Platform Wars: PC versus Consoles

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The biggest dilemma for gamers all around the world is that which platforms they should consider for their games. With a ton of games going multiplatform, a video gamer is forced to think which platform he/she should pick the game for. The decision becomes even more difficult when a gamer has both: an amazing rig or an Xbox 360. With the help of this infographic we settle the matter once and for all.

Check out the infographic below, courtesy of our friends at the Renters Insurance Blog

Source: Renters Insurance Blog

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  • Bob

    Yup, consoles are the best. That’s why Microsoft dumped it’s cross platform Xbox/PC gaming setup. Mediocre console gamers would consistently clean the clock of the best PC gamers.

    Oops, got that backwards…it was the mediocre PC gamers cleaning the clocks of the best console gamers. My bad. So much for those ‘innovative’ controls, huh?

  • Such a bullshit write up

  • They have motion controllers for the PC, their called mice, and they came about long before the wii. You can even connect a wii controller to your PC if you really want to(addmittedly not a ton of games natively support it)

    You can hook up most modern PCs to a big screen and sit on your sofa just fine with a wireless mouse/keyboard.

    The tweaks you complain about are both a blessing and a curse. Imagine you could play PS3 games on the Ps2 if you turned down the graphics… Thats what those “tweaks” can do for ya.

    Initial costs…. I bought my PC when the Ps2 was out, I still have the same PC, it still runs most modern games(starcraft 2, newer FPS(addmittenly not on highest settings) but if you compare the 700 or so I spend on a pc, to what a console gamer spend for a Ps2 + 10 or so games and a Ps3 + 10 or so games to a PC with 20 or so games, the gap would close fast. No to mention all the NON gaming stuff you do with a PC.

  • So… they make a point of establishing that console games are much much more expensive than PC games… then use the combined sale of all console games as a final basis for console games being ‘better’?

    I declare shenanigans!

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  • so many questionable items in this picture

  • Baz

    If you have money you are a PC gamer AND a console gamer and would prefer to play RTS/MMO/FPS titles on a PC and ACTION/SPORTS games on your console. If you’re poor, you are a console gamer.

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  • This made me realize that corporations are increasingly using product placement in blockbuster movies.

  • Every point is bullshit. Better gameplay because of a SOFA? What the fuck are you talking about?

    And learn the difference between its and it’s.

  • PC’s are more advanced and it will most likely remain that way until apple begins making overpowered and overPRICED consoles available to the masses. It is all a part of their bigger plan of taking over the universe, one iPerson at a time.

  • I like good games; I couldn’t care less about the platform.

  • Just buy both and be happy 🙂 They are both good.

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