Phil Spencer Says He Wants To Give Gamers The Choice To Play How They Want

We’ll have to wait and see what actions follow up these words.

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It’s not a shock that Phil Spencer and Microsoft were selling the integration between the Xbox One and the upcoming Windows 10 at this year’s E3. While it may not be a surprise, it’s still interesting to see just how interested Spencer is in giving gamers the ability to have more choice about how they play their favorite games, where they play their favorite games and when they play their favorite games.

Sitting down with Giant Bomb at this year’s E3, Spencer laid out his interest in being able to more easily play games on the PC as well as the Xbox One. He said that he wants to be able to let people play games where they want to play them and that he wants to give them “a choice.”

“There’s this kind of back channel frankly I don’t really subscribe to of you need to keep people from playing in certain places, somehow that’s the answer… I want to give people choice and with Xbox I want it to be the best TV gaming experience you can have but frankly if I’m not on my TV and I’m on my laptop, and want to play Killer Instinct, I want to play Gears, I want to play Fable, I should be able to do that and not try to force people to buy something by excluding their choice.” He said in the interview.

These comments come hot on the heels of an earlier near apology from Spencer about how he felt Microsoft had lost its way when it came to PC gaming. It appears he feels as though the company is starting to find its footing in this regard. Check out the video for all of his comments. It’s rather long and his interview starts at the 3:06:00 mark.

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  • *Also On PC

    Just give up on xbone and say “PC is the master race”. It’s obvious neither console will ever hit 60FPS. Get those xbutts to a platform that can actually do 60FPS and watch Sony shrink away like old clothing in the washing machine (Sony shills you wouldn’t know how to do washing other than handing it over to your mom and screaming for more dew, anyway)

    • One The One


    • *Also On PC

      Consoles are dead. He should be a hero and kill them. Get rid of the cancer that is Sony as well since their 30FPS Garbagebox will never be able to keep up with PC

  • Devon Day

    Another solid reason why Spencer was the right choice. He understands what gamers want and how to communicate with them. A great demeanor and showmanship also doesn’t hurt either.

    Giving gamers more options is what every head of every platform should be doing of capable. Since Spencer also has Microsoft’s OS backing him for PC gamers, his options for gamers are off the charts. This isn’t to say Yoshida-San hasn’t done an excellent job either. Righting the ship from 2009 for Sony all together is a massive achievement in itself; Sony giving him the keys to the PlayStation division all togoether to let him do whatever he wants. It is just that Phil corrected the mistakes of the disaster of the One initially that should help the One become a success story in the end; Yoshida-San doing the same with the PS3.

    • Mark

      Agreed man, his decisions have just only barely begun to have some impact. 2 years from now the X1 will be in amazing shape from first party games to features, because of this guy…..

    • XbotMK1

      Huh, not exactly. Phil Spencer does understand what gamers want. He understands that gamers want a PS4. Phil Spencer and Don Mattrick have allways known what gamers wanted. The problem is they just didn’t really care until they started losing. That is the truth. They’ve only been backtracking and mimicing the PS4. Phil Spencer doesn’t deserve praise just because they unbundled a peripheral and had fire sales.

      Enough Phil Spencer buttkissing. He’s lied and misslead gamers many times. Phil Spencer never turned Xbox around. They could’ve replaced Don Mattrick with a monkey and Xbox would’ve changed.

      Once you hit rock bottom, the only way left over is up.

    • *Also On PC

      Wrong. Gamers want PC. Not the POS4. That’s why every game announced at the Sony and MS conferences is coming to PC.

      Face it John Derp, you lost. POS4 still has no games and PC is the platform of choice for the gamer.

    • Devon Day

      Ken Kutaragi and Reggie Fiis Amiie have caused similar incidents. Ken stating that people should work more for a new console and Fine Amiie addressing gamers as if we have down syndrome for not selecting a console that was a myraid of issues upon launch.

      As I stated, for what Mattrick tried to do to the Xbox Division, Phil brought the division back from an absolute meltdown. Does that give Microsoft a free pass? No, but Spencer has helped Microsoft to get back in better standing than what it could have been if Microsoft stayed course.

  • archfiendx

    Gamers already have a choice Phil Spencer. They can already play on PC. Nobody “needs” Windows 10. It’s called PS4, or Steam, or Wii U, or Xbox One, or all.

    Microsoft’s goal is not to give choice. The truth is Microsoft’s goal is to take away the choice of being able to choose other platforms. For example, that is why Forza is still being made.

    People see through your PR spins Phil Spencer.

    • *Also On PC

      No one needs POS4 either loser. PC is the only platform needed.

      People can see through your shilling, Sony peasant.

    • You’re very ignorant and I don’t think you understood where he was coming from.

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