PS4 Owners Not Happy With Latest Firmware Update, Demand More Features To Be Added

PS4 owners are not a happy bunch at the moment.

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Sony have just released PlayStation 4’s latest firmware update which only improves the stability of some applications and software. This has apparently made certain fans livid as they believe that Sony are simply pushing out stability updates after updates. Microsoft on the other hand has been extremely forthcoming with their monthly feature previews and have added meaningful features every month for the Xbox One.

Several users from Reddit, Twitter and Neogaf are disappointed that Sony have been extremely slow regarding their feature updates for the PlayStation 4. Although they have added the SHAREfactory feature and have several things planned for the future, most users believe that Sony should consistently start releasing features that make sense.

GamingBolt’s take: Although Sony have a history of releasing a lot of stability updates, it’s high time they should at least add most wanted features like instant suspend and resume, CD and file playback and DLNA streaming. Heck, even a small update like changing your PS4’s UI background and theme will make certain users happy.

On a related note, check out our article on 15 things that Sony needs to set right with the PlayStation 4. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Anders

    Which features are you talking about?

  • derpburp

    Further proof that the majority of ps4 owners are whiny little brats.

  • brianc6234

    Dumb crybabies. Okay Sony, put out new features even if they aren’t ready. These idiots demand it.

    • yeah because it takes 9 months to learn how to play a mp3 or video file from a hard drive or put an animated/non animated background on the XMB (which is does already, just not customisable), technology that they licked in PS3 in 2006 that wasn’t even x86 framework, yeah you’re bright boy alright. Sony are reluctant to release these updates as they will render movies and music unlimited…null void and lose them money. Greed is the corner stone of these companies.

    • bardock5151

      It does appear that Sony is trying to milk a little more out of their own streaming services, pretty similar to the gold pay wall that used to lock away Netflix and such.

  • spideynut71

    LOL…and the idiot Sony fanboys thought the whole “Greatness Awaits” was referring to games.

  • bizzy gie

    Those Xbox One updates have been nothing but catch-up to features PS4 already has for the most part.

    • bardock5151

      Wow your really trying to beat a dead horse that isn’t there. Seriously both have got the same features as well as features yet to come that the other already has.

  • bizzy gie

    MS has been pumping our major updates periodically but they’ve only added features PS4 mostly already has. Most people are just complaining to complain. NONE of you will use 3D Blu-ray.

  • Not_true

    It’s going to take time to get all the PS3 features to a new console.

  • Alex MacGillivray

    I have no problem with ps4 and am
    happy to wait for other feature after all I purchased it to play games and if I want the other media features I will just switch my Ps3 on as I am a patient man


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