PS5 (Or Some Other Next Gen PlayStation) Coming In 2018, Says Analyst

The same analyst who correctly predicted the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim too, mind…

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The PS4 is just a few years old, and it has only recently begin hitting its stride. Plus last year, Sony released the PS4 Pro, which was a pretty hefty mid life update to the system as well. The general understanding has been that the console will stick around for a few years before a successor is introduced.

The general understanding may be wrong. According to Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong (via Wall Street Journal), Sony will “release its next-generation PlayStation by the second half of 2018.”

Now the wording here is interesting, because it never actually specifies a new PlayStation console– so there is the possibility that this is actually a new handheld, or a hybrid in the vein of Nintendo’s Switch. After all, with the Switch proving that the portable market is still viable, it doesn’t make sense to let Nintendo have all of it to themselves, right?

Then again, it could just be a PS5, which would kill the Xbox Scorpio dead in its tracks. And for those of you who may think it’s too early, also remember that Sony released the PS3 in 2006, when the PS2 was in full gear, and that the PS2 continued to stick around for almost a decade after that nonetheless.

I don’t know what this new system will be- but I am incredibly intrigued to see what it is, should it turn out to be true.

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  • Old Skool

    I personally don’t mind a new stronger PlayStation system possibly being announced this soon.
    I have the PS4 Pro and I’m already down for something more powerful.
    I want EVERY game running at no less than 1080p 60fps with detailed textures and graphics on console.

    • LDS

      2019~2020 should be the sweet spot to release PS5 to ensure Navi based GPU and much cheaper customized Zen processor.
      In fact, new console in only 2 years would cause Pro buyers to go rant. It will likely be a handheld system.

  • Psionicinversion

    a new console by 2nd half 2018. nope new consoles seem to always launch for xmas time. not by june.

    • Scared

      The amount of stupid in this comment is amazing. The 2nd half of a year is around Xmas.

    • Psionicinversion

      the amount of stupidity in your comment is real. he said BY 2nd half which means it would have to launch before july. if he said IN 2nd half then it would be like what you said

  • Kent Reed

    Isn’t this the same person that predicted the moon being a giant cheddar cheese? Mickey Mouse proved him wrong in 1929 and that’s what really created the Great Depression. It lasted for 10 whole years…almost as long as the ps2

  • B Kool

    If the model is “spend $400 every two or three years” on PlayStation, pay for multiplayer, constantly struggle w/ storage capacity, etc., I’m going full on PC gaming.

    • Pennytwalker

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    • PorHawj2016

      you are crazy. People can use external hard drive to plug it on PS4 for more storage capacity

    • Psionicinversion

      only been acheiveable for a few months

    • LifeOnMars

      No big deal to upgrade the internal hard drive. I purchased a 2tb external £67 , opened the caddie put the 2tb in the PS4 and the old 1tb drive in caddie.
      Warranty still valid.And I now have a spare 1tg USB external drive.

  • Mr Xrat

    Doubt it.

  • shinningserpent

    hey pramath you moron, their talking about ps4 pro slim you these fan boys worried about scorpio so much that ps5 coming next week.

  • Dougdec92

    A new handheld will be cool for me, one that pushes the boundaries in handheld gaming and hopefully competes with the smartphone market, a handheld that can serve the backwards compatibility dish for PS gen before the ps4, a handheld that brings the indie devs flocking to it and then again a handheld that holds its own as a great device and cool companion to its console cousin.

  • LifeOnMars

    2018 seems a little early for PS5. Probably a PS4 Pro slim. I would like to see a PS4 portable similar to the Switch. 8″ HIRES screen ,std microSD storage and comparable with PS4 periferals.

    • Dougdec92

      The standard SD card storage might be a wish upon a wish but I hope they do so if it turns out to be true and it actually is a handheld.

  • Demetre M

    Lmfao the amount of salt in this articlr is priceless anyone thinking PS5 launching 2018 needs to get some medication your delusional

    Scorpio has made PS4 and Pro obsolete goodbye clowns

    When PS5 launches Scorpio2 will be out to destroy that too Power is gone from you deluted fools lmfao

    • LifeOnMars

      Yea, and my dad’s bigger than your dad.

    • Mark


    • Somebodysomewhere

      Meh, fanboys are losers. I’ll just buy a PS5 and Scorpio (also Scorpio 2) to add to my PS4 Pro, elite gaming PC and Nintendo Switch. I’ll enjoy playing games that you won’t be able to (unless you wanna buy another console or PC) and will also enjoy playing any game that you can. 😀

    • I think fanboyism is really cool actually, it’s kinda like hooligans at football clubs.

    • Hahah joker xD.

      So you gonna make me buy a Scorpio? I don’t want to.

      You gonna muscle me now? 🙂

      Nobody wants the Scorpio and you will find out the hard way. Microsoft will retire out of console making entirely by march 2018.

      No Scorpio 2 will ever be released.

      But.. you will, get Xbox live and windows pc games.

      (Insert (SEGA startup game logo sound) here)

      I hope the Scorpio fails harder than Sega after the “most powerfull” Dreamcast. People like you need a rude awakening.

      Microsoft can never lead the gaming industry again.. not softwarewise and hardwarewise. It would be really bad for gaming as a whole.

      It’s not about gaming anymore.. it’s about the future of the gaming industry and Sony should always be on top with Nintendo, it’s allright for MS to be on 3rd spot for innovation and competition sake.. and last but not least we also need low IQ’d xbox fans to laugh at offcourse 🙂

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      Hope they enjoyed making fun of the xbots while they had a chance.

    • Chase Rayfield

      You do realize that the Xbox and PS4 have effectively the same architecture with only minor differences… basically all the differences between them are software. So… whatever, the Scorpio will roast the PS4 Pro for a year so probably… then the PS5 will take back the lead for awhile etc.. and so on. Regardless the games and hardware get better and better.

  • LDS

    Who thinks it’s Vita2?

    • Dougdec92

      Me hopefully

  • bardock5151

    PS5? No. Slim pro (a UHD Bluray) maybe, possibly a dedicated PSnow device.
    Sony themselves just stated they entered “harvesting phase” on software. They also want to “reduce volatility”. A new generation wont help either.

    PS5 means more R&D, more marketing, more development time on games, another 3-4 years to implement basic features like external HDD support. Not to mention trying to separate all their products from each other, a PS4 pro just came out, PSVR just came out, PS4 slim, and now PS4 games through PS now moving to PC too.

    PS5 is 2020.

  • I want a new PS vita with PSVR!

  • Michael

    Lol….not gonna happen. Sony can’t afford the investment.

  • parallaxscroll

    PS5 isn’t coming until Holiday -2019- at the absolute soonest.

    And I’d say Fall 2020 is a much safer bet.

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