Phil Spencer: ‘We Absolutely Care’ About Fans Who Have Invested In An Xbox One

Spencer assures that they are committed to the Xbox One user base.

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There is a lot of frustration within some players of the Xbox One community. They have seen one exclusive Xbox franchise after another planned for a release on Windows 10. This has apparently made some Xbox One owners uncertain about the future of the console. But according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer they absolutely care about their Xbox fan base.

“We absolutely care,” he said to IGN. “When somebody makes invests into their Xbox One and they make that the center of console gaming experience we have the commitment to make those people feel great about their investment into their console and continue to feel great about it. Absolutely, I care. We actually think there is kind of a fundamental difference between the gaming experience on the PC and a gaming experience on the television. And there are certain either people or time that you decide I want to play in front of my television, I want Xbox One to be the absolutely best console experience we can create. We are committed to that today and we will be committed to that for many years. ”

It will be interesting to see what kind of strategy Microsoft will implement for Xbox One owners. At this point every major Xbox One exclusive is set to released on Windows 10. May be, Microsoft will provide some benefits to Xbox One players such as the pre-order deal for Quantum Break.

We will keep you updated as this unfolds.

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  • Doggystyle

    He’s just blowing smoke.

    • Michael

      At least they support their other platform. Unlike sony who lied about Vita support.

    • Michael Norris

      Yea Sony didn’t care about Vita such a nice piece of tech when it was new and Sony lets it die. Here’s the thing about MS these Xbox exclusive titles wouldn’t be on Pc if the Xone had the install base of Ps4. MS would be happy with 40+ million users and the Pc folks would had got left out in the cold this gen as well.

    • Jugo94

      But they still would be happier sharing the games on both even if they had the same install base. Even if the xbox one had a 60 million install base right now sharing it with millions more would still be a plus business wise.

    • Mark

      Bang. Of course they want a bigger audience, for themselves, and, developers to attract to their platforms!

    • Mr Xrat

      The Vita has more and better games than the Xbone does. 🙂

    • efnet

      And how many of thoes great games you have? Lol

    • Truth™

      Ruggarell going completely delusional and trying to shill the Vita. The console that was BTFO by the 3DS before it even released.

      Pathetic even by your trash anime list, fam 🙂

    • Mark

      Lmao! Ruggarell! But seriously dude I’m black and the watermelon…that sh*t’s uncalled for lol, c’mon

    • Jugo94

      I’d believe that if they weren’t doing things like monthly updates based on fan feedback, free BC, monthly free games and still making new games for Xbox.

    • Cenk Algu

      Why Ponnies why so jealous?

    • Mr Xrat

      Jealous? Everyone is pleased the Xbox brand is done for. 🙂

    • Cenk Algu

      Xbox is dead only in a Pony dream.

    • Mark


    • Truth™

      PC gamers are happy. Because the Playstation is next and Sonyscum will be forever mad that all the Sony games will be ported to PC and Nintendo beat them like Nintendo has always done 🙂

  • Brian

    keep up the great work MS!

  • Mark

    People really need to read what Phil just said recently about this whole Win10/Xbox unification thing…Xbox gamers aren’t losing anything… they’re gaining more new ip and sequels. *sigh

    • theduckofdeath

      The hope is for a mass of exclusives to make the XB1 more of an attractive buy, over time. The hope is fueled by the need for bragging rights. Those guys don’t want to see superior versions of console exclusives on PC, or given Sony fanboys the ability to dismiss Microsoft exclusives they will never buy (on XB1 or PC).

      Anyone who doesn’t play on PC isn’t going to suddenly build a gaming PC for these games. An XB1 will be a cheaper option.

    • Mark

      My thoughts too. I really think NeoGaf is behind this talking point. I remember seeing their comments last year trying to get Xbox owners to absorb it and regurgitate it…but whatever I don’t care. I just sit back and watch people get over-emotional about videogames, oh well. I still respect and care about people tho, life is precious and short.

  • HisDivineOrder

    Not sure how having a game on PC as well as a console makes the console game worth less. Some people game on PC. Some game on consoles. There’s little overlap.

    • theduckofdeath

      The only potential sales lost are from people with a PS4 and a gaming PC.

      One could argue that if you own an XB1 and a gaming PC (like myself), the XB1’s usefulness is now diminished. I see it differently — consoles ALWAYS fall behind PC’s, only this gen they launched behind. PC always bail me out of aging consoles, and this time 1st party games are coming, too.

  • Riggybro

    “We absolutely care [about you not cancelling your Xbox live subscription]”

  • Mr Xrat

    Sure you have, Phil. It’s OK, Satya gave you your orders and now you’re sunsetting the Xbox brand. We understand. 🙂

    • Truth™

      And the end of consoles is upon us since now Microsoft are giving free reign for Samsung and LG to kill the last part of Sony’s business they haven’t managed to yet since all they have to do is produce a box that plays COD better. No one buys POS4 for it’s dismal exclusives (Unlike Nintendo consoles)

      PC Gaming always wins, baby. Your tears will be so nourishing when Sony is forced out of the market 🙂

  • Gamez Rule
  • Cam Davies

    In Phil’s defence, I actually had an issue with the controllers breaking on me. Went through the standard support channels and wasn’t getting much in the way of a solution except to send off my broken controller at my own expense and be without one while it was repaired or replaced. I ended up tracking down and emailing Phil directly. Within a day I was contacted by someone at their headquarters and they sent me out a new controller no questions asked. they even paid the return shipping for the broken controllers (there were 2 that broke in the exact same way) for testing. I was kept informed on the testing process and results. It’s unfortunate I had to escalate to Phil but once I did I was very satified with the results and the attention given to the issue.

    • Mark

      Thats actually pretty cool. Good stuff


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