PS Vita Is Not Dead From A Developers Perspective, Lot of Devs Happy With Software Sales On It

“As a game developer it seems pretty healthy to me!”

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The PlayStation Vita is one of the most underrated hardware out there. One cannot deny the potential the system has and it’s a shame that it hasn’t been doing well on the sales front. For some the Vita is dead. But over the last year or so, the Vita has revitalized itself as a centre for indie games.

So is the Vita really dead? GamingBolt raised this question to Michael Frauenhofer who is the project lead of One Way Trip and according to him several developers are happy with how their software is performing on the system.

“I honestly have no idea what types of sales figures are or aren’t healthy for a console system from a manufacturer’s perspective, so I can’t really speak on that in any knowledgeable way,” Michael said to GamingBolt. “But I DO know a lot of developers who are super happy with their sales on the platform, so as a game developer it seems pretty healthy to me!”

GamingBolt’s take: Sony’s first party support for the PS Vita has dwindled since launch. The system started off well with some big titles like Uncharted: The Golden Abyss, but since then the system is not being looked up as a fertile ground  for AAA games development and instead indie developers have taken this opportunity with both hands. If the PS Vita has survived till date, the reason is indie developers and games. Let us hope that Sony pushes the system even further like they did at the PlayStation Experience during the last weekend.

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  • Guest

    Yes, it’s now the indie trash platform of choice where they can dump anything and everything on it and the poor schmucks that bought one will buy it anyway because of boredom.

    • Agent_Blade

      There are waaaay more games on it then just indies. Get your facts right. You obviously don’t know anything about the Vita lineup so be quiet.

  • Rafael Monteiro

    I have a Vita and a 3DS the choice is simple, if you want Nintendo games, you get a 3DS, for everything else, a Vita

    Nintendo game’s quality as been going down lately, I bought Smash Bros. and there was so little content that I finished it in a week, and I’m not buying Pokémon ORAS remake, those were the worst chapters in the franchise and X/Y were already not that great

    Meanwhile I’m playing Persona 4, bought Tales of Heart R, just finished Rogue Legacy, Metrico and Titan Attacks!, those last two that came with PS Plus. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus is on my giant backlog too. I don’t even play my 3DS, I just use it to support a cable from my external HD

    • rodney patrick

      you and everybody that got a vita are playing a bunchi of remasted games, so stop trying to act lke there are a ton of new great games for it

    • Agent_Blade

      Be quiet. You obviously don’t know anything about the Vita ‘s lineup as well

    • Sneezerdoc

      Actually it is a great console replacement for on the go!
      Freedom wars, Killzone, minecraft are a blast

    • Rafael Monteiro

      Doesn’t matter if they’re remaster or ports if they’re in my platform of choice

      Minectaft on Vita? It’s superb, doesn’t matter if it’s available on other platforms, I’m going to play several hours on this one

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      no if you want great games get a 3DS
      Ace Attorney games
      Etrian Odyssey games
      Shin Megami Tensei games
      Persona Q
      Senran Kagura
      KH Dream Drop Distance
      Code of Princess
      Monster Hunter
      Harvest Moon
      Rune Factory 4
      Zero Escape
      Conception II

      many more

      You clearly aren’t looking into what 3DS truly offers

    • Rafael Monteiro

      Ace Attorney? good, a bit too repetitive, their best days were on DS
      Etrian Odyssey is too simple, and Shin Megami Tensei lacks appeal
      Persona Q is a spin-of, the whole Persona series is available on Vita, from 1 to 4
      Senran Kagura on 3DS is cool, but very repetitive, Shinovi Versus is much more fun (it’s also more erotic if that’s your thing)
      Code of Princess is just as repetitive as Senran Kagura
      I’m not into KH, so I won’t comment this one
      Monster Hunter clones on PS Vita have surpassed the original series so much. I love Ragnarok Odyssey, there’s Soul Sacrifice, God Eater, and several others
      Zero Escape is available on Vita and was even given for free, I got it on PS Plus
      Conception 2 is not that great and it’s also available on Vita

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      sound like u are just downplaying them

    • Rafael Monteiro

      not really, I played all of this, it’s not just a matter of personal taste, the game’s quality is not that great

      For example, Ace Attorney, great series, but a fifth chapter which is basically the same game again? Senran Kagura and Code of Princess is basically repeating the same combo over 100 times per stage, leveling up and doing it again. Monster Hunter was the first of its kind, but you really should check other games that born from it, Ragnarok Odyssey is much more fun, Soul Sacrifice is much deeper

      If you consider Nintendo’s games, things are even worse. Pokémon X & Y were very boring and repetitive, Luigi’s Mansion lost a lot of its charisma by using a quest system, Paper Mario was incredibly bad in design, to the point where you don’t even need to battle, and not to mention Kirby’s or Yoshi’s last games, which were so bland

      Games like Kid Icarus Uprising or Zelda: Link Between Worlds are great, but there are not a lot of games with that level of quality on 3DS. There are on Vita

    • aiman imran

      so your logic is people who bought 3ds played only nintendo games?okay then XD

      pokemon oras is the worst chapters in pokemon?have you played it?the game literally adds so much stuff like contents,background story,and a couple of new stories(Delta Episode everyone?),but then i guess its all about opinion and being ignorant shows the quality of the game

      lol ignorant fanboy is ignorant

    • TaliNESS

      Analysis tells me that a huge portion of 3DS players never bought Senran Kagura Burst, Dead or Alive D, TEKKEN 3D and so on.

      You don’t even know how to use ignorant properly

    • aiman imran

      and also gr8 b8 m8 r8 i8 8/8

  • miyamoto

    “But I DO know a lot of developers who are super happy with their sales on the platform, so as a game developer it seems pretty healthy to me!”

    Good to know that!

    Go PlayStation Nation!

  • Hammodi

    all vita gets is the 0 first party games. minimal almost 0 third party support. and pretty much all of its library is playstation classics and indies. its a better choice to get a PSP. the 3DS. well. if you like nintendo games. get it. other wise. no it has a lot of third party but they’re crappy as the 3DS itself is a crappy childish device.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      Oh really no Third Party support?
      Etrian Odyssey IV, Untold and upcoming ones
      Zero’s Escape VLR
      Shin Megami Tensei IV, Soul Hacker, Devil Survivor 1-2 remake
      Code of Princess
      Kingdom Hearts DDD
      Rune Factory 4
      Conception II
      Bravely Default
      Fantasy Life
      Ace Attorney Collection and Dual Destiny
      Tales of the Abyss
      Senran Kagura Burst
      Resident Evil Revelations
      Project X Zone
      Harvest Moon games
      Monster Hunter 3-4

      I can list more even the ones in Japan

  • TerminalSanity

    The Vita is dead and Sony was the one that killed it with a lack of promotion and support. The amount of exclusive content available for it is pathetic.


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