PS4 Sold 11 Million Units In 2015

Total PS4 sales are up 15 percent year over year.

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There have been a number of reports coming out about the kind of year Sony has had when it comes to sales of the PS4, but one of the newest reports shows just how successful a year the console has had. The report not only indicates that over the life of the PS4, Sony has seen sales of more than 30 million but the current generation device has shipped nearly 12 million units in 2015 alone, and that’s before the big Holiday season sales rush.

That number is even more impressive when you put it next to the sales numbers of the Xbox One and the Wii U. Nintendo’s console actually released a year earlier than the PS4 and it has just barely topped the 10 million units sold over the life of the device. There’s been little doubt that the PS4 has also been beating out the Xbox One quite easily, but we’re not sure just how much it’s actually winning that battle, because Microsoft hasn’t released those sales numbers. The company did release some partial sales numbers last year, where it said the console had just topped the 10 million units sold mark about this time last year.

Not only did the PS4 already top 11 million units sold this year, but the report from ZhugeEX shows that sales numbers this year are actually up about 15 percent when looking at year over year numbers. No matter how you slice it, that means it’s been a pretty good 2015 for the PS4 and it appears to only be getting better the closer we get to 2016.

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  • XbotMK1

    False. Microsoft said they were approaching 10 million “shipped” this time last year which holds little to no weight when Microsoft is inflating their shipped numbers by flooding the market with constant bundles and different SKUs that are just sitting on shelves while there are less PS4 SKUs and less PS4s sitting on shelves and the recent 30.2 million number was for PS4 s sold to consumers.

  • Gamez Rule

    SCE announced that the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system has cumulatively ♦SOLD♦ through more than 30.2 million units worldwide as of November 22 2015. ( Not shipped as clearly pointed out “Number of retail sales to consumers” ) ..I thought this would have shown sold not shipped..”The 30.2 million PS4 owners around the world would have too” ☺

    Either way not bad at all selling that amount of consoles in two years to consumers when people say that it has no games LMAO!

  • One The One

    PS4 GOTY: Sales Remastered.

    Everything in glorious 1080p/30fps, obviously. Enjoy!

  • Mr Xrat

    And Xgimp backsides continue to prolapse more and more as the walloping the Xbone receives gets worse. 🙂

    • Truth™

      And the rest of us laugh at Sonycucks with no games and COD Maps

      PC Gaming won the generation. Steam is crushing PS4. Weeb games are coming to their true home on PC and Cuckcharted 4 will flop.

      Good times :^)

  • Gamez Rule

    PS4 and PC remote play ….

    “Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and
    yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac”
    Yoshida said in a tweet.

    Well we all knew that was coming anyway sooner or later ☺


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