Phil Spencer: Xbox Scorpio Hasn’t Overshadowed Xbox One S, Talks About Apps, And More

Spencer’s moment of triumph.

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The Xbox One S’s launch has been a major success, and the console has gone on to sell out, appearing for ridiculously inflated prices on auction sites like eBay, as scalpers try to make a quick buck. This actually comes as a shock to a lot of people, as many would argue that the Xbox One S had everything stacked against it from the beginning- it was announced, and shortly afterwards, arguably made obsolete by the announcement of an even more powerful, better Xbox, the Scorpio, which is coming next year, at the same conference. It is the revision to a console that has not managed to sell a whole lot so far. And many would argue that Microsoft’s Xbox Anywhere initiative, also announced at E3, robs customers of any incentive to invest in Xbox hardware, since there are no true Xbox exclusives left any more.

However, none of those arguments apparently hold water- the Xbox one S is out, and it is doing very well. Speaking on Twitter, Spencer thanked everyone who had made it a success, adding that he views it as a vindication of Microsoft’s decision to be open about their plans for upcoming hardware, and letting customers make an informed choice either way.

Spencer also took the opportunity to answer some other questions regarding Xbox and the UWP platform that many have had- for instance, he noted that while the Xbox 360 may now have been discontinued, servers for its games will continue to stay up for years, especially since backwards compatibility on Xbox One continues to keep the Xbox 360 relevant. He also noted that he would love to see iTunes music play on Xbox One, but that that was contingent on Apple getting it to work.

Finally, he noted that Microsoft were working on keeping Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio compatible with all TV brands, which is significant because as of right now, there don’t seem to be any universal standards for the formats- it’s early days for them, which means they sort of resemble the wild west for now. Microsoft’s aim is to have their consoles work on all TVs. He also noted that opening up the UWP platform to developers has worked, and contributes to the Xbox community.

On the whole, I think Spencer has reason to be happy now- his gambit and his strategies finally appear to be paying off, and the success of the Xbox One S is something he can point at to rove to naysayers and detractors that he knows what he is doing. Here’s hoping for many more victories for and from him, going forward.

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  • Doggystyle

    LOL. Hey Phil, wow, that’s some great news. So when are we gonna see those awesome sales numbers for the Xbox One S?

    • kee1haul

      Same day Sony make a profit.

    • Fweds

      You still at it !, time you moved on isn’t it ?.

    • Troy Marcel

      he will never move on, her had no life.

    • Tomaterrrx

      He needs a new hobby. Maybe even a job.

    • Doggystyle

      And you came here to say what exactly? No, seriously. What if I wasn’t here. What would have been you’re thoughts on this article? How would you have participated in this Xbox circle jerk?

    • Nintengods

      When’s $ony going to move off their Uncharted, Gran Turismo and Killzone rehashes? Or desperately trying to parade a Ubi-soft clone as their next big thing?

      $ony is just the same as M$. Different color. Same cancer.

    • Michael

      Maybe sony can get a loan from Microsoft so they can do something similar….lol Stop hating, pony.

    • Tomaterrrx

      You forgot to tell all your bumbuddies to upvote your comment, fanboy.

    • Doggystyle

      Bum buddies? What’s that? Is that something you do with your friends? Share your bums? Is that a British thing or something?

    • jp

      I see you got nothing to play on your console, still waiting for GT, God Of War or Death Stranding, or maybe even the Crash remaster? you are so lame.

    • Doggystyle

      Wow.You sure know what’s coming out on PS4. That’s very telling.

  • red2k

    I never buy the SOLDOUT crap. Sony start it putting on the market a limited amount of PSVR and then they tell to the people that was a success, now Microsoft is doing the same….. The reality is in term of sales XB1S can’t compete with PS4, Scorpio, NX, PC or PSNEO it’s a waste of money and the sales are going to drop very easily.

    • kma99

      Thanks for your infinite wisdom oh powerful one

    • Mark


    • Samuel Sanchez

      Lol waste of money it’s the cheapest 4K player on the market. It’s not competing with Xbox one its replacing it in the market. And obviously your can’t compete nonsense is wrong it’s selling a lot more.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    Question is, has the Xbox One S overshadowed the Xbox One? What exactly is the place for the Xbox One at this point? Will it already be relegated to Xbox 360 status? I’ll deal with what the Scorpio may overshadow when its time comes.

    • LDS

      Original BX is
      1. now cheaper than S
      2. more quiet than S
      3. bigger than S (for those who prefer to have a bigger system)
      4. Game loading is still faster on elite model due to sshd.
      5. Black color theme is only available on old model

    • NimbleNavi

      If you can play all your games on either console does being overshadowed matter?

  • Riggybro

    Hi I’m here for the 2016 economists convention.
    We were discussing the financial merits of two multinational electronics manufacturers…

  • The truth-ier

    i object to the idiotic statement of the X1 not selling well, because it is selling at a faster pace then the ps3 and Xbox 360, when is that considered not selling well? Yes the PS4 is killing it, but for one to be successful doesnt mean the writers of these articles have to pervert reality and make stupid comments.

    • chaz

      Yes, we all know the PS3’s first few years on the market are a model of high sales, so beating those is naturally a major accomplishment.

  • Terminator
  • Mr Xrat

    Hard to overshadow something incomplete that isn’t turning up for 15 months. Poor Xgimps and their suffering.

    • Fay_Z

      i think you worry about the gay neo getting whooped in 15 months

    • Mr Xrat

      You got a long-ass wait. I feel sorry for you. 🙂

  • crizz1066

    LOL only released in quite small numbers to suppliers, to make sure they sell out!!! How can this slighlty improved X! VCr overshadow something which is still just a load of smoke and mirrors, no solid hard facts.
    But those fools still left with X1 will swallow just about anything M$ spin to them.

    • bardock5151

      I bet you’re one of those who believed Microsoft was artificially restricting Elite controller stock, meanwhile it’s sold over a million and that’s just a $200 peripheral. You and yours will be wrong again.

    • crizz1066

      Yep you’re right about one thing, m$ certainly know how to fleece money from their customers. Luckily m$ home ground is America, not much critical thinking over their and will waste money on something, which can might slight difference to play for average gamer.

    • bardock5151

      Here you are trying to make fun of another nationality, by way of saying they lack the ability to think clearly, yet you lack the most basic understanding of the English language.
      There, not their. “which can might slight” are you trying to rap?

      My original point stands.

    • crizz1066

      Lol a spelling mistake due to typing fast fast, that’s all you’ve got. Truly pathetic.

      What point? You accused me of something you’d have no knowledge of. Was that ya point?

      I stand by my point most Americans believe what they’re told and don’t question it. I also stand by the point the Elite will make little difference to an average player.

    • bardock5151

      “Typing fast fast. Ya point.”

      My point was people like you all banded together, and told yourselves Microsoft was artificially restricting stock of the elite controller. That was in every way, a false assumption.

      Your “points” have no basis in fact. You say Americans believe what they’re told, whereas I’m pretty certain that’s not a trait specific to the US.
      Whether you want to admit it or not, the elite controller will have an impact on the users performance. Either due to the paddles, the shortened throw of the triggers, adjustable sticks etc. How much difference it makes is up to each individual, not you. Since you have no experience on the matter, your opinion is invalid.

      My point stands, you and your lot will eat your words yet again.

    • crizz1066

      Lol OK whatever. Yep we all get together and plan these comments!!
      I guess your taking from ur life and extrapolating it to others!
      I’ve never eaten my words so good luck with making me do it again.

  • ambleThought

    Since M$ does not provide sales data, who can say what the numbers really are? Maybe 200,00 units sold out, maybe 500.00? M$, stop being so paranoid.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Even if they release numbers, I doubt that you would have an understanding of what they mean considering the weird way you understand number notations.


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