Project Scorpio’s Compatibility With Xbox One Can Limit How Its Technology Is Utilized, Says Developer

‘Many will pick the easiest route,’ says Danny Garfield of Kasedo Games.

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The Xbox Scorpio is shaping up to be the most powerful console ever and with new information on the horizon, it’s interesting to know what game developers think about it. It is after all a machine with far more power than the original Xbox One. Microsoft considers Scorpio an extension of the Xbox One, under the same family of devices, so they are insisting on keeping it tied to the original Xbox One, by mandating that all of its games have to be compatible across both systems. This effectively limits how much developers can utilize all of that extra power- and it sounds like Danny Garfield, currently heading the studio Puuba, working on the upcoming The Metronomicon, agrees too.

“I think it does curtain some ability to take full advantage of all the new tech,” Garfield said in an exclusive interview with GamingBolt. “Unavoidably, a great many devs will always aim to make their game cross-compatible in the easiest ways. The AAA guys, and plenty of others, will be more aggressive, and try to stand out from the pack on tech more. But, by and large, we’ll always have to support the original Xbox, which, for many, will mean an easiest road.”

The easiest and best thing for Microsoft to do will be to allow developers to make Scorpio exclusives, and leverage all of its power effectively. As of right now, there is no indication that will happen- but with the Scorpio’s reveal coming up at E3, I can hope that that changes. The Metronomicon, meanwhile, will be hitting the Xbox One and the PS4 later this year, published by Akupara Games.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Garfield in the coming days.

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  • Rob

    I’m thinking PS5 and the next Xbox after Scorpio may not be able to play Ps4/Xbox1 games

  • Mr Xrat

    Hit the price point they needed. I wouldn’t expect you to understand how basic things work, Ploppy.

    Go back to hassling your family with that camera.

    • plop6759

      Congratulations to Sony then. They hit the price point they needed to and still nobody’s buying it. Genius!
      Speaking of family, yours must be so proud of all the friends you’ve made on the internet that upvote you all the time. It’s a pity they’ll never get to meet them. 🙁

    • Mr Xrat

      PS4 is still dominating and “no one buys it.” Xgimps, everyone!

    • plop6759

      We were talking about the PS4 Pro, idiot and what an absolute failure it is. That’s to be expected when you rush out a product to help boulster another failing tech like VR that nobody cares about.

      Xbox is still dominating your life because you spend more time exposing yourself as a loser in comment sections of Xbox articles than playing on your beloved Playstation.

    • Mr Xrat

      Shitpio had a whole year of extra development time and it’s barely better, Ploppy. Pretty sad tbh. At least it has a Kinect adapter so you can continue to terrorize your family with that POS.

    • plop6759

      PS4 Poo has a whole year of extra shelf time and it’s barely selling, Ratty. Very sad tbh. At least it has that VR festooned with surplus cables and sub par experiences to keep you out of the way and give your family a much needed break. Mrs Xtart is upset that he backed the wrong horse. Enjoy faux K, low res textures and stuttering framerates.

  • kee1haul

    Might be. I’d laugh so hard if it is. $499 is more likely.


      It would be very surprising! I feel it will be between 499 and 599.


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