorant comment. I still don’t think you understand with what the article said. Like another person pointed out, you can even just look at the picture.

      Let me guess you own a PS4?

    • Fleetwood

      Here is the source link:

      They are reporting the “PC Gaming” hardware market, which relates to “PC gaming.” It’s growing in spite of the fall of the overall “traditional” PC market.

      Now do everyone a favor and keep your ignorant self in that caged console arena to easily keep track of you kids. Hopefully you’ll grow up one day and realize what a ignorant troll you’ve been.

    • Richard Seese

      Did you post just to troll, or did you not actually read the article at all? Actually, you don’t even need to read it, just look at the picture.

  • EmmanuelKShannon

    You now what I don’t freaking care! Yes pc happens to really have some great games that I’d really like to play, I can honestly care less about graphics as long as they aren’t so bad that it just takes away from the game. I honestly do wish I could play games on my computer but even though I have money to buy a gaming computer I know next to nothing about computers from what I’ve seen with friends the people who are avid pc gamers are usually good with computers. Other then that when I can get a gaming comp that will play new games without needing updating, re-specs, etc to play a game and is around $500 then maybe I’ll think about it. Until then I’ll continue trying to convince my friend to build me one.

    • Tech junkie

      Alpha. It can be upgraded and out performs the big 2 consoles on nearly every multiplat.
      It’s complete idiot proof too. Just fire it up. But you can also do a lot with it if your are computer savy

    • EmmanuelKShannon

      Before I got my degree in Physical Therapy I had a degree in Medical Coding, don’t consider myself computer savy and I’m too lazy to upgrade something just so I can play games on it but I’m no idiot.

    • Tech junkie

      I didn’t say you were an idiot. I said it was idiot proof. It’s plug and play. Not high end. But it performs well.

    • Fleetwood

      –“rather spend my time sparring with my friends and doing other things then fixing a comp to run at a high level just for a game”

      Yea like we spend hours and weekends just fidgeting with the computer and rarely share our time amongst with other humans. Seriously, its just a hobby to most Enthusiasts and its just like any activity you do. If you spend some time to learn something new, over time it becomes familiar and simple to do.

      Speaking for myself, generally I hate sitting around doing nothing (especially watching TV). So I have all internet/local media to view/stream on my TV, learn/became my own car mechanic, build computers for people as they ask, ..etc.

    • EmmanuelKShannon

      Yeah and for me computers is just something I’m not too passionate about I know enough to properly protect my computer etc other then that It’s just not me.

    • Problem is that your console is tied to a locked down system. Its not like an old SNES or N64 or PlayStation 2 you can just plug it in and play. When they shut off support for the Xbox one and PS4 a lot of games won’t be playable. And their DLC will be impossible to get.

    • EmmanuelKShannon

      Yea that will definitely suck, price I pay I guess.

    • That’s true for most PC games tied to online DRM as well like Origin, Uplay or Steam.

      But at least they usually give you the data offline to crack and unlock if you want. Its technically breaking the EULA and its usually only done by pirated, but in theory it can still be used if certain DRM ever dies. Thankfully the ONLY time this has been relevant was with the death of Relic Entertainment, but they were nice enough to let their online stuff pass onto Steam’s service so you can still play Dawn of War online via there.

    • Mattroski

      Torrents FTW

  • Richard Seese

    One of the leading contributions to PC gaming sales growth is undoubtedly YouTube. Gaming is a very lucrative and plentiful source of entertainment on YouTube from PewDiePie to Rooster Teeth to the endless list of Minecraft video content creators. The PC is going to be a round a lot longer than tablet designers think they will be.


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  • Zed Clampet

    I’ve always gamed on PC, but I’m not the “master race”. I can take a medium strength PC and be perfectly happy getting my 30 fps.

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