PS5’s Potential For Photorealism: We’re Always Moving Closer, Says Developer

‘Photorealism is a moving target.’

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Although the Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 Pro may end up extending the span of this generation by a few years, the fact of the matter remains that a proper next generation PlayStation 5 (and, who knows, a next generation Xbox as well- in spite of Microsoft’s claims to the contrary) will end up coming eventually.

If it does- what can we expect from it? 10 TFLOPs GPUs? Full photorealism in graphics? That was the question we asked Jakub Mikyska of grip-digital, the developers of Mothergunship. His response? Photorealism is, in the end, a moving target- a potential PS5 may bring us closer to it than we ever have been before, but actually hitting it is no guarantee.

“Closer? Sure. We’re always moving closer,” he said. “People thought that we had “hit” photorealism with the 360 generation. And then again with the Xbox One generation. But “photorealism” is a moving target that rushes away from you as fast as you run toward it. We’re not even “there” with offline rendering yet in film. In games, we’re getting environments much closer, and a better GPU helps that tremendously (have a look at Quixel Megascans for some teasers of the future), and we’ve made great strides on faces too (particularly on subsurface skin shading and hair shaders), but now we’re going to start realizing just how limited our animation tools are, and how stiff and unrealistic those faces are..or how choppy our shadows look or how ghostly the screenspace-AO feels in motion. There’s always room for improvement.”

Certainly he is right- there was definitely a time when people thought returns on graphics had hit a plateau back with the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube- but as we all know, graphics have continued to greatly advance since nonetheless. What kind of jumps in visual fidelity are brought to the table by the hypothetical PS5 remains to be seen- but we can hope they will be as impressive as every new generation of graphics tech has been so far.

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  • HAppY_KrAToS

    It’s easy: since the first playstation, sony has multiplied the power by 10.
    Around 2tflops for the ps4, 200gflops for the ps3, 20 gflops for the ps2, 2gflops for the ps1 (all values more or less. ..).

    We can expect a ps5 system with 20 tflops of power.

    maybe i should patent this, but, hey, not going to build a console these next decades, anyway 😉

    – if i were Sony, i would create a ps5, this way, for a november 2019 release

    – build a system with 20-25 tflops
    – 32 or 64 core ryzen cpu at 2 GHz
    – 32Gb of gddr (6 ?)
    – gpu with 150 to 200 graphic cores (ps4 pro has 36)
    – 3 parallel hardware-based MSAA 16-32x + other AA solutions- chips, to polish each frame perfectly, before hdmi output

    This would be the main system…

    … but the important innovative thing, would be the ‘playstation power cores’,
    small boxes, with variable ram and cpu, that users would buy, to boost their ps5 system.

    imagine you have uncharted 5 or the last of us 3, on ps5, with amazing graphics, shadows, antialiasing, lighting, fx particles, xx fps, 40% texture compression…

    now, we get 200 bucks, at Christmas.
    We grab the cash, and we go buy a playstation power core, that costs 150 bucks.

    we go home, connect it to the ps5, and thanks to the extra cpu, extra gpu, ram + other chips, in the extra power box, we can now go to the graphics menu, on The last of us 3, and we have like 10 green ‘power bars’. We can allocate 5 to the graphics/textures, 3 to the antialiasing, 1 for shadows and 1 for texture compression.
    The ps5 will then adapt it, to the game engine, that will render everything accordingly.

    If we have cash, we can buy another power box… and further increase the quality. If a guy has enough money, he can daisy-chain 10 boxes… and have the ps5 render 4k or even 8k games, 60 or 120 fps, 8k textures, pixar-like antialiasing, raytraced lighting… crazy particle fx…

    It would be a modular system, where gamers could add more and more power, to increase ingame whatever they want more (texture compression, or antialiasing quality, or shadows quality, or framerate, etc )

    A normal guy would ‘just’ get the core ps5. Others, could upgrade it, with those serial power boxes (max 20 power boxes)

    All sony need is a software/engine that can allocate resources in real-time. And a ultrafast bus/ port, for daisy-chaining the power boxes with the core ps5 system.

    I could see this being the future of the ‘home consoles’, with a scalable, upgradable core system, instead of a system that costs 3000 dollars only a few could buy, with a alien-based fan system, to cool down the hundreds cores, and lower the case temperature, below 300 degrees..

    Just my dream ps5 😉 …

    • bardock5151

      No, Sony claimed 2.1 teraflops for the PS3.

      As for your sci-fi rant. “Just my dream ps5”
      Indeed just a dream, 32 or 64 core CPU?! A 20 teraflop system?! 32GB of RAM?! A comparable PC system today would require 3 GTX 1080’s, 32GB of DDR4, some kind of frankenstein motherboard setup to take at least 4 Ryzen 8 core CPU’s.
      1) The cost would at the very least hit $6000 today.
      2) A 2019 release would require far more advanced kit available today to even see a starting point
      3) You are talking about a system that would require Sony take an unrecoverable loss on each unit sold.

      Never going to happen, sorry to tell you. At least for a Xbox Two/PS5 generation.

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Lol some nameless dev making some indie game is talking about how they can make a photorealistic game…. This just screams of desperation. Yeah great news article lol.

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  • bardock5151

    Talk of a PS5 not even one year after the PS4 pro? No, you’re at least 4 years away guys.

    • One The One

      Exactly. That’s just pure fanboy desperation.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Fall 2018 or Fall 2019

    • bardock5151

      That’s going to really annoy anyone who bought a pro. That and the pro wasn’t meant as late gen upgrade.
      Christmas 2020 maybe a few months earlier.

    • Eddie Battikha

      I’m having fun with my PS4 Pro running on my LGB6, I’ll trade in my Pro right before the next Playstation comes out.


    So now because of the Xbox Scorpio’s total dominance over the PS4 PRO the bias media wants to shift the conversation to the PS5 , a console that’s releasing in 2020-2021 lmao

    • Rebelox

      The PS5 has total dominance already. Even though the PS5 is not out yet..

      I can play your game too.

      The Scorpio has dominance already.. but not even 1 unit has been sold.

      Dumb dumb dumb logic u got going.. smh.

  • Danny MacGurk

    Wow pony desperation . Lol got some fkn Muslim Pramath on the side of the gooks muhahaha useless breeds

    • heima

      Criticism is legit, racism, bigoted accusations don’t prove your point, if you have any. Spare us your racism and go somewhere else.

    • Troy Marcel

      Dude not cool.

    • Rebelox

      Reason why i will never buy anything xbox related.. let alone the Xbox Scorpio. The xbox community is waayy too toxic and full of racism and hate.

      Just pay attention to the comments from xbox fanboys to see what i mean.

    • quantum

      Come on both sides have toxic idiots, are you going to pretend that people like mr xrat (probably the dumbest and most hate-fueled person on here) aren’t just as bad or worse?
      I won’t stop buying Sony products just because they have some moronic fanboys.

    • Rebelox

      I tried reasoning with Xbox fanboys and i try to act nice and polite.

      But they are the ones who ussually resort to spewing hate.. when they don’t get their way. Or they’ll call u names or accuse u of being a troll.

      I know Mr. Xrat his reactions are over the top sometimes.. but i don’t get the impression that he is as hatefull as the people from the Xbox community.

      I am happy for the xbox fans to get their savior Scorpio console.. i really am.

      Unlike a xbox fanboy who will never admit to the PS4 being a succesfull console out of pure hatred.

      These are two other things that distinguish the PS4 community from the Xbox community:

      simple manners and common sense.

    • heima

      It’s weird, it seems to me that you are acting just like that racist guy, albeit on a different and less serious level. Stereotyping is never good.

    • Rebelox

      I don’t care what your race is or your religion. Just live your life.

      I am staying on the PSN network, Xbox live is not for me. Too many bad experiences already.

      I know what types of people are on there..

      I don’t understand why you want to defend your fellow xbox racist/haters but ok.. must be some hidden pr agenda or something. Or maybe you secretly are one too.

      You saying that i am “kinda” being like that racist guy doesn’t mean anything.. i’m not the one hating or being racist.

      But i guess you think that people should take the abuse and not say anything about it..

    • heima

      Oh, please, get off your high horse, there are racists and haters on every platform out there, PSN included.

      Since you are trolling – or I hope so, since the alternative option is nothing to be happy about – if I am supposedly “defending my (?) fellow Xbox racist/haters” can you explain the comment I wrote in reply to the racist Danny MacGurk?

    • Rebelox

      You calling me a racist? I haven’t said anything racist.

      I know who i am, i don’t need you to characterize me as being even remotely racist or hatefull since i didn’t say anything of that sort.

      And yes, i can stereotype the whole xbox community because 8/10 xbox players are really “not nice” to put it mildly.

    • quantum

      Well, we will just have to agree to disagree on this one buddy.
      I have seen people on here try to reason with xrat only to be shouted down and bombarded with childish comments and name calling. Not to mention the most feeble attempts at word puns I have ever seen,- sh1tpio! really?
      All of what you are describing I have seen on both sides, also under the law of averages, 60m ps4’s vs 25-28m? xbox’s means way more trolls and fanboys on the Sony side.

    • Rebelox

      Yeah.. i get your point. Maybe we won’t agree but i am just reporting on what i have seen with my own eyes so it’s not a matter of agreeing.

      Mr.Xrat is just passionate about the PS4 and Sony in general and to be honest.. he has some good arguments and good points when he comments.. i don’t take him that serious all the time.

      But you don’t see Mr.Xrat being racist or hatefull towards other members.. let alone the writer of the article.. that right there shows u a big difference between the Sony fans and Xbox fans.

      At least Mr. Xrat keeps it professional, meaning his hate is directed towards an object (a piece of plastic) not another fellow human being.

      Why make this whole xbox vs sony thing personal? Like that dude talking trash about the writer of the article?

      Some xbox fans have this malicious intent.. it’s not healthy man.. i don’t know how to explain it.

      Not all xbox fans obviously.. but there is this hardcore xbox fanbase that is bordering on having murderous tendencies towards anything Sony related since the Scorpio was officially announced.

      As if their life depends on the Xbox Scorpio’s success or something.. probably if i went deeper into the Sony community i’d also find the same hardcore base.. but i haven’t yet.

    • Troy Marcel

      Dude seriously? You’ve read all the garbage on these forums anything to do with Xbox.

    • One The One

      Don’t play the white knight here, that’s just pathetic. Your favorite gaming community obviously has its share of hate, racism, etc. – and probably leads any death threats ranking, BTW. Retarded gamers, they’re simply everywhere.

    • Rebelox


      Most of the people i meet on the Playstation Network are really chilled out and just want to play the game or have a good conversation with you.

      The xbox live service on the xbox360 is a joke, i never bougt the Xbone so i can’t say how the online service is on it.. but since its backwards compatible with xbox360 i believe it’s the same.

      Besides the racism, hatred, harrassment.. i was also hacked while playing COD: Modern warfare 2 on the xbox360. Resulting in me losing my profile i worked at for 4 years.

      It happened because of all the modded lobbies you can accidentally join when the matchmaking system is searching for a game.. why can’t they ban cheaters on xbox live?

      Haven’t had any issues like that on the PSN.

    • Eddie Battikha

      U can’t escape racism, get help sooner then later in life.

    • Rebelox

      I’m not trying to escape racism, i’m trying to confront it.. but it’s a futile task.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Good luck in life

  • heima

    It’s a tad too early to talk about PS5, isn’t it? I guess somebody just needs to shift the focus from Scorpio to PS5, for what? Clicks? Is it because it has already been decided that MS can’t “win”? “Damn if they do, damn if they don’t”; is that how it works this gen with gaming “journalism”?
    Anyway, lets pretend that photorealism is around the corner, what’s the point of it if games’ mechanics and physics are those of the PS1 era?

    PS: I shouldn’t say this for respect’s sake, but it’s becoming tiresome, everytime I read one of your interview with these developers I already know where you are getting at with that kind of questions. You aim for specific answers to come to a conclusion you see fit to prove your point.

  • Rebelox

    Xbox fanboys already scared of the PS5.. (read previous comments).

    Look, if you can brag about a console that is not even out yet like the Scorpio why can’t we do the same with the PS5?

    Even if the narrative is changing to the PS5 why are you so surprised? You gave Sony a gut punch with the Scorpio.

    Microsoft created a next gen system.. so they popped the first shot.

    PS5 is coming, deal with it.

    • One The One


  • Poseidon team

    Why is this article getting a repost? Or is another random indie dev trying to get some attention feeding the console flame wars?

  • GrimmyReaper

    Does it really matter though?
    How about making your games fun first and pretty later?


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