Project CARS Using 7th Core of Xbox One’s CPU To Offload Tasks, Game Utilizing AMD’s EQAA

Some technical details on the upcoming racer.

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Respected tech analysts Digital Foundry recently published their findings on an early build of Project CARS. Unfortunately, Digital Foundry had to take down their video analysis since the build wasn’t meant to be used for tech analysis. This prompted a developer from Slightly Mad Studios to comment on the article and reveal some interesting tidbits on how the game is shaping up on the consoles.

First of all the game will be utilizing 8X Anisotropic filtering on both the PS4 and Xbox One which will improve the image quality. The game will also utilize motion blur although it will be comparable to the medium setting on the PC. The developer also revealed that the final build will have significantly improved frame pacing and the general feeling of smoothness especially when cornering.

The game on the Xbox One will be utilizing AMD’s EQAA (Enhanced Quality Anti Aliasing) with 8 fragments and 4 samples, which is equivalent to MSAA 4x on PC.

As previously reported by GamingBolt, Microsoft freed up an extra CPU core that developers can use. Previously, 6 of the 8 CPU cores were available for the developers but now they can use the 7th CPU core. Slightly Mad Studios are using this to offload other stuff such as audio mixing, engine sound synthesis and detailed grass generation onto this core, fixing this problem of becoming CPU limited.

And finally, expensive cube-map method for reflections which lead to inconsistent frame rate have been replaced by SSR (screen space refelections). Project CARS launches next month on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Comments section of EuroGamer.

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  • Triton

    Digital Foundry had to do it, how else would they be able to fill their weekly quota of Xbox One hate.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      The reason why Xbox One receives so much hate is because of all of Microsoft’s lies, backtracking, and copying the PS4. Xbox One also holds back PC and the PS4 because Xbox One uses a proprietary API. Xbox One was designed to hold everyone to ransom, just like the Xbox Live paywall that held apps for ransom and offerred nothing in return.

      If you support Microsoft’s business practices, you have serious mental problems.

    • Zarbor

      Anybody that hates MS, Sony or Nintendo are idiots and need to get a life.

    • XanderZane41

      You obviously the one with the mental problem. lol!! Sony copied more features and controllers from Nintendo, Microsoft and SEGA systems, that it’s not even funny. They’ve have lied to everyone more then any other game company on the planet. I’m not saying M$ didn’t lie about a few things and backtrack because they did, but Sony did all of that many, many times in the past. Give you B/C and Linux support and then take it away. Tells gamers that games will run at 120fps on the PS3 and it can barely run games over 30fps. Tells games they will never have to pay a fee to play online and then gives you PSPlus and PSNow where you have to pay for both. LOL!! What a joke. So give it a rest troll.

    • craig

      BC and linux was taken away for security because of a hacking exploit.

    • simmons007

      Agreed… Sony copied the whole console online from Xbox Live in the first place. Most things Microsoft did they r redeeming themselves for and after this year’s E3 you’ll see what I mean even more. “Game On”..

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      The PS2 and Dreamcast had online gaming before Xbox. Where do you think Microsoft got the ideas from for the first Xbox? The PS2 also had an HDD docking port. Microsoft even admitted to mimicing the PS2.

    • This Guy

      Yeah and both those implementations went REALLY far didn’t they? They did have it first, but MS made it functional and successful.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Nope, try again.

    • This Guy

      Try what again? Did I lie? Sony didn’t even want anything to do with online play as evident by releasing the PS2 after the Dreamcast with no network adapter. As usual, Sony knowing they beat Sega thought that they can slide by with little effort or innovation until MS released the Xbox with an adapter and HDD. Well time to scramble then. Sony’s “innovations” are on a reactive, not proactive, basis. They’re like Apple, they wait for someone else to do it, if it sells they do it and claim it as their own.

    • Master Yoda

      To the Biggest Sony Drone to ever walk this Earth, you are talking. A nut job, he is. Trying to misinform and pass opinions or false information as facts, he always is.

    • XbotMK1

      “They’re like Apple, they wait for someone else to do it. If it sells they do it and claim it as their own.”

      You mean like how Microsoft coppied the PlayStation with the Xbox and coppied online multiplayer? lol

      Now you’re just making up lies. The reason why Sony didn’t include a broadband adaptor with the PS2 was so they could keep the price down. Not because they didn’t care about online.

      If Sony didn’t care about online multiplayer, they wouldn’t have built an “expansion bay” in to the PS2 from the beginning for the broadband adaptor.

      You lost again.

    • This Guy

      Wow 3 months later you reply. Took you long enough. You’re like the slowest tr0ll on the planet.

      So Microsoft copied the Playstation? By that logic Sony copied the Sega Saturn. As for copying online multiplayer, yeah ok. Like I pointed out, Sega already did it, failing as it was. MS brought it back from death. As for the expansion bay, you say it was to keep the price down, I say it was to gouge the consumer down the road. The PS2 launched in 2001 at $299. 1 year later the Xbox launched with a broadband adapter and internal hard drive for $299.

      Just stop. It took you 3 months to come up with a response that I owned you on. Worst tr0ll ever.

    • $’t

      Not ps2 because if it did you would have not had to buy a adapter. Dreamcast was the first but what alot of people don’t know is that the xbox derived from dreamcast because of Microsoft’s involvement in the making of Dreamcast

    • G-Boogie

      And don’t forget the Sony/BMG Rootkit they did years ago.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      The x1 isn’t even receiving 1% of the hate they should receive.
      Do you remember last gen, the thousands articles trashing the ps3, Sony, the PS vita, etc etc, along thousands of positive articles praising Microsoft and the X box. ..
      Dozens millions broken rrod-ready x360 were being sold, and the press, specially in the USA, just remained silent, to avoid people moving to the great future-proof ps3.

      With the fantastic games,features,sales, etc, that same press barely talks about the ps4. Where are the articles praising the incredible ps4 sales?
      Where are the articles doing per-pixel analysis, like lens of truth, when they used to give a higher score to the x360 version because of a bad texture on the ps3 version…
      Today, that the ps4 versions are always far better and superior, strangely, no more face to face combats… because that would be bad for the x1, always having an inferior score and review…
      And all those websites don’t want to to make the x1 look inferior..

      The order 1886= thousands people , even non gaming websites, ALL wanted to destroy the game with their 3/10 scores.
      Bloodborne. One of the best games ever. Where are all those journalists? Where are they? Where are the tons of articles praising the game?
      So,OK. When it’s about destroying a Sony exclusive title, everybody and his dog is present. But when it’s about giving a perfect 10/10 score, all those pro X box websites and journalists remain silent, hoping less people will know about the game, and won’t buy it.

      I don’t even dare imagining if the ps4 was the one running games at 900 or 720p, how many millions articles bashing it there would be…how many millions articles would be praising the fantastic x1 power,features and 1880p games…
      by now, the press would have killed the ps4 and Sony, with all the negative press they would publish.

    • eAbyss

      I remember all the hate and trash that came out against Microsoft and the 360. Not so much for the PS3 though. I don’t know what crazy reality you live in.

    • This Guy

      So whether it’s deserving or not, because Sony got hated on last gen, it’s an automatic free pass to hate on MS. Go it. Lining up all my Sony hate for next gen.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Just try to find an article about the rrod, on gamespot, for example…. good luck.

      When you have 50 people reading your blog, and you decide to kill one system, it’s OK.

      When you have a name like ign or gamespot, and dozens million gamers rely on your reviews, to buy a game, or not, things are different. You have the right to be unbiased, and most important, you must tell the truth.
      Do you imagine these big websites went as far as avoiding talking about the rrod and other x360 issues, hiding the truth to millions innocent buyers, just to make the national product and brand perform well, so people don’t buy a ps3. .. innocent gamers, parents, kids, who brought home a device that was going to die 1-2 months later… but because the press didn’t talk about it, they were fooled.fooled. but of course, you can’t understand that, as you too,you want your national brand to succeed.

      How many reviews, how many hundreds times the x360 got a higher score, even by .1, because the reviewer ‘preferred playing with the x360 controller’.
      And that x360 9/10 score, instead of the 8.9/10 for the ps3, could just mean 500,000 less ps3 version sales, because the gamer would grab the version with the highest score.
      and last gen, all arguments were good, to always give a higher score to the x360 version.

    • Master Yoda

      Under a rock, you must be looking. What you just said, many sites are doing. Your friend, google is.

    • Demetrius Radford

      uh ylod

    • Kvally

      LOL, ah no.

    • JP

      You’re flat out WRONG about everything you just said…lol.

    • WryMouthX

      Your such an idiot LOL
      Sony never lied? Like Destiny will run 1080p and 60fps advertisement that s pulled down hrs later? Killzone was full 1080p? Watch Dogs? best one yet DriveClub lies? Dude use GOOGLE once in a while.

      Wait till 2016 when we compare Uncharted PS4 E3 2014 Demo to the final product.

    • Truth

      Yeah because being wrong about resolution, which by the way you Xbox idiots say doesn’t matter anyway, is comparable to DRM, 24hr checkin, used game fees, forcing a data mining camera & #DealWithIt isn’t it.

      Microsoft are a shithole of a company who try to ruin gaming for everyone.

    • Failz

      Your corporation lied to you, they sold a system claiming 1080p and here first game not just failed again in being a Halo killer just like DriveClub being a Forza Killer LOL but they couldn’t even hit the 1080p they promise. MS don’t mention resolution because they care about more important factors in gaming, Gameplay.

    • Anthony Joubran

      And besides, most people can’t even tell a difference between 900p and 1080, well not as much as frame rate, which the PS4 sacrifices in order to achieve 1080p.

    • Truth

      That’s why PS4 has s equal or higher framerate in 95% of games?

      Xbone is a dud.

      Project Cars using that overclocked Xbone CPU, the 7th core and offloading tssks to move and audio blocks yet still up to 17fps behind PS4 at only 900p too looool

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Just like POS4 is a dud then. 24 FPS Vs 20FPS. You are defending your pile of sh*t from the other pile of sh*t you stupid loser.

      Shill Bradley I will forever remind you how much of a gormless moron damage controlling a dying company you are at a silky smooth 20FPS.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      And POS4 has nothing on PC.

      POS4 is dud only hyped by wanna be marketers like you who do it for free and has no games. It really is pathetic. Especially since PC Gaming is the real next generation yet you want to drag it back to 30FPS and 900P with your sh*tbrick station poor. The Wii U is the only console worthwhile this gen. At least it has games. Better games than what Sony could ever make anyway.

      A 39 year old lonely man damage controlling for a company. How utterly pathetic you are, shill bradley. You should really just end it all. No one will miss you.

    • Truth

      Looool, i see your PC is getting as much use as mine for gaming lol.
      PC master race comment forums in 4K 120fps YAY!

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Dual Monitors. Plenty of time for the real version of Project CARS while reminding you shills of your place :^)

      Plenty of time for LOLs when PC Gaming conference wins E3 too

      Gonna lol when Gran Turismo looks like a PS2 game just like GT 5 and 6 and DowngradeDud :^)

    • Truth

      Claimed 1080p?
      Well 99% of games on PS4 are 1080p so you must be incredibly stupid.

      The resolution is only a big deal because of Microsoft inability to make a console capable of hitting it regularly, even giving you 720p lol

      What Kinect will never be separated?

      Microsoft is the most vile company ever.

      Microsoft went first remember, spouting Forza will be 1080p 60fps, Halo will be 1080p 60fps.
      Couldn’t even get a remastered Halo to 1080p or 60fps lol

    • Failz

      Keep crying, every company lies however Sony has been caught with there pants down more then any other conpany. They claimed full 1080p HD at 60 frames with Killzone SF multilayer and we got a game running less pixals then Titanfall on X1 and got 50 frames. Remember when fanboys like your hating on Titanfall fir its 792p lol.

      Did it bother you that 90% of 360 games looked better than PS3s? Dat Cell processor we paid $899 for at launch.

      Enjoy your mediocre linear games, those Black Bars, dat cinematic experience 😉

      Forza 5 is 1080/60. How many PS4 exclusives built ground up are 1080/60?

    • Truth

      That Forza 5, downgraded, no time, no weather and 16 cars.
      Dat Next-Gen experience lol

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Just like drivedud :^)

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong



      You sony shills are as deluded as the xbone shills

    • kidd Cyr

      Like previous comments Sony would have done the same and tried but when Ms Revealed what Drm policies (alwaysOnline) Kinnect Etc Sony pulled out cause of reactions from gamers because of Ms and Sony changed at last minute! All these corps are for the almighty dollar!! Ms is atleast making up for there mistakes ( Updates every month Etc.. Sony will make there own mistakes! !

    • Truth

      Yes, because Sony managed to change months worth of work, speeches, presentations, advertising, get a meeting setup and all bosses agreeing, inform all 3rd parties coming on stage to change theirs if it included camera or DRM and not one single mistake or slip up, all in a few hours right?


    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Now now. Sony had plenty of time to lie about their last gen poverty box after that Shill Bradley

      Where’s all those 1080P 60FPS games they promised? Oh wait. Project CARS at last gen settings

      Praising The Witcher 3’s “Silky Smooth” 30FPS Framerate on POS4

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are such a massive loser damage controling for a dying company.

      “M-M-MUH 80% marketshare”. Steam has a 6:1 lead over the POS4. There’s no coming back for no games dorito and dewstation. PC Gaming won this generation :^)

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Now now. Sony had plenty of time to lie about their last gen poverty box after that Shill Bradley. Where’s all those 1080P 60FPS games they promised? Oh wait. Project CARS at last gen settings. Oh and no games as well. Just 24FPS Movies like The Odor Metacritic 65.

      And you are praising The Witcher 3’s “Silky Smooth” 30FPS Framerate on POS4 at low details. Pathetic. P*ssSh*t Poor more like.

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are such a massive loser damage controling for a dying company.

      “M-M-MUH 80% marketshare”. Steam has a 6:1 lead over the POS4. There’s no coming back for no games dorito and dewstation. PC Gaming won this generation :^)

      Shill bradley you never fail to make me laugh that an unemployed 39-year old loser would stay at home all day damage controlling a company like their life depended on it and covering for all their lies like Paid online and the future being cloud DRM in playstation Now. Such a pathetic creature. No wonder you get upset when the PC Master Race laughs at you.

      Please start accusing me of being an xbone fanboy. I so want to share my PC Screenshots folder with you just so you can see what a real gaming platform looks like :^)

    • kidd Cyr

      Like previous comments Sony would have done the same and tried but when Ms Revealed what Drm policies (alwaysOnline) Kinnect Etc!! Sony pulled out cause of reactions from gamers because of Ms!! Sony changed at last minute! All these corps are for the almighty dollar!! Ms is atleast making up for there mistakes ( Updates every month Etc.. Sony will make mistakes!!!

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Shill Bradley Sony has done everything you mentioned as well.

      You console retards are hilarious

    • Guest

      PSP was doing that with PS3, way before the Wii u was even out, so that one is not correct.

    • James

      Unfortunately Gameboy Advance was doing that with Gamecube.

    • craig

      so with your logic in life nothing can have same features?best go and tell car makers they cant use wheels anymore and engines to make them go or use a steering wheel to make it turn.

    • Triton

      Demos can look amazing, but when the full game is out its going to have all kinds of drawbacks on PS4, just like on Evolve.
      And its going to be even a worse failure, because UC is a first party game.

    • Cenk Algu

      Keep lying yourself fanboy.LoL!!!

    • Failz

      Your tears lol someone’s clearly jealous you cant own both systems. Its ok maybe one day when your older mummy or daddy might buy you a X1 as well.

    • Kvally

      Holy crap this guy is a tool.

    • Jay Deez

      Get a life. Only a complete loser without one would even write a comment that long. Ah, I get it, you have a lot of free time to hate the x1 because you have no exclusives to play.

    • $’t

      Your almost completely right and cheap I always see people talking about paying to game online but gladly pay a cable bill filled with pointless programming and you don’t have to be with xbox live to use subscriptions like Netflix on your xbox for the record and if mobile gaming is not a good enough to why graphics matter then I don’t know what is and if graphics is your thing get a PC consoles cost this much because faster components would have made the price skyrocket so please do stop the hate an just play

    • Grant Newsham

      Why do children like you not get a real hobby instead of whining on message boards?

    • Demetrius Radford

      if this is true why did ps4 add party chat. 360 had it first.

    • ratchet500

      How about just drop consoles and get a pc? They’re underpowered, have expensive games, and both of them support the Sony/Microsoft Duopoly (e.g. both just as bad). Yes, PCs and components are manufactured by companies, but there’s a lot more than 2 to choose from.
      The only reason that they have exclusives are because MS and sony “fund” devs, while generally AAA pc exclusives like Total War and Arma 3 are exclusive because they can only work with keyboard & mouse.
      Plus, free multiplayer and a single $300 graphics card (r9 290 or GTX 970) you can plug into your work desktop pc is more powerful than both consoles combined, not to mention functionality. There are prebuilt pc’s for extra cost too if you aren’t computer literate. You can also play most games with both mouse and controller (both ps3-4 and 360-X1) on pc.
      The quicker consoles die off, the quicker games won’t have to be held back to work on relatively weak consoles, and the less likely devs will make an exclusive game due to low sales.

  • Pops

    Offloading on xbox doesn’t mention offloading on ps4.hmmm.

    • Mark

      Yeah DF will probably be looking for the grass and audio differences between the X1 and PS4 lol. It’ll be interesting tho if these devs are gonna be offloading more stuff to the 7th core, and if there are substantial benefits……I’d think so.

    • kreator

      Because it can’t, wasn’t built that way i think.

  • Seems as though they have solved #GrassGate at least.

  • Mats Leven

    damn , still 900p …..
    xbox done….

    • Cenk Algu

      Lol..900p but superior image quality as always.You fools think that 1080p=better visuals.What a pathetic idea!!!LoL!!!

    • Mats Leven

      superior image ? are you stupid blind ?
      900p means without Pixel to Pixe on any FHD TV

    • James

      There’s more to an image than the number of pixels. Design, color reproduction, smooth edges, and more.

    • simmons007

      All this resolution stuff is so overrated. quality software is where it’s at and that will all be on full display this fall when Microsoft has about 5 exclusive titles for the holidays. Sony better start worrying about their monetary issues so they don’t go bankrupt. PS4 is the only thing keeping that company afloat. Microsoft is a software company with cash for days. They have their hand in more than just video games fools…

    • Bryan King

      Monetary issues? They were strategically focusing on gaining and keeping marketshare. They lost money for a few years sure but you’re talking about a company that invented mobile music with the walkman. They were THE electronics company for three decades…. More innovative than apple or Samsung could ever have been. Meaning they have cash reserves. This is a fact, they have less debt than cash and have heavily restructured their highly diversified business to now focus on driving profits. This has resulted in it reaching a 4 year high on the stock market. The company is being very strategic and let’s not forget….. It is trashing a company with almost unlimited cash on hand. Sony is impressive these days. Also many people forget the innovations Sony brought to video games…. The CD. The bluray. Cinematics. High quality soundtracks and world class talent from music and movies to do voice acting. They invest and take risks all the time and are rooted into the video game industry with Sony wws. Microsoft could leave the industry in the morning and bring all the money hats with it

    • simmons007

      Wow. U really living in the 80s and 90s with that Walkman stuff dude. This is a new millennium. They can drop the paper the way Microsoft can today. Sony better focused on this holiday for they get owned in software for the holiday for the 2nd year in a row. They better have more than VR at E3. They ain’t leaving the industry no time soon Lol..

    • James

      Nintendo was working with Sony to make a CD attachment for the SNES, the idea for which is what became the Playstation. Nintendo is the reason Sony ended up releasing the Playstation, using Nintendo’s idea. Secondly, at that point, Sega, Neogeo, TurboGrafx, Atari Jaguar had already released CD attachments for their consoles, after Phillips had released the CD-i in lieu of PC’s using CDs for games. Plus the Saturn was also released before the Playstation.

      Cinematics existed on many of those CD games before Playstation, and also several games featured high-end music that a cartridge couldn’t handle. Heck, Dragon’s Lair came out in 1983 in Arcades and was basically an interactive movie because there were SO MANY cinematics.

      I do believe the only innovation they brought to gaming was Blu-ray, a format which they did invent. But I wouldn’t consider it a revolution of any sorts since digital is the future. Blu-rays are the slowest reading disk format out there, and are simply put into the ground on every front by digital – blu-rays do have a nice 25gb size limit, and dual layer ones have a 50gb limit. If the PS4 could even run the PC textures on GTA V, a DL Blu-ray couldn’t hold the data – it’s 60gb for the install.

      And, they take very few risks. The PS4 is pretty much identical to the PS3, just stronger hardware and they took Microsoft’s idea of Xbox Live and made you pay to play online. PS3 was basically the Xbox/Xbox 360 with stronger hardware; they made it more into an all-in-one media device like Microsoft had done. They copied Nintendo’s Wii with the PS Move, the worst “interactive device” since the infamous Power Glove.

      A lot of people think they innovated backwards compatibility too, which they didn’t. Atari did it with their consoles, each iteration of the game boy could do it with the previous games, original GB games could be played on the Pocket, Color, Advance, Advance SP, and even the Micro, which was release a whopping 16 years after the original Game Boy.

      Sony is really good at making people think they innovate things, just like Apple, but they really don’t do that – just like Apple.

  • Mats Leven

    900p = superior image ? are you blind ?
    900p means without Pixel to Pixe on any FHD TV

  • Failz

    Lol at the Console arguments

  • Failz

    Console Peasants

    PS4 Fanboys – My games are 1080p
    XB1 Fanboys – My games do MSAAx4

    PC Master Race

    PC Fanboys – My games do both.

  • This Guy

    Wait, the “secret sauce” was real all along?!? Releasing a 7th core?

    • Triton

      Thats just a small solution because they are using DX11.3 and DX12 is the next thing.
      Secret sauce is MS had AMD put all their future tech inside Xbox One.
      All things are unlocked one at a time, just like MS said at the 2013 reveal it will get much better over time.

      We still got HSA, AXI bridges and move engines to unlock.
      Cant wait! =)

  • Mats Leven

    anything will be pitched , but 900p is forever !
    I hope every xbox fans will find 900p TV in Walmart
    lol ~~~

    • Pops

      900p but with better graphics lol

  • Get Wrecked

    The PS4 would have been a better rice cooker than gaming console. Japanese companies make garbage.

  • Joker121

    Jesus christ you lot are a bunch of freaking losers

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