Playstation Phone (Xperia Play) Price Revealed

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Sony Ericsson has kicked off a contest to promote their new Playstation Phone, Xperia Play in some European Countries and it has resulted in the device’s price being revealed.

The contest has 10 Xperia Play phones up for grab. The contest page values the total amount to be 4999,00 € which means one unit is priced around 499,00 €.

This means the phone will cost roughly $400.

Pretty decent for such a high-level phone. What do you think?

Also, you can be sure that the NGP will be priced higher than this.


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  • dh4645

    seems ok, but it all depends on the support from developers and some awesome games. i’m sure it’ll be less with a contract with AT&T, Verizon, etc here in the US. i dont think i can get a free/reduced price phone for another year, so i’ll just hold onto my current phone until then. i’m sure they’ll be version 2 on the xperia play by then if it does well.

  • Ehm… Where do you get the $400,- pricetag from?
    As €499,- equals about $676,51

  • aquaman22

    I hope that price is the RETAIL price without a plan because if that’s with a plan Sony, is losing their minds. Iphone 4 is only 199.99 and it is the BEST phone out on the market right now. Also if the NGP will be priced higher than I see this device doom from the gecko. Sony needs to learn their lesson from the ps3 launch! freaking 600.00 for a ps3!!? that was ridiculous! C’mon Sony dont disappoint me man! Aqua Out

    • dh4645

      The $199.99 for the iphone 4 is with a 2 year contract. phones without contracts obviously/usually sell for a lot higher. that’s just how it is.

    • hahahahahahah you typed “Also if the NGP will be priced higher than i see this device doom from the gecko” that was a fail of a sentence. I guess theres no Gecko’s for the NGP or the Xperia play.

      I really hope somebody else understands why I think that sentence is hilarious.

    • dh4645

      i don’t get why, but i dont understand many of aquaman22’s comments. most are all just big run on sentences. seems to be typing a ton of nonsense just to have a post to get the killzone 3 points. so why is this funny?

    • I get why. LOL. Get go, not gecko. ha. Fail at sentencing.

    • “Also if the NGP will be priced higher than i see this device doom from the Gecko”

      You really dont see why that sentence is funny?
      His grammar is terrible, first of all it should have been “Doomed from the Get Go” not “Doom From the Gecko”.
      The way he typed it makes it sound like theres a magical Gecko who spreads Doom around, and somehow that Gecko is in relations with the NGP or Xperia Play.
      That my friend is why I found it hilarious.

    • Android is the best. Iphone dosnt even support flash. And android being open source blows the iphone out of the water

    • aquaman22

      I know is with a plan, that’s why i said i hope that 400.00 is the RETAIL price DH RETAIL price. that means that its just the phone alone without contracts. Hell the iphone alone without any contract is like 599 and 499 respectively. I think this has failure all over it. they’re just a bit too late i think. Sony should just stick to the handheld and the ps3. Aqua Out!!!


    I think they will eventually have some sort of buy 1 get 1 free deal or something

  • Thatruth86

    hmm see Europe always gets the good stuff lol.. i think the system would be more like ipod type games with a dpad n what not but nothing like the NGP hopefully they wont release them nearly at the same time .. other then that the price looks reasonable we’ll just have to see what it all brings.

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  • terrible. when iphone is only half that? fucking terrible.

    • iphone is not half that, its subsidised so u pay 200 and u HAVE to go in a 2yr contract, you can also get phones for ‘free’ but end up paying hundreds for the contract, the unsubsidised price is 600-700

  • lukepc92

    at that price i think il wait a while til they have the bugs worked out of it i dnt want to pay 400 for sumthin thats going to give me hassle

  • Of course GamingBolt would try to make a sensationalist headline out of this. The $400 is the retail price for it without it being tied down to a carrier such as Verizon. The price will be sure to go down if you sing a contract with a carrier to get the phone. As for the NGP being priced higher then that, it’s once again this site trying to get hits. There is no way in hell Sony will sell the NGP for $400 considering the 3DS will be $250. This isn’t going to be a repeat of the PSPGo and PS3. Stop misleading people GamingBolt and make some actual educated guesses instead of pulling things from your collective asses.

  • jc

    the NGP will most likely be less than that.

    • dh4645

      it better be less than that $250 would be ideal, any more than that and i wont be getting one

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  • Thatruth86

    You guys are right about having a carrier with the price but have to understand this is not an ngp so dnt compare it to it with price since ones a phone mostly .. As for ngp better being less then the 3ds no i dnt think soo just think about it

  • The more I read this, the more it seems to me that the author is speculating. Of course said could be accurate but I don’t think I should a person with poor grammar and really, “Expect NGP to be higher” really?

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  • This is actually quite cheap for been a phone and gaming device all in one. Best of all it uses google Android OS which can play any existing apps and games from Android store

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  • can anyone please finalise me da price of xperia play?


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