PS4 NEO Internal Documents Leak, Confirm Development Guidelines

It seems to be a disappointingly incremental upgrade.

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Apparently, the very first round of documents that first leaked the existence of the upcoming PlayStation 4 NEO a few months ago have now leaked, and they confirm a lot of what we have been told about the console for a while now- an upgraded version of the PS4 is in the works.

The documents also confirm the specs for the console, confirming that it is going to be a highly incremental upgrade over the base PlayStation 4 system, and that it is going to be outclassed, in sheer hardware terms, by the Xbox One Scorpio. Some highlights:

  • The GPU is 2.3x as powerful as PS4
  • The CPU is 1.3x faster then PS4
  • Its memory bandwidth 1.24x as much as PS4
  • Starting October, all developers need to add in support for the PS4 NEO in addition to the base SKU, but developers have a choice on whether or not they want to go back and add in a NEO mode patch for older PS4 titles
  • It has the same on board HDD as the PS4
  • It upscales resolutions to 4K  via checkerboard rendering. Apparently, new rendering techniques are in the works to improve sub UHD resolutions to UHD, while having the upscaled picture look better

The full document is highly interesting, and you can check it out here. It emphasizes that the upgraded PS4 will only be a part of the larger PS4 ecosystem, and that it will maintain full cross compatibility with the existing PS4 too.

The PS4 NEO has been officially confirmed- no other details about it, however, have been officially confirmed yet.

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    It’s time for the PS fans to embrace the horrible truth that the PS4 NEO will be completely outclassed by the much more powerful Xbox Scorpio

    I’m tired of PS Fans holding on to hope making these YouTube videos spreading false information about the NEO being more powerful than it actually is

    • Bad wolf

      The truth has been spoken.

    • gameformetoo

      I completely agree however, the games are the problem. If xbox can’t produce the games, having a better console won’t solve anything. I’m a pc gamer btw, so I totally neutral in the peasant war lol

    • kma99

      I remember the days when the console war was about who had th better multi plats and boy sony was cranking them out. Now its about what multi plats plays better on what system this gen. Microsoft has been putting out more first party content not saying it all was good content but they havr been putting it out.

    • Mr Xrat

      Old news, Greg, just like it’s old news that the Shitpio is over 12 months out and will have no exclusives. Stay desperate. 🙂

    • Troy Marcel

      Did you actually read the whole thing because the neo doesn’t look like its coming out until mid to late next year.

    • Mr Xrat

      Did you actually look at the four month old slides? They say games should have a Neo mode from October 2016. Fits in with the recent Amazon listing of a new PS4 SKU priced at 399 euros released in – wait for it! – October. Keep up, lad.

    • Nintengods

      So it is going to be an underwhelming, underpowered “Upgrade” then.

      Nintendo blowing Sony out of the water confirmed.

    • Nintengods

      Sounds rather like the PS4 Neo. No exclusives or games whatsoever

      Why would you buy one when the NX is launching with the game of the year?

    • mechlord

      What i dont understand is why you and every other xbox fan is comparing ps4 neo with project scorpion.

      Why dont you compare xbox s with neo, since both are the actual refreshers for old consoles?

      We havent heard what will SONY’s response to scorpio will be.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    This may be the case and, if so, the Neo should release as soon as possible as far as I’m concerned. Even knowing what we “know,” I can see me buying a Neo if it came out right now. But if it comes out shortly before the Scorpio, there’s a good chance I might not pick one up.

  • Nintengods

    An underwhelming upgrade for an underwhelming console

    Looks like it’s up to Nintendo to save gaming again

    • Mark

      Yeah but some third party devs are already saying they have nothing in the works for NX…..these guys NEED third party multiplat support this time.

    • Troy Marcel

      Yeah I wouldn’t count on it, look how bad the wii u did.

    • Nintengods

      More 90+ exclusives than the PS4 and a more compelling reason to buy it

      Now Nintendo knows how to fix the mistakes of last gen and are the hottest gaming company on the planet right now with only a mobile app that took over the world and a mini-console selling out on pre-orders while $ony and M$ makes mistake after mistake. There’s nothing stopping them.

  • Troy Marcel

    Did anyone notice no Sony lovers in the comments section. Guess the truth hurts that their precious PS4 neo is a joke.

  • TPoppaPuff

    Bad Decision is that much closer to market…

    (I say that as a PS4 owner who has been betrayed.)

  • Troy Marcel

    Looks like the Xbox One S will be the only 4k console on the market for some time then. This could hurt Sony in the long run.

  • Mr Xrat

    Figures Xgimps would get excited over old leaks, the same leaks that made MS unveil the Shitpio half-done in the first place.

    • Troy Marcel

      Someone’s in full damage control mode.

    • Mr Xrat

      No damage to control here, just hilarity at Xgimps who don’t keep up with events. 🙂

    • Nintengods

      Makes a change for the $ony Defence Force melting down because Nintendo’s making a mockery of them that the go into an unending war with the xbots over their already redundant mid-gen upgrade.

      4.14TF is 2012 specs. Really pathetic.

    • Michael

      Sony dropped the ball as usual.

    • Mr Xrat

      Ball dropping came from MS with its no exclusives and incomplete spec announcement. At least, unlike you, MS has balls to drop. 😉

    • Nintengods

      Ball dropping also came from Sony because there’s no games and this weak mid-gen “Upgrade” is embarrassing.

      NX easily wins next year. It’s not even revealed yet and there’s more reasons to buy it than a Neo

    • Nintengods

      Also made $ony Defense Force drones go crazy trying to damage control those embarassingly low specs

      Just another reason Nintendo will win since $ony’s exclusives are just rehashes of what Nintendo does, only worse.


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