Pete Hines Talks About Frame Rate Drops In Fallout 4 On PS4

Some users have reported the framerate drops to zero.

Posted By | On 11th, Nov. 2015 Under News

Fallout 4

The leadup to the launch of Fallout 4 was basically good news and good feelings all the way. Since the game has launched, the waters have gotten a bit choppier for Bethesda and Pete Hines. Some users have been taken aback at how long the game takes to install, though the company had a reasonable response to that, saying the long install time had to do with its open world nature.

A potential bigger issue has surfaced thanks in large part to comments Hines made during the leadup to the launch where he said the game was running at a solid 30fps. There have been a number of users who have gone directly to Hines in order to ask why people are seeing frame rate drops all the way to zero in some cases. At first, Hines responded on Twitter that it wasn’t really an issue and that people were blowing one case out of proportion.

When he was challenged more, Hines began adding qualifiers, such as the fact that he had actually said “as a general rule,” rather than making a promise. One user even showed the Bethesda exec a video where the framerate dropped. To this he appeared to take the approach that he didn’t see what others were seeing asking the user, “did you actually watch the video you’re pointing to?” On the one hand, guys like Pete Hines are very active on social media and that is going to lead to some pretty unwarranted attacks on them when access is unfettered and that can be tiring. On the other, if Fallout 4 is having serious frame rate issues, belittling those who are reporting it isn’t going to help Bethesda’s case.

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  • Gamez Rule

    Would like to point out that the ‘macro-stutter’ happens on Xbone and not PS4, and the frame-rate drop to ‘0 fps’ is also on Xbone and not PS4.

    For a way around this until a fix is to use an SSD for Xbone game data. It’s a storage bottleneck on the Microsoft platform which has already been announced.

    • Rhodri

      Actually the ps4 and xbox one both have the same speed stock hard drives so Bethesda messed up somewhere.

    • Gamez Rule

      Even so the fact is that PS4 doesn’t suffer with the micro stutter or *0* fps drops it’s only Xbone that applies too.

    • Rhodri

      That’s not the point. You said it was a storage bottleneck. Wouldn’t it be the same for the ps4 if it was?

    • Gamez Rule

      Nope not at all. It’s to do with Xbones game’s background streaming technology from the HDD. ” PS4 and Xbox One both feature 500GB 5400rpm hard drives, and the Sony console has no similar problem”

  • DarkSeptember

    Gamingbolt really needs to change this headline , as the frame rate drops to zero is on the Xbox One version NOT the PS4 version , the stuttering also applies the X1 version.

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