Project CARS Developer Clarifies The 30-40% DirectX 12 Boost Is Only for PC Version

The Xbox One will get a boost closer to 7%.

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Earlier this week, we reported to you that Slightly Mad Studios’ Ian Bell had made a statement to the effect that Microsoft’s DirectX 12 will lead to a performance gain of 30-40%. Since DirectX 12 is also coming to the Xbox One, and since this comment was posted in a thread discussing the performance of the Xbox, there were many who concluded that that was the kind of performance gain Xbox One owners could expect once DirectX 12 went live.

However, Bell has now clarified his comments, and confirmed that the 30-40% boost is only for the PC; the Xbox One can expect to see a performance gain closer to 7% (or maybe a little bit more). It’s still a performance net gain, but not the substantial one that many were expecting or hoping for.

Bell also confirmed that Slightly Mad Studios is hard at work on a DirectX 12 patch for Project CARS, that it hopes to ship later this year.

Stay tuned for more coverage.

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  • Starman

    No xb1 owner eve thought it was xb1 , we knew what he was talking about . The only ppl that need to be informed of this are Sony fanboys…..
    And FYI DX12 may be 7 % boost in one area…that dev doesn’t know the full potential of what dx12 will bring to XB1 or the PC.

    Dx12 will boost in several different areas of development…

    • Psionicinversion

      Actually they did think it was for xbox. Also had some idiot on a you tube channel saying pc will get a 300-600% boost because he saw one of them dx12 slides bloody idiot.

    • Mark

      NextGen’s video was straight up disgusting, I had to skip it. I think it was the one he mentioned HBM & 5 TF Gpu in the X1…..I think his Xbox fans were turned off with that one.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah source, Grametral… there source MisterXmedia, wish i didnt bother to watch it

    • Katana Man

      Building a gaming pc from second hand ebay parts worked for me. Why spend money on something that’s sub standard.

    • Michael Norris

      Stop the damage control you know damn well DX12 won’t do much for Xone like you and your Xbox drones said.

    • Michael Norris

      LOLOLOL bullshit stop being a moron.I saw the PCars forum most Xbox owners thought it was for Xone because it was on the Xbox forum.Stop the damage control you were wrong about DX12 being a game changer for Xone just admit you are wrong.

    • Katana Man

      Why support an inferior console? Ps4 is superior. Games play better on ps4. Better frame rate, better rez, more effects on screen at once. Gta5 is a casing point on ps4. Xbone had to remove grass and trees and rez just to get a playable frame rate.

  • Gamez Rule

    As Ian Bell said, this 30-40% was for the PC version of Project CARS (in DX12 mode). Console gamers should expect a 7% (or slightly more) performance boost from DX12.

    People seem to forget that some DX12 features are already being used in Xbone while public PCs arn’t using any DX12 features as of yet in gaming, hence why there is an approx- 40% increase for PC and 7% for Xbone.The main proposition of DX12 is that it will reduce driver overhead for PC game development and achieve console level API efficiency. Simple as that really.

    People have stated time and time again … consoles are already efficient and as “close to metal” as you can get. That is why DX12 will not make much difference for Xbone but much more for PCs in the long run.

  • Michael Norris

    Ha i knew it! everyone said because it was on a Xbox forum it has to be the Xbox one.DX12 is the Xbox one API,i just wish people would stop being sheep.I respect that fact Phil Spencer said that improvements will be slim to none.It’s just you have Xbot’s that think that MS can transform a 1.34TF gpu and a tablet like CPU into a 7950/FX8350.Personally MS has made huge improvements to the Xone.It performs much better than it did at launch.


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