PS4 Sales Hit 4.5 Million In Japan

Without much help from the PS4 Pro.

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The Japanese console gaming market is officially back on the upswing- after spending some years in the doldrums, owing to the Wii’s early death, the Wii U’s failure, and the PS4 not selling well until very recently, the market is now on the rise again thanks to strong Switch and PS4 sales. We’ve already reported on the Nintendo Switch’s strong start in the region, but how is Sony’s console doing?

Very well, it turns out. This week marks the PlayStation 4 hitting 4.5 million units in sales in Japan- launch aligned, it is doing far better than the PS3. With Japanese support for the PS4 showing no signs of relenting, this can only bode good things for the system’s future in the region. Conversely, fans of Japanese games can be assured that their PS4s will be supported with games for a very long time to come.

The one black mark in this good news is the performance of the PS4 Pro- the console has simply failed to move the needle in Japan, and its sales are only 200,000- less than 5% of total PS4 sales in the country. While Sony never intended it to be a volume mover, I am sure they wanted it to do better than it is doing right now.

Ah well- even while the Pro flounders, the standard PS4 and Nintendo Switch continue to do well. It’s good times all around for the Japanese gaming industry.

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  • Mike Clyne

    I can’t understand why anyone buying a PS4 at this moment would pick the regular PS4 over Pro.
    I play on a 1080p tv and it’s still great. But whatever, it’s impossible to make sense of Japanese customer buying habits.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Ya can’t make sense of Japanese customer buying habits.

    • Al Debaran

      Yeah I don’t know, its not like one costs half what the other is worth and you can even get a couple triple A games for free … yep the Japanese customers are so weird /s

    • Mark

      It’s possible Japanese don’t have a thing for graphics like us. Look at what dominates over there, handhelds. They’ve got high priority for characters and gameplay. So I guess what’s the point of the Pro to them, especially with it costing them 100 more beans. But I’m with u, over here we want CGI graphics ahaha

    • Jimmy Boy

      Switch outsold the 3DS by 10 fold on launch, and 5 fold in the second week! The PS4 is also outselling the 3DS in Japan, so the 3DS is showing its age in Japan, but the fact that the Switch exploded in sales in Japan shows the handheld aspect is still alive and well there

    • Mark

      The Switch is doin its thing! But we gotta wait n see the sales for the whole year.

    • Afnan Acchan

      3DS sold faster than DS 1st year but then fall behind. Xbox One early sales on par with PS4 but later fall behind. Wii sold faster than PS2 for first few years but in the end it is nowhere near PS2.

    • Afnan Acchan

      cheaper, play same game, smaller (space is limited in japan) . the only difference is frame rate and resolution.

  • Jimmy Boy

    Hey, dummy, the Wii U is only 400,000 units behind GameCube in Japan!! It was the Americas where it’s only half the GameCube numbers.


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