PS4 NEO Will Divide The Market, CPU Bound Games Will Still Struggle For Better Performance

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution developer comments on the recent PS4K NEO rumors.

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ps4 amd

If recent reports are anything to by, Sony is all set to reveal an upgraded model of the PlayStation 4 sometime this year. The updated SKU, rumored to have the code name NEO, is expected to have significant amount of boost to GPU and memory. However, it will still keep the same Jaguar CPU configuration with only the clock speed getting a bump from 1.6Ghz to 2.1Ghz, which according to our technical expert does not really matter that much.

GamingBolt recently got in touch with Ratloop, who are working on Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (a PlayStation exclusive) and we asked them about their thoughts from a theoretical perspective about working on the PS4 NEO and whether they will be comfortable working on two different models of the same console and the possible implications behind following such a model.

According to your information, we think the development cost will increase a little, but the testing costs will definitely double to test two systems. I’m not so sure I’d be happy (if this were true) – we developed Rocketbirds 2 for two platforms and it runs in stereoscopic 3D on the PS4, but the PS Vita clearly offers some added utility next to the PS4 for our customers, you can own both or either system and it would make sense to own our game on either, or both systems. Having two systems would just divide the market between those players owning the new PS4 and those players owning the old PS4, because it’s unlikely they’d want, or have the luxury to keep/use both systems.”

Two console SKUs can result into a number of concerns for players. Developers may aim for higher performance parameters for NEO and deliver sub-optimal performance on current base model PS4. The developer told us that such a scenario varies from developer to developer but the real problem is the CPU which may still be a bottleneck for games heavily dependent on it.

“That really depends on the developer and the games they are working on. CPU-bound games will still have a harder time achieving superior performance on the newer model.”

We will see how the NEO will pan out in the coming months. Stay tuned for our full interview with the Rocketbirds 2: Evolution developers in the coming days.

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  • Dean Winchester


  • MS

    “That really depends on the developer and the games they are working on. CPU-bound games will still have a harder time achieving superior performance on the newer model.”

    This statement doesn’t make sense. Because it sounds like he is saying that CPU bound games will have a harder time achieving superior performance on the newer model than the older model. What should have been said is that CPU bound will still have a hard time achieving superior performance on the new model and thereby making it even more of a struggle on the base model.

    • Hvd

      old cpu over clocked and new gpu = bottleneck.

    • RD

      Not quite.

      You’re thinking in terms of PCs, that the games run much higher on the CPU stack with a dedicated interface (API) between the game software and the hardware. This is what DirectX is. This allows developers to code for one product rather than test every single combination of CPU/GPU. In that sense, a newer faster CPU, and even GPU, can only help software running on top of the API, because the API itself gets faster, and thus the game is faster.

      Consoles don’t work like that, in general. The games usually have much more direct access to the hardware, in the idea that because you don’t need to code for multiple combinations of CPUs and GPUs, a thick API will actually hinder performance. Games actually become better looking, and faster, in a console’s life cycle, because developers have learned how to code for the hardware in the most efficient way possible.

      What they’re saying here, is that while, yes you will see some hardware speed increases, you are forcing developers to code for two combinations. Different bugs will arise, and they will have been to start from scratch on figuring out the best way to squeeze performance out of the new hardware.

      In addition, for any performance gains on games already out, developers will have to go back and optimize their game for the new hardware to see any significant gains in the CPU stack.

    • PuiuCS

      in this case, the APIs should still be the same. but the performance of the hardware will differ. the only thing devs have to do is find the sweet spot for the new hardware and save the video settings.

    • Hvd

      xbox one with dx12 does that now.

      you said ” In addition, for any performance gains on games already out, developers
      will have to go back and optimize their game for the new hardware to see
      any significant gains in the CPU stack.”

      thats right they got more work with new hardware they arnt happy they will slack on on one platform.they will either make games for the ps4 neo then port down to ps4 which means crappy games or they will make games for ps4 and not care about the ps4 neo and it will have crappy games.

      what you dont under stand is if there is a 3 year cycle the ps4 is going to be phased out in 2 more to more years after the ps4 neo launches the ps5 will come out and the ps4 is phased out like old cell phones.

      xbox one with windows 10 bc is different they have pc like bc unlike sony they will still charge you for bc with ps+ means no ps4 games.

      yes they now say you have to make base mode and neo mode but when the ps5 launches you think they are going to do 3 modes? dont bet on it.

      thats why the ps4 will be phased out in 2-3 more years.sonys bc is a joke while its free on xbox one and its pc like so no matter what xbox version is out ill have my games forever and free bc.

  • Kris Crawford

    They should go with a different cpu.

    • Hvd

      3-4 year old jaguar cpu = will be worse on the ps4 now.

    • LordCancer Kain

      PS360 were bottlenecked by ram immediately. ps3 much more so than xbox 360 and the reason why you never got party chat.

      future proofing a console is an expensive outdated and practically impossible idea. consoles should be cheap and profitable. i don’t want to be stuck with fixed hardware for ten years while phones, tablets, and pc grow more powerful each year.

      i think introducing more powerful hardware every three years strikes a pretty good balance by comparison. with this new model for consoles it is likely that neo II would have amd zen cores and a target release in 2019.

    • Hvd

      4 year old cpu with brand new gpu = bottleneck just wait and will still have 1080p/30fps games on ps4 neo they will just LOOK better.

    • LordCancer Kain

      not really. its an SOC. with more cores and faster frequencies.

    • Foster Hampton

      Its the same cpu but with a faster clock speed.

    • LordCancer Kain

      that is what i said, thanks.

    • LordCancer Kain

      yeah bro they should use rainbow and unicorns too. or we can live in the real world. sarcasm aside, sony and microsoft are never going to build systems for a loss ever again and even if they did whatever they chose would still be under powered by pc standards. ppc is dead, your only other choices are arm, mips and x86 and there is a reason arm and mips were not chosen because they are not powerful enough for gaming systems. so with x86 you have amd and intel and only amd offers an all in one chip powerful enough for gaming and frankly they were the only company that were interested and willing to produce an affordable gaming chip that sony and microsoft could profit on and that we could afford to buy.

      what they should do is what they have done is build consoles as cheap as possible and then introduce newer more powerful versions every three years
      while targeting a $200 and $400 price point. this opens up consoles to mass market and a continual install base.

      i think without the burden of hundred dollar per unit loss and billion dollar recalls this will free up sony and microsoft to invest in new ip and games in general.

    • justerthought

      I agree. Although I’m really happy with the rumoured spec for the GPU and RAM bandwidth, the CPU has me worried because a lot of performance issues were CPU bound related such AC Unity and Witcher 3. I’m not totally convinced overclocking will sort that. It will always be a weak link the hardware like it is at present.

      I would rather pay a little extra and have a better CPU than carry forward the same performance issues. Sony have a chance to make the best console ever made perfect. Let’s hope they don’t get cold feet and go for the cheaper option. Those that are upgrading will be expecting a premium elite version, so a premium price wouldn’t hurt as long as it was within reason.

  • StarveBox_One

    More divide talk lol

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    PS4.5 is pretty much a middle finger to all ps4 owners by Sony. Sony screws their fanbase again and they keep taking it. Like Vita Move and wonderbook.

    • PuiuCS

      you serious problems if you think that an a new console is insulting any Sony fan. only a kid would care about it since he can’t brag about having the new version.

      it does not take anything away from the regular PS4 and it just gives people with more money a better option. if this “screws” you, then you are probably just one of those raging kids in COD.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Jimmy Done Goofed.

    • justerthought

      Sony don’t screw their customers. It’s totally optional. You can stay as you are and not be affected if you want.

      I bought a PS4 and it’s the best games console ever made by any company. I didn’t buy a Vita Move or a Wonderbook. I know when to back a good horse when I see it, so I’m definitely getting a PS4 Neo. Not because Sony want me to buy it. Because I definitely want the extra performance boost.

  • Hvd

    the ps4 is about to get a lot of crap ports to if from ps4 neo.or the ps4 neo is gojng to get the short end of the stick and its going to divide their fan base.

    • LordCancer Kain

      lol even if you divide the install base its still more than xbox and xbox is doing the same thing. but your wrong anyways because if they lower the cost of ps4 and x1 to $200 you are selling to the mass market that haven’t purchased a console yet and selling neo and x1.5 to the premium market.

    • Hvd

      not when ps4 owners get pissed off at sony and leave for the xbox.just think about the 3 year cycle on the ps4 with pay for bc.while xbox has win 10 and pc like bc for free.

      that means no matter what every xbox upgeade will let you keep your games with you for freewhile you have to pay for it on the ps4

      think about it.wait till the ps5 comes out and the ps4 is gone and the only way to play those ps4 games is by paying for them even if you have them.

      the ps4 bc is a joke.

    • LordCancer Kain

      so ps4 owners are going to buy an xbox to play playstation games?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      that’s sucha stupid and short sighted comment.. legit stupid! How is this dividing the install base!

      Why dont people liek you make comments like this when it comes to PC games!? Or why are people like you quick to talk about the lack of power or performance from games.. JUST to be given the option for improvement and yet you STILL complain!?

    • Hvd

      3ds new 3ds ned i say more.some games run good on the new 3ds and the same game runs like crap on the 3ds.the devs are lazy you think they want to make two different playstation games.

      use common sense one version of the game is going to suffer.if there is a ps4 every 3 years one will be phased out much like cell phones are.when the ps5 launches the ps4 will be phased out.

      that is going to be the new standard with a 3 year it is again.ps4 launches then 3 years later the ps4 neo launches then 3 years later the ps5 launches and the ps4 is phased out.

      thats just how console gaming is going to one system is going to get the short end of the stick.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      but the difference is thats handheld.. Development on console is more like PC development you develop for the lowest common denominator. You do not develop for a high end 8K 120FPS rig.. You develop for the lowest rig you can and allow for optimization for more powerful hardware And console will be the same!
      There s no evidence that this upgraded PS4 will be a thing that comes out every 3 years! You’re just being doom and gloom and playing on these randomly generated fears to try make yourself seem right!

    • Hvd

      you arnt understanding the comparison a newer version of the hand held gets the better game then the lower end hand held get the crappy version.

      ps4 neo is the new console the games will run and be better on that system.the ps4 will get the crappy version since its the low end console.

      whats worse after two more years when the ps4 neo launches the ps5 will be released and the ps4 will be phased out.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      i COMPLETELY understand what you’re saying but what you dont seem to understand is how big budget games development works! It’s not just as easy as seeing you’re making it seem you really are comparing apples and pears!
      The games will indeed run better on the Neo.. BUT the difference is the games will be developed to be able to run as normal on PS4 as they would normally and run at a way not possible on the base model PS4 so NO ONE IS LOSING OUT!! Theres a difference! No ‘Neo mode’ game is going to run like a normal PS4 game and the base mode PS4 will run worse THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE NOT REALISING!
      Again do you know this..? Do you work for Sony or anybody else in the Sony headquaters to be making a claim like the PS5 is coming in 2 years!?
      Your problem is you say things and you allow yourself to believe them as fact when you LITERALLY have 0 proof!

    • Hvd

      most people like to this of the ps4 neo in the terms of there are new cell phones released every year right.what happens after a few year the old phone is phased out and the new model iis released.common sense right?

      if the consoles are on a 3 years cycle now the ps4 will be phased out it 2 more knowing that when the new console is released wouldnt they just concentrate on the ps4 neo and give the ps4 the crappy version since its going to be phased out when the ps5 launches.

      he ps4 launched 2 years later the ps4 neo the 3 years later the ps5 launches and the ps4 is phased out like cell phones.

      the point is when the ps4 neo launches the devs will hate making 2 versions a base and neo.they know the ps4 will be phased out in afew more years and just start making games for the ps4 neo.then rinse and repeate for the ps5 then the ps5.5 ect.

      thats how its going to be now.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      From what we DO know is there will be 2 models! The Neo and the base model! It will probably ONLY be those 2 models FOREVER!!! There is NO mention of this is the new trend! JUST that this may be the only model coming out! SO YOUR POINTS ARE IRRELEVANT!
      And no it WOULDN’T stop development on the base model PS4.. Is that what happens on PC.!? NO.. This is what im telling you you DONT know how game development works but for osme reason you’re still here trying to argue about things you are unaware of!
      You literally dont know what you’re talking about any everything you’re saying is stupid because you’re just assuming you know the details of everything . please just give up because you’re starting to look stupid tbh!

    • Hvd

      we have a understanding but the other point m making is the devs will not like making 2 versions of a game.knowing that thwere will be a ps5 a few years later after the ps4 neo they will just start not caring about making a game run the best on the ps4 because the ps5 is coming.

      think of it like pc ports they dont care about pc so they give them crappy ports thats my point here.they wont care to make games good for the ps4 because it will be phased out.

      i hope you get my point.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      *sigh* You clearly DONT if you’re still insistent on that devs would get tired of developing two versions!
      Ok look.. during games development ALLL GAMES IN FACT! They cater to the lower denominator like ive already explained.. Once they have done this they look at how they can improve on the game through polish! You can try to say as much as you want that how do i know that this will be the case for the Neo! But the VERY SIMPLE answer is the fact that thats how PC development works TILL TODAY!!!! EVERY game you play on PC isnt built from the ground up to be able to run 4k and 120FPS its built to be able to run 30FPs 720p the other settings come from optimisation and polish!!!

      So if you’re hating the Neo and questioning it’s development process then you have to not be a Sony basher and ALSO say that PC gaming splits its demographic DRASTICALLY and that developers will get bored of developing games for the MANY MANNNYYYY setting PC offers because PC games will have WAY more settings than the PS4’s ‘neo mode’ & ‘Base mode’! So dont be a fanboy and just Sony bash because it makes you feel better!

    • Hvd

      sad ill just tell you flat out the devs already has stated they hate having to make a base mode and a neo mode one version is going to suffer with bad games….enjoy

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      *sigh*… how can you say they’ve alread ystarted when the damn thing isn’t even out yet…? Every article thats come out with questioning the PS4 has come from some no name studio that nobody has heard of or interested in!
      That’s my point people like you and people that make these flame articles all they do is perpetrate fear while giving NO factual evidence or giving NO perspective on the conversation.. Just opinions that are reinforced with ‘facts’ that come from PERSONAL OPINIONS AND ASSUMPTIONS! How you dont see this i dont even know!!

      And that’s my point! There cant be bad ports ON THE NORMAL PS4 just on the Neo ps4! Because ALL GAMES WILL WORK as normal on our normal Ps4 because they have to… and ANY Neo version of the game will just have to be a higher framerate and resolution! THATS IT!!!

  • Barry Harden

    Don’t PC games developers have the same issues? Different CPU’s, GPU’s, ram size, etc… I guess there will be no more DOTA, LOL, Counter Strike, etc….

    Man you clowns on gamingbolt are really hungry for those click views. Let’s all ship you back to Pakistan and be done with.

    • Louise Smalls

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  • J.j. Barrington

    Speculation isn’t news, Rashid…

  • LordCancer Kain

    look, i am already sick of these whiny short sighted articles.

    the future is continuous. deal with it.

  • Jason Mounce

    There seems to be a lot of Fear mongering going around. Trying to cast your pitchforks and orchestrate a blind hate-train towards something unfamiliar? Throw your rocks at big ole’ Sony cause they’re being cast as the villain for this move?

    Calm your nips, Gamingbolt. This fear mongering is pathetic.

    Let’s relook at history (And not just go with simple PC comparisons which others can do) Let’s bring us back to the N64 era with and without the Expansion pack add-on. Some games just couldn’t run, or were crippled and had reduced features without it being in the system. It was worse off because it made it so it caused incompatibility issues in some circumstances, while others, like say, Perfect Dark proved why Nintendo wanted you to have the expansion pack. Nintendo made is a borderline necessity if you wanted to continue playing the best games they brought out. Sony? They’re just giving us an optional upgrade for those that like having more power for the games that AREN’T on PC and never will be on PC.

    Continue making idiotic articles and I will block the site with my trusty apps to ensure I never accidentally click an article that leads to here ever again, m8s.

  • dapaintrain

    Logical solution is to sell your ps4 and upgrade for the extra 100 seriously most people drop 100 on a game without thinking about it but hardware that’s a dirty word

  • dapaintrain

    So far it’s mandatory to have bc for the original ps4 with no difference in gaming features minus graphics so basically it’s only going to bother a small minority of hardcore gamers.

    The public will be oblivious to this.

  • justerthought

    This dev talks as if PS4 and PS4 Neo are two totally different platforms. If that were true, the PC would have thousands of platforms and be impossible to make games for. The two consoles will be very similar and have a lot of overlap, so complaining that it is twice the work as if you’re developing for something PS4 and XB1 is just whinging.

    They clearly feel PS4 is a cash cow and want to preserve it that way. Easy money because they don’t have to do much work with it being a close system. Well we are the customers so if they want our money they need to get their finger out and stop moaning that the good times are over.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    how can you divide a market with the SAME console! This guys talking like the PS4 Neo is a separate system with its own exclusive games!

    This guy doesn’t know WHAT he’s talking about! honestly i hope people come back to these articles when/if a PS4 Neo releases and when nobody reacts negatively or the industry doesn’t burn down the way people are so quick to say will happen.. People come back and remind these stupid writers of these articles!


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