PS4-Xbox One FPS/Resolution Debate: Better FPS Is Preferred, 99% of People Won’t Spot The Difference

Simon Bennett, Director at Roll7 gives his take on the resolution and frame rate debate between PS4 and Xbox One.

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Ever since the advent of PS4 and Xbox One, there has been a constant discussion not only among players but also the development community about frame rate and resolution. Certain developers prefer a better resolution over frame rate, whereas others prefer vice versa.

GamingBolt asked Simon Bennett, who is the Director at Roll7 Ltd about his  thoughts on the current resolution and frame rate debate between and PS4 and Xbox One, and what does he personally prefer.

“Always start with a solid frame rate, gameplay is king! Then push for resolution second,” he said to GamingBolt. “To be honest if you tested people on this kind of stuff – 99% of people would probably not spot the difference! Like MP3s / CD / Super Audio CDs…”

Roll7 are currently working on OlliOlli, a skateboarding video game that is scheduled for a release on PC on July 22nd. The PS4 version, which will be running at 1080p and 60fps,  is expected to launch in August. You can pre-order OlliOlli on Steam from here.

Thoughts? Let us known the comments section below.

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  • Guest


  • Convergence87

    LOOOOOL what bs pro xbone propaganda

    • Michael Norris

      This whole website is like that sadly.

  • Jonah Thrillz

    You know what’s funny? Last gen the internet was littered with articles complaining about the PS3’s graphics compared to the Xb360. Now that the roles are reversed we now get articles saying graphics don’t matter?

    Micro$oft marketing money at work here.

    Oh and Gaming Bolt. Do something about your pop-up ads or I’ll start developing a browser app to specifically block it from your site.

    • Starman

      Try harder , the graphics still look dark brown and grainy ….

    • Jonah Thrillz

      9million PS4 users can’t be wrong!

    • Jonah Thrillz

      Pull your head from your rear-end and then you’ll see the graphics won’t be dark brown and grainy.

    • Agent_Blade

      Nice one. 1+

    • Failz

      Difference between the 360 and PS3 was in the effects. Funny how GT6 runs at 1080p yet Forza 4 looked better? AMAZING!!!! This generation its only resolution which both systems display in HD and 1080p.

    • Jonah Thrillz

      Nope. Even if a game is at the same resolution and frame rate on bother platforms, the PS4 version still comes out ahead. The graphical differences in lighting, shadows, shading, etc.. are better on the PS4 version of the game.
      Don’t forget the GPU on the XBone is model below the PS4 and missing features.

    • Not_true

      PS3 was slightly more powerful than 360 but very hard to code for. PS4 is both much more powerful AND easier to code for. No contest.

      If they’re both running at the same resolution the Xbox version will have lower framerate, more screen tear, and/or less visual effects, or the PS4 hardware isn’t being pushed. Any game running on Xbox One can be run with better framerate/resolution/visual effects on PS4.

    • bardock5151

      The cell processor was better but the gpu in the xbox was more powerful and faster than that in ps3. The cell processor in the end was able to push out great graphics but if last generation ended 4 years earlier it might have seriously tarnished the playstation brand because as of that point in time no game on the ps3 looked even close to that of the 360 versions. Xbox could have been left worse off too with rrod fresh in many peoples minds as well.

    • Not_true

      Uncharted 2, 3, and TLOU are considered the most technically accomplished games of last gen.

      Yes PS3 is more powerful than 360 when properly coded, which took a ton of time and effort.

    • bardock5151

      Yes they can be considered that way, coding was the big problem I agree. I also think the 360 didn’t do enough to foster creative use of hardware and software like ND had to with the ps3 without ND I believe those accolades never would have gone that way, Sony should be grateful of the talent they scooped up.

    • Ian Williams

      gt6 was 1280×1080

    • bardock5151

      The major argument was graphics not display resolution two different things and last gen the ps3 copped alot of crap because it couldn’t keep up, you had to code specifically for it to get what they ended up with. The ps3 consistently left a fair number of graphics effects at the door with multiplats and at the start of last gen with exclusives as well as games that weren’t upscaled or upscaled poorly and at lower resolutions. This gen the xbox has lower resolutions and some cases a slightly worse or lower capped frame rate, yet the effects and textures are largely the same, the ps4 however in some games tends to take a noticeably longer time to load the same textures.

    • Jonah Thrillz

      The main problem here is the amount of work required to get a game on the XBone running at the same resolution and frame rate as the PS4. It’s exactly the same problem last gen but the roles were reversed. Developers are under tight deadlines and you can be assured they will cut corners to meet them. In this case the multiplatform games won’t look as good on the XBone.

      Many, many sites have done a thorough analysis of multiplatform games and have concluded the graphical effects and details are better on the PS4.

    • bardock5151

      I agree it is harder to hit the mark on xbox one over ps4 just not the same level of effort more than was required with the ps3, its more of a slight diversion from the 360’s design and has made it harder for devs to figure out the xbox so yes the roles have been somewhat reversed uncannily so in marketing too. The beauty of a fixed platform is the fact that nothing changes, all developers start of as toddlers on new hardware bumbling around trying to get a grip on things and as everything matures and devs improve their understanding of the hardware they can find new tricks that quite possibly could push one piece of hardware over another. The large majority never believed Sony and their spin on how powerful the cell powered ps3 was going to be, even developers thought they were full of it but in the end sony was saved by a dedicated 1st party coding and developing studio brimming with talent, with out ND they may never have realised the potential behind the hardware. The same could possibly applied to the xbox one its a weird design not a bad design the potential for power is there but just requires dedicated resources to improve it. But as with the ps3 the final outcome will only be known at the end of this generation.

    • Not_true

      Anyone with technical knowledge knew PS4’s game graphics performance would be better for the entire generation as soon as the specs were official. That was well over a year ago. Apparently it’s taking some people a LONG time to come to terms with reality.

      PS3 was slightly more powerful than 360 but very hard to code for. PS4 is both much more powerful AND easier to code for. No contest.

    • bardock5151

      Much more powerful is a bit of stretch. Everyone likes to throw around theoretical numbers but its not simply the case. Theoretical peak for ps4 172gb/s realistically anywhere between 130 at minimum 160 at maximum that’s fact, anybody who says they can get full usage of that bandwidth is full of it, still impressive to get those numbers but never going to be max theoretical speed. Its no different with the xbox who willingly supplied a realistic view of 204gb/s theoretical max but real world speeds of around 150 for the esram and 60 for the ddr3. The cpu is more powerful due to the upclock as well as the added in move engines it reduces the number of cycles wasted shunting data to and from the cpu and gpu a similar implementation is used for cell processor’s, next the cpu does next to no extra audio work on xbox one due to the audio block with 512 streams going at once compared to the ps4 of 200 streams which means more cpu work for ps4 and lost cycles on the cpu effectively cutting away your theoretical peak performance. Now the xbox has the superior cpu through offloading effectively, which now brings things a little closer yet again and then it’s up to Microsoft to mature the api and sdk assist developers with any problems and your 50% power gap is reduced to a pointless little number. The power difference between the 360 and ps3 was not a little the cell processor itself had 230 gigaflops compared to 72 for the 360 that’s alot of cpu bang. The 360 had a third the amount of cpu power and in the end that showed.

    • Jonah Thrillz

      In the case of the XBone it’s the lack of hardware resources. It’s just hampered by the slow 8GB DDR3 memory and a limited 32mb ESRAM.
      The best analogy is this: the developers have to figure out how to push that square peg through a round hole. Corners have to be cut in order to do that.

      It’s not a simple case of trying to unlock hidden performance when in reality there is none. This is fact.
      They can probably get XBone games running at 1080p and maybe 60fps but to achieve this they will dial down the graphic fidelity. No way around it.

  • Richardo

    Depending on the game & the environment and the effects being rendered, PS4 multiplats generally have a 5-15fps advantage. The problem though is that this is pointless with current screen technology as anything that doesn’t update at screen refresh rates causes stuttering, so devs are now offering the ability to lock the ps4 version at 30fps. Sceentearing is rarely an issue on PS4 though as many devs so far have employ triple buffering in the ps4 version.

    A better use of ps4’s hardware would be for developers to increase quality & complexity of environments or scenes being rendered, since they do this in PC games which have ultra settings for effects and environment details or post processing.

  • rudero

    Well, according to their sales for the xbox one vs install for the xbox 360 and competing sales, they have convinced people that this is true. That is right Microsoft, convince people there is no reason to upgrade because they won’t be able to tell the difference. Because literally, someone sell me a xbox one on the same merits they are trying to downplay the ps4’s advantage.

  • Eagles83

    Sitting 8 to 10 feet away from a tv you would not be able to tell the difference. At that distance you can’t see pixels anyway. It is when the framerate is higher or the assets in game are of a different quality that you can tell the difference. A PC game running 720p on high settings looks superior to the same game running at 1080p medium settings. If you sit closer to the screen then that changes everything but usually consoles are in a living room which negates this effect. If you think otherwise it is more likely your own bias is making you believe it is the opposite.

    • Jecht_Sin

      *8 to 10 feet or more depending on the size of the screen,

      With a 65″ television one can double the viewing distance compared to a 32″ tv still noticing the difference in resolution.

    • Eagles83

      Sure the size of the screen is everything. However I doubt most people will be using a 65 inch tv.

    • Not_true

      Yeah no. More downplaying and damage control.

    • Eagles83

      Not downplaying it at all. Here is a chart for your reference. .

  • Dirkster_Dude

    All this guy said was a faster frame rate is better than higher resolution. He didn’t get into any argument about PS4 or XB1 or what console has a faster frame rate or higher resolution. I believe his game is on the Vita and PC (Steam). I don’t think it is actually coming to the 360 or XB1 so I can’t see how he can be accused of being some sort of X-Box Fanboy.

    • GK15


  • Failz

    Both systems display HD resolution and both upscale to 1080p. Could any body tell that Killzones MP was only 1080i? or BF4 is only 900p? Nope.
    Framerate > Resolution

    • Not_true

      You lie. Stop telling people what they can and can’t see.

      Factual PS4 Hardware Advantages: +6 CUs, +540 GFlops (40% greater) or more, +16 ROPs, +6 ACEs/CQs, better GPGPU support (volatile bit and onion+ gpu cache bypass bus), better performing CPU, faster unified memory, and less OS overhead.

      If they’re both running at the same resolution the Xbox version will have lower framerate, more screen tear, and/or less visual effects, or the PS4 hardware isn’t being pushed. Any game running on Xbox One can be run with better framerate/resolution/visual effects on PS4.

      Anyone with technical knowledge knew PS4’s game graphics performance would be better for the entire generation as soon as the specs were official. That was well over a year ago. Apparently it’s taking some people a LONG time to come to terms with reality.

      Every console or gaming device has a power budget that can be put towards resolution, framerate, or visual effects. PS4 has a higher total budget than Xbox, and good PCs have an even higher budget.

    • Ian Williams

      Shut up derp, see your still copying and pasting.

    • Not_true

      Still 100% factual and correct.

    • Ian Williams

      rubbish you mong

    • Ian Williams

      how do you explain destiny then? parity much

    • corvusmd

      Stop telling me that there is a substantial difference, and stop assuming that paper specs translate straight to the screen. If so, with PS4 being easier to develop for at the moment, we’d see HUGE gaps in the final product already, but we don’t. I have both consoles, I can see for myself…the more you spit this garbage, the more I know that you haven’t seen a straight comparison and that you simply WANT the X1 to fail.

      ANYONE that is giving this a fair objective opinion would look at the two side by side and say it’s difficult to tell which is which, and if you can, it’s nothing to brag about at all. PLEASE get over this and just play games. Now…we’ll give PS4 as point for slightly beating out X1 in the graphics category….unfortunately, many people that have both (like myself) feel that X1 stomps PS4 in EVERY other category right now. So when you look at it as “a system that has a slight graphics advantage, against a system that does everything else better” it seems ridiculous that you are fighting this so hard. Just get them all, and enjoy the games.

    • Not_true

      Stating facts and reality does not equal “wanting it to fail”. You are making things up.

      All 3 consoles have good games and have their pluses and minuses. It’s only fanboys mindlessly trashing one or the other.

      It seems most console gamers are ignoring attempts to downplay PS4’s stronger hardware and buying PS4s anyway. Sorry.

    • HaakonKL

      A decent PC will bend over any of the current generations and spank them hard.

      It’s just a shame that PC graphics are being ruined on purpose.
      I’m still angry about the entire Watch_Doge debacle when someone found “e3_graphics=0”, and set it to “e3_graphics=1”.
      That’s just not cool.

  • GK15

    Hahaha! So yet another dev says that resolution isn’t a big deal. 99% of people can’t spot the difference? Interesting.

  • Ian Williams

    All the pony bullshitrs below, who cares about res, play games, if you care about res buy a pc. this article is pro xbone, what like pony doesn’t have their share of articles and websites. irony.

  • HisDivineOrder

    The problem I have mostly with the Xbox One is the inferior hardware it includes did not have to be there. They could have gone for the same hardware as the PS4 and wound up with an equal console. Microsoft focused on Kinect and TV features at the detriment to the overall hardware and are now struggling to spin their way out of the bad decisions of Don Mattrick.

    They’d have been better off delaying launch, changing the hardware ahead of launch once he was gone, and releasing a few months later at the same price as PS4 sans-Kinect.

    But they tried to just soldier on with a $499.99 console with a CPU (DDR3L with a small cache versus straightforward GDDR5) and especially a GPU that were considerably (by a 1/3rd less SP’s and again a more complex, less straightforward memory bandwidth scenario) less powerful in day to day usage by the greatest majority of developers than their $399.99 competition.

    Now many months later, they drop the price and only to the same price as the console with the superior hardware?

    No, Microsoft. The difference in hardware is going to continue to show up whether it’s in resolution, framerate, or effects. Whenever MS plugs one or two of those holes, the boat’ll still be sinking because they can’t plug all three and still match the PS4 in anything graphically intense.

    And no, DirectX 12 is not going to magically save the day. Even Phil Spencer said a few months back that the majority of what is great about DirectX 12 is great for PC only because it involves the addition of low-level access features that already exist on Xbox One and were directly ported from Xbox One to PC. So those features were already present when Xbox One was having its problems in facing down PS4 ports.

    No magic software is going to come along and save Xbox One from its Destiny (heh) of ports that make sacrifices to seem to keep up with PS4.

    Elsewhere, PC will leap far and away ahead with DirectX 12 and is already well ahead with DirectX 11 (especially with nVidia’s new Shadercache that makes DX11 much faster).

    • GK15

      I respect what you’re saying. But at the end of the day, I still think that XB1 is a great console that is capable of great looking games all Gen. And excellent features that provide value beyond just graphics.

      I think PS4 will have some better looking games (I think the difference in multiplats is negligible), but Xbox will still have great looking and fun games all Gen and the console features like instant switching really feel next Gen.

      Also the new updated Activity feed and Friends tab looks like they’re turning Xbox Live into it’s own social media hub. That is a fantastic idea that I bet Nintendo and Sony will also emulate at some point.

      It’s disappointing to see many people dismiss XB1. Ryse and Forza were absolutely beautiful launch games. Halo, Gears and many others will also be gorgeous and a lot of fun. I think some PS4 games will look better, but by how much and will they be more enjoyable games?

      MS are salvaging what they can from Mattrick’s mistakes with XB1, but I still think they have a pretty good console to work with. And it looks like they are doubling down on games since Phil took over. That is fine by me

  • Matt L Parks

    Joe gamers won’t notice the difference. People who actually follow gaming will notice it.

  • ineedgames

    You would have to have some good eyes to tell the difference.

    Most people will not see the difference unless you put two screen shots side by side.

    Heck I bet even if Digital Foundry didn’t tell you guys Killzone wasn’t 1080p or if No one anounced if Watchdogs wasn’t 1080p on Ps4 you still wouldn’t notice the difference today.

    People are just telling you what you want to believe.

  • you guys saying this is pro Xbox, but the games isn’t even coming out on the Xbox anytime soon, read the PC and PS4, no mention of it releasing on the Xbox One.

  • bardock5151

    I’m not disagreeing with the fact multiplats look better but on the whole its not nearly as noticeable as others try to point out. If you put a group of people in front of screen and showed them both ps4 and xbox one gameplay of the same game withbout them knowing which is which the choice they make would be dependant entirely on what picture looks better to them the effects they wont notice as there is alot happening on screen, lighting and shadows are similar too as most wouldn’t notice that either. When it comes down to what is possible on each piece of hardware, isn’t it entirely possible Microsoft has done something with the hardware that will eventually push them above or at least to parity with ps4? For instance what was possible on ps3 at the surprised alot of people myself included yet performed worse on multiplats most of the way. The opposite could be entirely true as well, but we will not know till the end of the generation, or untill Sony and Microsoft release all their respective hardware details, but I wouldn’t count on xbox losing out, I made that mistake with the ps3.


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