PS Vita Confirmed To Only Have CPU Frequency At 333 MHz

Turning off WiFi speeds up the processor a bit.

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Over the last few years, there has been a real debate sparked over whether or not Sony is even remotely interested in making sure the PS Vita is able to stay up and running. While the company seems to have a vested interest in making sure the handheld serves as a kind of tag along for its consoles, outside of a supposed arrival of Xcom, there haven’t been very many big games brought to the platform.

The real evidence of just how much of an afterthought the PS Vita is compared to the PS4 or even the PS3 is the power of the device when talking about processing speeds. For the most part, Sony has kept details like its CPUs a closely guarded secret but those numbers are finally coming out and they actually appear even worse than previously thought. BitParade recently released numbers it had seen that show the CPU runing with a frequency at just 333 MHz and that number can actually be lowered depending on a developer’s desires.

Oddworld developers Just Add Water recently admitted that there is a way to raise the number beyond the device’s standard, if your game is one that will actually deactivate the built in WiFi antenna. When doing this, it appears the CPU frequency can be increased to 444 MHz. The fact that you have to do something like take a game completely offline in order to get better computing power tells you just how weak this device really is, especially compared to whatever else is now out there. That might be the best sign yet that the PS Vita isn’t long for this world.

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  • Gabriel Porto

    Vita was one of these things that I really desired but when I finally purchased one, I had to return it to the store. Two key things that I remembered: gaming graphics worse than my smartphone at time (iPhone 5) and jaggered icons/bubbles on the UI (this was fixed some time ago but at that time it was an issue).

  • Michael

    Basically, Sony has been caught in another lie.

    • Rawr97

      Never said that u had to be online.

  • Rawr97

    Thats a horrible title, its not even accurate.

  • met

    the only thing else out there is the 3ds… you are telling me that is more powerful? gtfo

    • Alvina Thomas

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    • MENIJ


    • Treetops97

      The New 3DS contains an 804Mhz quad-core ARM11 with 2MB level 2 cache.

    • met

      games only use 268mhz…and the gpu is a joke

    • Treetops97

      The ignorance is strong in this one.

      Lol, next you’ll say the DS only uses 33 of it’s 67Mhz, even though that’s only for backwards compatibility. The New runs games natively at 804Mhz but is BC with old 3DS.

      Pica200 a joke? Grabbing at straws I see.

    • TheChosen

      No. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles X are not possible with 268 Mhz 😉 It runs hotter, the New 3DS gets much hotter than the older 3DS-models. This is a fact.
      The New 3DS runs games like Lifespeed (Racing-game coming for New 3DS soon) with 60 fps, 10 enemies at once and very good graphics. 3DS would not be able to run that game at 20 fps at all…
      Btw: the gpu Shows in IronFall Invasion that ist not a “Joke” 😉 100.000 Lighting-sources at once.
      And also => Resident Evil Reveilations 1 vs 2:
      3DS uses REALTIME-lighting-engine, while PS Vita uses “fake Ligthing” 😉 Learn what the difference is. 3DS is better in Kind of lighting.
      PS VIta doesn´t even Support DX10-effects.

    • TheChosen

      The New 3DS runs now at 804 Mhz. With more L2-Cache (not used yet in games though) and yeah- can use 3 cores of 4 for GAMES and has a dedicated sound-processor (134 Mhz) and a H.264 video-accelleration.
      While PS Vita has only 2 cpu-cores for games, has to use 1 cpu-core for the sound-calculation (no sound-processor like 3DS has it embedded) and wastes another whole core for the OS Multitasking itself
      Do the math:
      4x 804 Mhz (1.25 Mips/Mhz = 1 Gigaflop per core) = about 4 Gigaflops
      vs. 4x 333 Mhz (2.5 Mips/Mhz, 0,8 Gigaflops/core) = about 3.2Gigaflops.
      Though only in theory!
      now counting only 3 cores for New 3DS = > about 3 Gigaflops for games only, while PS Vita has a max of 2 cpu-cores for games which is 1.6 Gigaflops.
      The New 3DS does sound-processing with the 134 Mhz sound-dsp, while PS Vita wastes a cpu-core for it. So you see?
      3 cores available for games (New3DS) vs. 2 Cores (PS Vita). Much faster clocked cores (with 2 Mbyte L2-cache) vs. much slower but more modern cores with only 1 Mbyte L2-Cache.
      So yeah. New 3DS is about double as fast in cpu-regards. In Theory it could be even faster in some things.
      So ist not the normal 3DS which is more powerful. But New 3DS is since it uses better equipped and quadcore, higher clocked Arm11.

  • PS Vita Roundup

    Recent games won’t let you run other apps at the same time, maximising system resources, that’s just as important as CPU power and those games look fine!

  • Ary Alex Mendez Rios

    Wrong information , that the psp CPU spect the vita have 800mhz to 1ghz and the 3ds have 268mhz .

    • The NEW nintendo 3ds is the one mentioned in the article, also, it talks about the actual performance of the consoles, not the hardware specs. The Vita is underclocked sadly. Despite that is an excellent console, much better designed than the 3ds.

  • Christopher Hill

    Who cares what the speed of the processor is? That’s an interesting stat when a game system is pre-release, simply because it may give you an idea of its theoretical capabilities. Vita is a known quantity now, we know it’s the most powerful handheld on the market, we know what it can do. This is an arbitrary number that means nothing in the current context of this handhelds lifecycle. Does Freedom Wars suddenly suck because of some random hardware spec? Lame clickbait story, lol.


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