PS4 Media Player Quietly Updated

Enough for you to give it another chance?

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Sony updated the controversially buggy PlayStation 4 media player quietly last night. The update does not seem to be too substantial- most of the known issues that cause crashes still remain, for instance. However, there are some notable improvements that the new update introduces.

Among these are an improvement of the closed captioning feature for videos, as well as support for Arabic. In general, the update also claims to have made the player more stable, although that remains to be put to the test over the next few days.


The full patch notes for the update follow:

  • Arabic is now supported
  • The closed captioning feature for videos has been improved
  • [Display Mode] has been added to [Videos]
  • The location of media in [Recently Played] and [Favourites] can now be displayed
  • Stability during use of some features has been improved

Is this enough to make you want to give the player another shot? Or are streaming services like Spotify and YouTube, which are all on PS4, meeting your media needs on the console?

Thanks Neogaf and Reddit.

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  • XbotMK1

    Never used the media app before. I use Spotify for music and PlayStation Video for movies.

    • Yea best used by pirates like i

    • craig

      any decent size file or external harddrive isnt supoorted so the media player is useless.

      anyway who needs it when u can jsut get kodi.

    • extermin8or2

      It’s Called dlna….

    • Tech junkie

      Yeah but Many people’s home network can’t support streaming aa full quality Blu-ray rip over dlna.

      If you aren’t hardwired or on wireless AC you most likely can’t

    • extermin8or2

      Most routers should support jt the only obstacles should be if you’ve got absolutely loads of devices connected at once. Even then though the actual bandwidth events old routers is massive to accommodate for this. Certainly with any router within last 4-5 years. If your signal is dodgy because of interference etc then yeah you will have issues I guess. But if setup correctly alot of people should be able tongue it. From my experience the Virginia media wifi routers here in the UK like to cut off the stream and make youbrestart the ps4 media programme and the device you are streaming from wifi. No idea why as I have had that issue though certainly never had it with a bt or netter router in past.

    • Tech junkie

      No, sorry WiFi is not going to happen. I’m not talking some 4 gb file called a Blu-ray rip. I’m talking actual Full quality Blu-ray rip. Uncompressed or high quality 20+ GB mkv.

      I’m not saying I’m 1 of the people that can’t do it. I stream Blu-ray rips all the time. I’ve converted my entire blu-ray collection to be uncompressed rips that I store on my PC.
      My house contains 4 wireless network all on differnent bands or channels and I’m far enough from my neighbors I have no outside interference. I have a dedicated network AC network for my laptop on the west side of my house and a dedicated N network when a high speed connection uis needed on the east side of my house. I also have 2 legacy networks for all my othe devices like phones tablets etc. All but 1 stationary device are wired.

      My point if I connect that device on wireless I can’t stream a blu-ray to save my life the exact same device is hardwired in my livingroom anfd does it all day. I’ve even flipped them to see if it was a problem with the device. If I want to watch a movie on the wireless device I have to put it on a thumb drive.

      basically what I’m trying to say is I have a lot of experience media streaming. It’s not reliable on wireless and a device such as the PS4 should allow you to plug a hard drive with a full quality rip and play it. For the many people who’s networks don’t support dlna streaming of high quality rips

    • Egla

      Try using exfat, it’s made for bigger files.

  • fair dibs, no issues when i used it altho i havent really use it much tbh, improvements/updates are always welcome! 😉

  • Step Daddy

    I love it

  • L@NCE

    Never once has the media player crashed or acted buggy on me…

    • Step Daddy


    • sampson3121

      same here

  • stevenm281

    They should focus on making sure that it can play every video format.

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