PlayStation Now’s European Launch May Be Coming Soon

European players can now have the privilege of paying for games they already own again!

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The European launch of PlayStation Now, Sony’s Gaikai powered cloud streaming service for PlayStation 3 games on the PS4 (as well as PS3, PS Vita, and some other devices) has so far only been available in North American territories, as well as the UK- but now, it may be launching in mainland Europe.

Dutch and Belgium PS4 owners are reporting that Sony is pushing a ‘Playstation Now’ banner on the PS4 dashboard, which grants access to a PS Now trial of 7 days- upon completion of which Sony is apparently charging €16.99 a month for the service. Apparently, the app itself is already available to download, too- it’s just that there seem to be no PS3 games on it.

Sony have of course committed to multiple game streaming solutions this generation- Remote Play, SharePlay, and PS Now are all their various pushes into a streaming focused future for gaming- PS Now is the most significant one of these, of course, since it acts as a partial backwards compatibility solution for the PS4, which otherwise has no ability to run PS1, PS2, or PS3 games natively.

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  • Cypher-Unknown

    “European players can now have the privilege of paying for games they already own again!”

    It’s not at all surprising that an antagonistic, clickbait site like Gamingbolt would make such a moronic comnent.

    Is there any evidence that the people using this service already own the games that they are streaming? Would it be beyond the realms of possibilty that users are actually playing games that they haven’t played before or no longer own?

    You might as well say that Netflix are charging users to watch films they already own should those users have a couple of the films offered by Netflix already sat on their shelves.

    • Cigi

      No sorry but the comparison with Netflix is not correct.

      The problem is you can not play your old ps3 games on ps4, so even though you own the game you have to rent it to play again.

      On xbox you just put your disc in and play… Where again did I see this before oh yeah the DRM cheap shot from Sony.

      Sony is f@ you in the but and you know it. You get to pay and get the extra benefit of lag

    • Cypher-Unknown

      The argument that is always thrown around is that Sony are charging you to play games you already own, which is nonsense.

      If you want to play your PS3 games, play them on your PS3. Sony are not preventing you from doing this and they won’t charge you to do do.

      Want to play PS3 games on your PS4? Then use Playstation Now. If you chose to play the games you already own, whose fault is that? Is it the fault of Netflix if you stream films you already own?

      You make the mistake if thinking Playstation Now is a backward compatibilty service, when it is no such thing.

    • The service is clearly more focused towards players who missed the titles. If you already own a PS1-3 then you can just launch up those games and off you go. I’d wish however that you could trade in your physical copy to get access to the digital version to make it fair for you who already own the discs.

      I’m not saying they are doing it the right thing, but I still think you are whining about something trivial here. Frankly backwards compatibility is bullshit and is hindering the push towards better modern games.

      If you want to play old games, then play them on their native systems. Complaining about it on a gaming site comment section won’t change anything. Make a petition or start a wave if you actually want to make a change.

      Frankly, again, why do you even want to?

      Everyone I know who launches up these old titles play for 1-2 hours then say… well, that wasn’t nearly as good as I remembered it as. Derp 🙂


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